Lesson 7 vocabulary
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Lesson 7 Vocabulary. October 25-29, 2010. Fret. When you fret about something, you keep thinking and worrying about it.

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Lesson 7 vocabulary

Lesson 7 Vocabulary

October 25-29, 2010


When you fret about something, you keep thinking and worrying about it.

Mr. Fretty is fretting about a project due next week in class. Is Mr. Fretty relaxed (thumbs up) or worried (thumbs down)? Why do you think so? Turn and talk to your partner.


If someone assured you of something, he or she said words to make you feel positive that things will be all right.

Lulu’s baby brother is crying. What are some things that LuLu can say to him to assure him that everything will be okay? Turn and talk to your partner.


  • If you nudged a person or thing, you pushed it or poked it gently.

  • If you nudged the book, did you move it a lot (thumbs up) or a little (thumbs down)?


  • If something is outlandish, it is bizarre, strange, and unusual.

  • Is this an outlandish picture of Mrs. Anderson? Why or why not? Turn and talk to your partner.


  • To raise a ruckus is to make a lot of noise and fuss about something.

  • If you are a reveler at Jillian’s birthday party, would there be a ruckus (thumbs up) or would it be quiet (thumbs down)?


  • If you have announced something to a group of people, you have proclaimed it.

  • What is something that Mrs. Frizzle might proclaim to her class? Turn and talk to your partner.