U s geography
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U.S. Geography. LENE SANSONE. The 5 Themes O f G eography. Mr. Help . M R. OVEMENT. EGION. HELP. HUMAN EMVIORNMENT INTERACTION. OCATION. LACE. United States divided into five geographic regions The Western Mountains & Basins the Great Plains the Central Lowlands

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U s geography

U.S. Geography


The 5 themes o f g eography
The 5 Themes Of Geography

Mr. Help









U s geography

Geographic Regions

U s geography

Climate Regions

  • United States climate regions

  • Hawaii and Florida are tropical

  • the Great Plains region is semi-arid (dry, almost desert-like)

  • Alaska is


  • the Great

    Basin of the

    southwest is an

    arid (desert-like)


Early settlement issues
Early Settlement Issues

Geography played a large part in the settlement of early colonies and their development.

  • The Appalachian Mountains, they extend, in an almost unbroken chain, from Maine to Alabama, this made it difficult for early settlers to expand westward.

  • Mississippi River was nearly one mile wide, and over 100 feet deep people would have to go miles upstream to find an area to cross

  • the Rocky Mountains, sometimes travelers would

  • get stranded in unpredictable winter snowstorms.

Mississippi river
Mississippi River

  • The Mississippi river played a huge role in the development of early civilization

Early influence
Early Influence

  • theProclamation Line of 1763 was established.  It forbade the British colonists to pass beyond a designated western borderline which roughly followed the Appalachian Mountains.

  • The settlers had to pay Britain for soldiers to patrol the area.

  • A lot of settlers ignored this rule and moved westward anyway, early signs of rebellion.


  • the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France.  For only $15,000,000, America doubled its geographic area

  • Bought by president Thomas Jefferson

Manifest destiny
Manifest Destiny

  • Rise in Nationalism

  • After Revolutionary War

  • Americans felt they had a right to move westward into new territory

North vs south
North vs. South

Geography played a large role in the start of the Civil War.

  • South

  • The South's economy was based on agriculture.

  • Long growing seasons and warm climate

  • The production of cotton increased with the creation of the Cotton Gin

  • The south became reliant on slavery (cheap labor)

  • North

  • The North's economy was based on factories

  • People moved into cities to be closer to the factories (urbanization)

U s geography

Which city is paired with the geographical feature that directly contributed to its growth?

Which city is paired with the geographical feature that directly contributed to its growth?

Which city is paired with the geographical feature that directly contributed to its growth?

1.  San Francisco – Rocky Mountains

2.  New Orleans – Mississippi River

3.  Pittsburgh – Hudson River

4.  Cleveland – Atlantic Coastal Plain

U s geography
Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on early patterns of industrialization in the United States?

1.  scarcity of flat land on which to build factories

2.  shortages of timber and coal

3.  desire of workers to live in mild climates

4.  availability of waterpower to operate machines

U s geography

Farmers in the Ohio River valley gained the greatest economic benefit when the United States acquired the

1.  Oregon Territory

2.  Gadsden Purchase

3.  Louisiana Territory

4.  Mexican Cession

U s geography

Acquiring New Orleans as part of the Louisiana Purchase was considered important to the development of the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys because the city…

1.  provided protection from attacks by the Spanish

2.  provided migrant workers for river valley farms

3.  served as a port for American agricultural goods

4.  served as the cultural center for the nation

U s geography

Which type of map shows the most detailed information about Earth’s natural features, such as rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges?

1.  political

2.  demographic

 3.  weather

4.  physical