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Nagarkot Kent Public School

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Nagarkot Kent Public School. Introduction file Aktivities and supports from germany........ The Union INCA e.V. from germany Leader  Mrs. karin engel has contact the kentschook till 2000 Inca is a union with a lot of peoples who are helpfull for other.

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nagarkot kent public school

Nagarkot Kent Public School

Introduction file

Aktivities and supports from germany........

The Union INCA e.V. from germany Leader  Mrs. karin engel

has contact the kentschook till 2000

Inca is a union with a lot of peoples who are helpfull for other.

we collected money to sgive diffrent supports

karin engel  visited the school in 2000

gave support for one water line they called "engeltoilett"

2011 she support the school with money for laptop

that the students can write emails with gemany schools

20122 she support again the school with money for one laptop again.

look at the homepage

now she will conectet a germany school together with the kentschool

so the children can e learn together.

one student from stutgart are interested to make a hospitation there



Veryfamous place for its 360° view over Himalaya

Small village wherehundreds of childrengatherfrom the mountain villages around

Manytourists stop for one night, and go…



Real situation… 

It is a beautiful natural spot situated in the central part of Nepal.

Green and lush mountains have been attracting thousands of natives and foreigner tourists every year.

The place teems with luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars. At a glance, a visitor might an impression that society is rich and comfortable. On the contrary, the reality is reserved except for the businessmen (about 3%) of the total population of this areas.

Rest of the people are just surviving earning their livelihood by serving as labours, farmhands, coolies, dishwashers and so on. 

There is no end of their miseries. Their children are deprived of nourishment, schooling comfortable living etc. Most of the children work as child labourers. In such an environment, their future is not certain that will create social problems in the areas .

The children, when they see the tourists, reflect depression and gloominess. Their eyes show the flames of desires to be like them. But alas! how can their dream come true.

Only the kind-hearted people are able to understand them.  Inspired by the minor effort, which we have been continuing for years, we hope that we will give their gloomy eyes the light of education and their dreams will be realized.

We earnestly hope that your benign assistance will reach us in time to be distributed among these poor children in the form of education.

kent public school

Kent Public School

Kent Public School was established at Naldum-8, Kavre in 1996

with the name of "Kent Kindergarten School" .

Now its name changed into “Kent Public School” when it is registered under trust. It is at the distance of 33km from the Capital city , Kathmandu of Nepal.

This School was established by two people Kamala Raiand Narayan Jung Ale at Nagarkot with 51 pupils at rented temporary hut at the Nagarkot Bazaar.

Pupils were not safe at the place because of many vehicles frequently running. Therefore , a safe place was seekedfor School.      Considering the difficulties faced by the poor parents in this part of Nepal, we have made a small attempts voluntarily  to educate the poor children . The first attempt made by us were welcomed by the natives and consequently the number of children kept increasing. In the beginnings the local contributors helped us to support the institute .

Financially, but in the later years , the financial burden was too much to be born.By 2000 the School had the strength of 150 pupils and 11 staff (teaching and non- teaching ) but financially burden became so high that School couldn't born.

The School did not have source of income. It could hardly manage the permanent School building and still has loan to pay. Now, it has school building having 16 rooms in which the classes from play group to Grade five running.

kent public school1

Kent Public School

The school is continuing with 130 pupils and about 30 pupils are paying one-fourth part of tuition fees. It is not possible for the parents of the children to pay the tuition fees.

This has helped a little but not sufficient. The school has its own problems of managing required things like teaching materials, (text books, writing book stationery etc.) furniture repair and maintenance communication, electricity, salary for staff, time pass materials indoor and outdoor) etc. but they lack in school.

Kent Public School, is at the place where three

districts meet, having passed 14 successful years,

has entered its 15th year. It is on the hilly region

at 2100 meter altitude.

The major community of people around this School

is Tamang who are similar to Tibetan.

Besides this some other communities like Gurung,

Brahmin are also the residence here.


Nagarkot, Bhaktapur District, Nepal



Narayan Jung Ale

Kent Public School is my true work place of life where I experienced that what problems the people from village suffer from to educate their children.

There are vast gaps in school of city and schools in the village.

Children studying in city are good on different activities such as

games, using of computers, Speaking English Language, writing

skills in English etc…

Where the children from village don't have the sources of income

to manage their children's need ands and themselves don't know

the value of giving those technical facilities and education. They

even don't have capacity to manage school dresses and needs of

their children.When I worked in Kent Public School I really myself realised what the poverty is and how the poverty draw back and stop the people from their progress. I realised that it was because of their illiterateness.

I also realised that education is the only tool to avoid the poverty from them. Kent Public School will be the one to eliminate illiterateness and help the local people to overcome from the poverty.

