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Welcome to IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’ PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’

Welcome to IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’

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Welcome to IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’

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  1. Welcome to IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’ In the Crossfire of Change Canadian Security Traders Association Deerhurst, Saturday, August 16, 2008

  2. IIROC Presenters Mike Prior Vice President, Surveillance James Twiss Vice President, Market Regulation Policy

  3. Topics Amendments to the “Best Price” Rule “Off-Marketplace” Trades / Bypass Orders Proposed Changes to “Short Sale” Rule Regulatory Marker Correction System Supervision of Algorithmic Trading

  4. “Best Price” Rule In December of 2007, RS requested CSA approval of a 1-year exemption Exemption rejected by CSA but approval granted for “interim” amendments pending introduction of “trade-through protection” by CSA Published May 16, 2008 (Market Integrity Notice 2008-009)

  5. “Best Price” Rule “Interim” Amendments clarify what IIROC will consider as “reasonable steps” Obligation limited to better-priced orders on a “protected marketplace” Generally, “deemed” compliance if rely on: • Marketplace functionality; • Smart Order Router; or • Jitney handling by another Participant

  6. “Best Price” Rule Expands factors that may be taken into account to include: • Recent launch of a protected marketplace; • Availability of order data through an information vendor; • Material malfunctions or interruptions of service by a protected marketplace; and • Whether the protected marketplace has demonstrated an inordinate proportion of “inferior fills”

  7. “Best Price” Rule IIROC expects to be notified immediately by a marketplace or a Participant experiencing material malfunction or service interruption IIROC may require public announcement by a marketplace if the problem is “severe” or affects Participants generally If the problem is with the systems of the Participant or one of its service providers, IIROC expect the Participant to resolve the problem “asap”

  8. “Best Price” Rule Application at “time of execution” Deals principally with orders entered on a non-transparent marketplace Requires users to monitor protected marketplaces and adjust limits when “best price” moves As a result of the “reasonable efforts” qualification, IIROC does not consider it a violation if the market moves following the routing decision by a smart order router

  9. “Best Price” Rule Elimination of “active” and “passive” distinction in the rule IIROC considers an order that • “books-through” the best price and then is hit by an incoming order to be a violation by the Participant that “booked-through”; and • Is “booked-through” by another order and then is hit by an incoming order is not a violation by the Participant whose order was booked No obligation to monitor other protected marketplaces if the order has been validly booked

  10. “Best Price” Rule CSA “Trade-Through Protection” Proposal likely to be published early fall 2008 Expect that the obligation will be imposed at the “marketplace” level Marketplaces already preparing by developing routing capability

  11. “Bypass Order” Marker Approved by CSA on May 16, 2008 to be effective on a date determined by the Board of IIROC Marker will facilitate trading with visible liquidity only For use with: • “designated trade”; • Orders entered on a protected marketplace to meet “best price” obligation in respect of trade on another marketplace

  12. “Moving the Market” Former rule required prior consent if moving market more than $1 for a stock trading up to $20 and $2 if more than $20 New rule applicable only to intentional crosses and pre-arranged trades If price movement is more than the greater of: • 5% or 10 trading increments, 5 minutes to move the market in an orderly manner; and • 10% or 10 trading increments, 10 minutes to move the market in an orderly manner.

  13. “Short Sales” Recent concern in the US regarding “unbridled” naked short selling No evidence of a “problem” in Canada Rule 2.2 of UMIR prohibits entry of an order without the “reasonable expectation of setting any trade that would result from the execution of the order” National Instrument 24-101 – Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement

  14. “Short Sales” IIROC continues to pursue proposed amendments on Short Sales and Failed Trades including: • Repeal of all price restrictions on short selling; • Repeal of requirement to file short position reports; • Introduction of a provision which would allow IIROC to designate particular securities as “ineligible” for short sales; and • Introduction of a requirement to file a report with IIROC in respect of “extended” failed trades (which have not been resolved within 10 days following original settlement date)

  15. Regulatory Marker Correction System Ensure accurate audit trail Replaces informal e-mail notifications Facilitates the correction of: • Insider and Significant Shareholder Statistics; and • Short Sale Summary

  16. Regulatory Marker Correction System Report is “order” rather than “trade” based (due to multiple executions from a single order) Corrections for “bundled” orders may have a timestamp of “16:00” Bundled client/inventory orders can be unbundled when allocations are determined Corrections from “unbundling” insider, significant shareholder and short sales must be provided by end of trading day Other corrections may be submitted when detected

  17. Supervision of Algorithmic Trading Market Integrity Notice 2008-003 – Guidance – Supervision of Algorithmic Trading (January 18, 2008) Reminds Participants of the need for extra diligence when dealing with proprietary and third party “algo machines” Participants must be aware if DMA clients are employing “algo machines” IIROC may not be able to cancel or vary trades resulting from malfunctioning algos

  18. Supervision of Algorithmic Trading Trades in securities inter-listed with markets outside Canada may stand regardless of price or volume Participants must have the ability to “kill” a malfunctioning algo machine Regulatory intervention after the “malfunction” is not a substitute for thorough testing

  19. In the Crossfire of Change Questions?

  20. Thank you for attending IIROC ‘Tips for Traders’ In the Crossfire of Change Canadian Security Traders Association Deerhurst, Saturday, August 16, 2008