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John Fisher Chief Executive

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John Fisher Chief Executive
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John Fisher Chief Executive

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  1. John Fisher Chief Executive

  2. Digital inclusion: from grassroots to Government strategies • Citizens Online and Digital Inclusion • Our grass roots activity • What we think of Government strategies

  3. Citizens Online • Formed in 2000 • Registered Charity • Focused on social and economic benefits • Partnerships with Government, Business, Third Sector

  4. Vision 2010 • Citizens Online will be one of the principal organisations in the EU promoting the benefits to everyone of universal access to intuitive digital technologies. • We will demonstrate the role such technologies can play in facilitating positive social relationships, helping people to inform themselves, and empowering them to participate in issues that affect their lives. • We will help to bring about a fair and inclusive society in which diversity is valued and people feel capable collectively of managing disagreements that arise.

  5. The Mission To achieve our vision, Citizens Online will: • Demonstrate through experiment how digital technologies can be used to increase social inclusion & economic benefit, objectively measuring the outcomes; • Support people and communities to use digital technologies to meet their needs and raise their aspirations; • Publicise widely the results of its own – and other known relevant – work, through its own website, attendance at conferences and through the national & international media; • Look for opportunities to share its knowledge with overseas organisations; • Lobby and partner with government, business & Third Sector – our principal audience – to influence policy & strategy and to achieve scaled, sustainable, solutions to digital inclusion; • Retain its UK base and charitable status, seeking funding for its work primarily from industry & government, including undertaking consultancy work where this contributes to achievement of its vision.

  6. Work Streams • Strategy & policy • Consultancy • Projects

  7. Strategy & policy • Digital Strategy • Digital Challenge • Digital Inclusion Unit

  8. Consultancy • Mayor of London • Social Exclusion Unit • BT • Awards - Microsoft, AOL • e-Voting

  9. UK Government Vision • Universal Internet access by 2005 • All Government services online by 2005 • Best G7 country for Broadband by 2005 • Digital Homes by 2008 • “We have to make sure the new economy is not just for a Privileged Few …… and for the relatively tightly-drawn social grouping which tends to use the internet today. We cannot accept a Digital Divide, for business, or for individuals.”Tony Blair – March 2000

  10. E-Government & digital inclusion • 51% of e-Government service users had a bad experience • The biggest R.O.I.s come through work on or very relevant to social inclusion • The Digital Challenge is an opportunity

  11. UK household adoption of the Internet

  12. Internet usage by social / economic group

  13. Internet users by age

  14. Why is it important? • The Government consider IT skills the third basic skill after literacy and numeracy • 90% of new jobs rely on computer skills • ICT offers a new way of delivering holistic, citizen centric services to the most excluded in our society • 68% of business are online

  15. 20% of children don’t have computers at home despite the proven links to improved learning 90% of new jobs require some form of ICT skills

  16. 81% of websites fail the basic access levels required for use by disabled people 40% of disabled people that sought ICT training could not find appropriate training

  17. Non-users believe a new PC costs around £800 when a reasonable computer can be purchased for about £400 Users estimate they save £60 a year and 3.5 hours a week by being online. Those using the Internet do so by PCs (99%), mobile phones (10%) and digital TV (<1%)

  18. Reasons for not using the Internet

  19. Barriers? 4 C’s • Connectivity • Capability • Content • Confidence

  20. Everybody Online objectives • Show an increase in Internet • and ICT usage • Develop activities that show • individual and community • benefits • Work towards sustainability • using a partnership model • Remove barriers to access using • a holistic approach • Bring corporate resources to • benefit the project

  21. Projects 2004/06 % 42 - 62 36 - 41 Glasgow 32 - 35 27 - 31 18 - 26 Walker Liverpool Rhyl Audley Broad Green Clydach Vale Bettws Leigh Park St Stephens Newlyn

  22. Source: RSM 2004

  23. Older people What we do • Run ‘Grandparents back to school’ days • Encourage cross-generation projects • Bring the Internet into sheltered accommodation • Run taster sessions at over 50’s clubs • Take part in National Silver Surfer campaigns • Support over 55s in setting up their own computer groups 72-year-old Frank Jones from Crewe in Cheshire has discovered a whole new world of computers and the Internet thanks to the EverybodyOnline Project. “It has changed by life really”, said Frank, “I now use the Internet to find cheap goods, buy things online, research my hobbies and communicate with all sorts of people world wide.”

  24. Working with older groups to promote “silver surfing”. Source: RSM 2004

  25. Case Studies Carol McKee – Rhyl Carol attended five EverybodyOnline drop-in sessions. Carol enjoyed the sessions and quickly gained confidence. This lead to her enrolling onto a formal ICT skills course at college. Within weeks of successfully completing the course Carol found full-time employment at a local newspaper and uses her newfound skills every day. “I would recommend to anyone to pop along to their nearest EverybodyOnline session, where anyone can learn new skills in a friendly relaxed atmosphere”.

  26. Results

  27. PC Home Connectivity 2002-2004 (C2 D E) Source: Prof Paul Foley 2005

  28. Moving Forward • Major funding proposal through ADI partners (BT) • 3 projects each in 12 Devolved assemblies & Regions • EOL Hub (Microsoft) • DIU • EU Partners

  29. The Future • “It seems to me that people have vast potential. • Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks….. • ….. yet most people don't.” • Philip Adams, Broadcaster and Writer

  30. John Fisher Chief Executive

  31. Outputs • Extensive network of community partners • 1000’s people have attended taster sessions • 500+have gone on to further learning • £500k additional fundraising for the locations • Over 200 volunteers • 16 have found work

  32. Europe and North American top Internet users Source: Neilsen/net ratings Sept 2005