information literacy experiences of the finnish university libraries
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Information Literacy: Experiences of the Finnish University Libraries

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Information Literacy: Experiences of the Finnish University Libraries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Literacy: Experiences of the Finnish University Libraries. Kaisa Sinikara, Director of Information and Library Services University of Helsinki, Finland [email protected] The UK 17.-19.2007. Content. Some facts and figures – Finnish university libraries´network

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information literacy experiences of the finnish university libraries

Information Literacy: Experiences of the Finnish University Libraries

Kaisa Sinikara,

Director of Information and Library Services

University of Helsinki, Finland

[email protected]

The UK 17.-19.2007

  • Some facts and figures –
    • Finnish university libraries´network
    • University of Helsinki
  • Information Literacy & Finnish academic libraries
  • Information Literacy as a part of strategies
  • Integration into the Bologna process
  • Collaboration is essential
  • Assessing IL skills
  • Promoting IL
  • Conclusion
university libraries network in finland
University Libraries’ network in Finland
  • Active collaboration (21 university libraries)
  • National services provided by the National Library
    • Linnea2 Consortium (Voyager – the library system)
    • FinELib Consortium (Nat. Electr. Library), Metalib/Ex Libris portal and SFX
the council for finnish university libraries
The Council for Finnish University Libraries
  • Strategy 2003-2007
  • Strategy 2007-2012
    • Vision : Finnish university libraries – the heart of the infrastructure of high-level research and teaching.
  • Main projects
    • Competence map (to 2010)
    • Collection mapping
    • Information Literacy – joint development
    • A Study on Financing Structures and Practices
    • Quality and Impact assessment
basic facts university of helsinki
Basic facts : University of Helsinki
  • Established in Turku in 1640
  • Transferred to Helsinki in 1828
  • Degree students 38 000
  • Teachers,researchers 3 700
  • Other staff 3 800
  • Degrees 2005 4 300
    • doctorates 400
Libraries on four campuses HU


Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Biosciences,Faculty of Pharmacy,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

students 6 400,

staff 2 500

Viikki Science Library

Meilahti Campus

Faculty of Medicine

students 2 300 staff 1 500

HUCH 10 000

National Library of Health Sciences

City Centra Campus

Faculty of Theology,Faculty of Law,Faculty of Arts,Faculty of Behavioural Sciences,Faculty of Social Sciences

students 22 000, staff 3 000

National LibraryUndergraduate Libraryfive faculty libraries

Kumpula Campus

Faculty of Science

students 7 000, staff 1 000

Kumpula Science Library

information literacy finnish academic libraries
Information Literacy & Finnish academic libraries
  • A long tradition of library instruction but varied ways
  • Past 10 years
    • Learner-centred & problem-based learning model
    • E-library increasing fast
    • New demands on the libraries
Curriculum Plan for Information Literacy: a Joint Virtual University Project of the Finnish University Libraries 2004-2006
  • The project coordinator: the University of Helsinki
  • The aim of libraries:
    • to inform decision makers at all levels and
    • to integrate IL into academic studies and
    • to test the implementation of IL with different projects
  • A framework: Information Literacy Compentency Standards / ALA 2000
    • Learner-centredpoint-of-view; What kind of skills the students need?
il as a part of the strategies the national level
IL as a part of the strategies: the national level
  • The Ministry of Education; the Dev. Plan for Education and Research 2003-2008
    • Libraries contributing the development of teaching and study methods and for their part to ensure that graduates have good information literacy
  • A strategy of the Council of Finnish University Libraries 2003 – 2006 (new: 2007-2012)
    • Right timing and good marketing needed
    • A shared vision important
  • Strategies at the University level incl. IL
integration into the bologna process
Integration into the Bologna process
  • New degrees at the Finnish universities 1.8.2005-
  • Recommendation for universities for including IL compentency in the new degree structures
    • drawn up by the steering group of the national IL project and
    • shared with the coordinators of the Bologna process in the universities in June 2004
  • A survey 2005 – libraries reported usefulness of the recommendation
  • The joint website has given visibility at the national and international level
collaboration is essential 1
Collaboration is essential (1)
  • Libraries´ networks on the national level
    • A network of specialists
    • Seminars and conferences
    • The website
  • Collaboration on the university level
    • Faculties and teachers, IT department & libraries teaching the students
    • The teachers´ IL education
collaboration is essential 2
Collaboration is essential (2)
  • International networks and collaboration
    • NordINFOLIT:
    • Steering group: all Scandinavian countries
    • Summerschool
    • Seminars
    • Creating Knowledge
    • EnIL
    • IFLA IL section (Eva Tolonen from Finland)
    • Collaboration with Croatia, Slovenia
    • Contacts with The US, Australia etc.
assessing il skills
Assessing IL skills
  • Assessing the quality of all academic skills (background)
  • The national IL project has launched a joint question bank
  • Questions are divided into four categories
    • Defining the topic
    • Selecting information topics
    • Information retrieval: planning and executing information searches
    • Evaluating and using information (sources)
  • Questions are divided also into three levels
    • New students – Basics in IL
    • BA level – IL in intermediate level studies
    • MA level – IL in advanced level studies
  • Creative Commons Attribution
assessing il skills 2
Assessing IL skills (2)
  • The test can be used for the measurement of the baseline level in order to direct students most proper teaching groups
  • Feedback important
  • Updating
    • Responsibility to update the question bank shared by the IL specialists and Tritonia Library in Vaasa
    • Responsibility to update the software: the Finnish Virtual University
how to promote il
How to promote IL?
  • Libraries should play an active role
  • Good collaboration with the teachers and administration and IT departments
  • Key persons and leaders of the universities
  • The Ministry responsible for education and research
  • The Parliament members
  • European university and library networks and organisations
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!

Kaisa Sinikara

[email protected]

University of Helsinki




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