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John M. Jaeger Academy

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John M. Jaeger Academy
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John M. Jaeger Academy

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  1. John M. Jaeger Academy Bringing focus back to Education, Expanding Horizons, Enlightening Minds

  2. Our Mission Ourmission is to provide today's students of every background, educational level and culture with a fully accredited education in a safe, understanding, nurturing environment. It is imperative that we give our children all they need to succeed.

  3. Our Purpose John M. Jaeger Academy’s Purpose is to be an educational inspiration and catalyst for every student. Instilling in each of them the desire and tools they need to graduate and go on to higher learning, solidifying a successful future.

  4. Our Philosophy • John M. Jaeger Academy builds character, confidence and solid foundations for its students futures by preparing them academically through 1-1 attention, smaller class sizes and a fully licensed, accredited curriculum with higher graduation standards. • Our licensed Teachers and knowledgeable, Directors, Mentors and Aides care about your child's education and future and they are dedicated to helping every student achieve their goals, while teaching character building skills needed for real world experience.

  5. Our Focus Our Academic focus is preparing each of our students for admission to a 4-year University following graduation. Give them the tools for a successful future. ENROLL TODAY! John M. Jaeger Academy

  6. Why choose J M J Academy John M. Jaeger Academy first meets each student at their level of education and comprehension. Our team of Teachers ,Mentors and Aides work closely with each student to bring them first upto their appropriate level of education and learning. Then we help them achieve their goals by keeping them on track so that they graduate on time. John M. Jaeger Academy believes that through intensive teaching and mentoring, we give the student something special; a love of learning and the confidence that comes from accomplishment. We have a desire to reach out and help all students , from low income backgrounds, dropouts, remedial students, and countless others. We believe every student deserves an oppurtunity for success. At John M. Jaeger Academy stereotypes are tossed away and every student is given the tools needed to achieve and realize graduation. These accomplishments give each student the confidence and character needed in everyday life. It is our goal that the accomplishments made at the John M. Jaeger Academy will translate into our studentsgoing on to higher education, thus giving them a solid foundation for a successful future.

  7. Whats' next? • Contact us today and get your child on the path to a solid successful future. • We have two convenient ways to get your child started. • ENROLL YOUR STUDENT TODAY! • Website • • Email •

  8. Thank you!I truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know what John M. Jaeger Academy has to offer and Ihope very soon to have an opportunity to get to know you and your student. Shannon R. Jaeger President/Founder