Report of the town administrator
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REPORT OF THE TOWN ADMINISTRATOR. CAPITAL PLANNING & COMMUNITY SERVICES SERVICE DELIVERY & GOVERNANCE JULY 17, 2008. ▪ The Background/Task:. SelectBoard Goals & Priorities Two items were tops Org’s Transportation Policy Resolve conflict over - Capital Planning & Needs

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Report of the town administrator




JULY 17, 2008

The background task
▪ The Background/Task:

  • SelectBoard Goals & Priorities

  • Two items were tops

    • Org’s Transportation Policy

    • Resolve conflict over

      - Capital Planning & Needs


      - Senior Services

The process
▪ The Process:

  • The “Listening Tour”:

    • 10 In-Depth meetings w/

      • 7 committees

      • 3 staff

  • Related surveys

What i heard
▪ What I Heard:

  • Capital Planning

  • (RSA 674:5) & 1987 ATM but……………

  • Planning says…………

  • No Can Do

Service delivery
Service Delivery

  • Seniors (60+): many issues but……….

    four main cohesive areas:

    a.) Recreation /Socialization

    b.) Finances, Safety & Legal

    c.) Health & Wellness

    d.) Transportation

    No desire to get “lost in the shadow”

The breakdown
The Breakdown

  • Recreation - continuum from toddlers to seniors

  • But……….. not under their umbrella

  • Finances, Welfare Office hosts that information

  • But… bristling over going to “Welfare”.

  • safety issues, MPD avoiding “scams” was well spoken of.

  • health, Visiting Nurse Services, well received

  • But……… need a more wide range of screenings and wellness clinics.

  • Transportation

Is this real
Is this real?

  • Survey (MP 20-06) says…………….

  • 34.Recreational Programs for Seniors3.633.Senior Programs/Services/Transportation3.432.Property Assessing3.431.Zoning Board3.330.Recreational Programs for Adults3.3

Physical location
Physical Location

  • Some say separate and distinct

  • Some say………… reinforces isolation

  • Frugal taxpayers coordination of service delivery & maximum use of multi purpose space

General organizational issues
General Organizational Issues

  • Voiced by all:

  • Clear Map of where we are headed.

  • More decisiveness & support;

  • Better Defined Policies

  • Communication & Clarity

  • Clear leader for the Town “Who should we talk to / go to?”


  • Last goes first:

  • Recommendation #1: Codify the committee forming/discharging process

  • Charge and Composition

  • Formal swearing, 91A & materials

  • Orientation and contact

  • Discharge when done

  • Create Roster

  • Annual round table

  • Related

  • Continue the Volunteer Appreciation

  • Permanent Volunteer Bank.


  • We need a CIP

  • central vetting process

  • clear guide to ration dollars

  • impact fee.

  • Ranges: simple to formalized

  • Recommendation #2: Town Meeting authority for BoS to appoint a CIP

  • Recommendation #3: Discharge the Municipal Needs Committee

Transfer station
Transfer Station

  • Until then………….. Transfer Station to resolve

  • Recommendation #4: MNC should revisit in terms of

  • Safety

  • Morale

  • Storage

  • Throughput

  • identify phasing and/or short term/low cost

Community services delivery
Community Services Delivery

  • Recommendation #5: Form the Community Service Team.

    “Enhance the quality of life for the community and its

    people through a healthy body, mind and spirit”


  • The Recreation Department should do a better job of acknowledging their responsibility to deliver a continuum of programs across the ages and develop an action plan improve its programs, image, marketing and communications

The strategic plan s future
The Strategic Plan’s Future?

  • W/Master Plan Addendum Discharge RSPT

  • Recommendation #8: The SelectBoard should amend the RAC name to Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and issue a new charge and composition to reflect this added emphasis.

Finances safety and legal welfare like cod liver oil
Finances, Safety and Legal: “Welfare”. Like Cod Liver Oil

  • Recommendation #9: The SelectBoard create a Human Services Department to replace the current Welfare Department.

  • not enough staff time to deliver service

  • combining it with something merely fuels senior’s fears of getting lost.

  • not be a substantial bottom line cost to the budget.

  • Recommendations #10: The SelectBoard should create the part-time position of Senior Services Coordinator

  • Recommendation #11: The Moultonborough Police Department should develop a special expertise to serve seniors.

  • Not a new position (Seniors RO)

  • Just an acknowlegemetyn (like School RO) safe driving, scam predators, elder abuse prevention

Health and wellness
Health and Wellness:

  • VNS one of the highest positive ratings but………..

  • broad needs of seniors and community modestly greater

  • Recommendation #12:The VNS should become more active in broader health issues and offer more pro-active screenings, wellness and nutrition clinics.

  • Nutrition & Education:

  • Diabetes / General Diet

  • American Heart Association

  • Foot Clinic – Podiatrist

  • Fall Prevention – Medi Alert

  • Living Will & Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • BP Clinics

  • Flu Clinics

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Cold/Flu Prevention

  • - Hand washing

  • Cholesterol


  • can not solve alone

  • need to be active partners

  • Recommendation #13: The SelectBoard shouldsend a clear signal of our intent to be active partners in transportation planning.

  • Recommendation #14: The Human Services Department should investigate establishing a local “Buddy Ride” Program.

Are we done
Are we done?

  • continue to give seniors a voice

  • Recommendation #15: The SelectBoard should create an Advisory Council on Aging and the current Seniors Needs Committee should be discharged with the thanks of a grateful community.

Where oh where
Where oh where?

  • (a) Floating/Common Space (i.e. Schools, Library, etc.)

  • (b) Lions Club

  • (c) Community Center

  • balance long range pluses and minuses against our short term and long term goals must also be balanced against operational issues.