For this , single effort is not sufficient , different resources are required like manpower, furniture, capital , building ground etc… and to manage them , the school management should establish the harmonious relationship with national and internationally and spread hands for solidarity with different personalities.I hope School will get success for its aims and objectives and I also wish to spend my future with the co-operation of school Principal of Kent Public School. I believe in solidarity, co-operation and social work to educate the young’s from different parts of the country.



Kamala Rai

I found no children from the community going to school when I visited Nagarkot for the first time in 1996.

I decided to begin a school at the place in English medium. In 1997 I began a school having 51 pupils with the company of Mr Narayan Jung Ale who worked for completely 12 years in this school as a teacher and as an educational executives. Still he is supporting for school's activities.

Kent Public School , located at noise and pollution free seren place at the distance of 33 km from capital city of Kathmandu and established with the sole view to catering quality education .

Ever since the day of foundation, it has received warm love constructive back up and invaluable response by the people from far and near of Nagarkot. We highly value the support , suggestion and heartily welcome the co-operation as an assets to chart out our way of the further journey. Currently, we have the strength of 130 students and 10 teaching and non teaching staff from this local.I, as the Founder Principal of Kent Public School , cordially request the generous gentlemen and woman to co-operate with my work in educating the children from different parts of the country. I also welcome all the generous people who organizationally or individually interested in sponsoring the poor children for their education.At last ,I heartily invite and welcome you to co-operate with Kent Public School and bring its objectives in true reality through cooperation and creative teaching .Kamala RaiFounder Principal

present activities

Present Activities

At present , this school has 130 pupils.

Their study materials, tutors and other necessary things are provided by the school.

It is continuing with 9 trained teachers who serve with their heart and soul in too minimum remuneration.

However the education, which we desire to impart can not be given to these unfortunate children who see a ray of hope in efforts.

Due to lack of funds and sources of school, further development and helping more children has become far from possible.

present situation

Present Situation

The school has the potentiality of having large number of needy children. The school not able to manage the required things like basic salary to teaching and non-teaching staff.

It desires to impart the knowledge of technology, but not even a single computer.

Time pass materials are not sufficient to entertain the children.

The school is up to Grade Six i.e. eight classes from play group to grade Six. It has been registered under the Trust Act to the Government.



This school has been producing the skilled manpower in teaching field. Those who come to teach in this school receives training  and works for couple of months and when they get the better opportunity leave school.

It is because of lack of facility.

This school is not strong enough to manage the facility for the teachers .

If we can manage it the problem of seeking teachers will be easily solved.

aims objectives

Aims & Objectives



Providedthatweget the financial assistance for yourbenevolentorganization and Individualswewill have the dream of thosepoorchildren come truewho, seeing the childrenfromrichfamiliesgoing to school , can do nothing but sigh. Itis not onlythechildrenfromNagarkot but also thechildrenfromanypartof Nepal will bebenefitedfromthisopportunity.


1. Wehave planned to construct a building of 25 rooms.

2. Numberofstudentstobetaught   will be 300 orabove per year.

3. Majorityofthem will getfreeeducationuptoclass 12.

4. Manage at least 20 computers with internet facility.

5. Wehope to build a modern laboratory and library.

6. To introduce the studentswith the cultures of different countries.

7. To startvariouslanguagesteaching programmes.

8. To providescholarship to brightstudents to studyabroadafter 10+2.

9. To manage a vehicle of school'sown for differentschool'sactivities.

main plans

Main plans



1. building of 25 rooms.

2. 300 students per year.

3. freeeducationuptoclass 12.


4. 20 computers with internet facility.

5. Modern laboratory and library.

New stairs revonation in 2011

financial situation

Actual ressources & expenses

Cost of Teatcher wage

Compared to

Kent Public school Govt. Wage Difference

Rs. 3’000 Rs. 13’650 Rs. 10’650

The school needs

Urgent :


Financial Situation

budget 2012 13

Estimation Rs 1’000 = € 9.15 = $ 12.4 = CHF 11.4 (Nov. 2011)

Monthly Yearly1. First Aid yearly                                                                  Rs 300   Rs. 3,6002. Stationery ( for class room use )                                      Rs. 200 Rs. 2,400

3. Communication                                                                 Rs. 500 Rs. 6,0004. Electricity                                                                           Rs. 400 Rs. 4,8005. Materials for cultural Programme                                           Rs. 10,0006. Computers ( at present )                                                     2* Rs 36’000 Rs 72,0007. Water supply ( for pipe and Source )                                   Rs. 5,0008. Four in one Machine ( photocopy+Scanning+printing+Fax )   Rs. 18,0009. Furniture maintenance                                                          Rs. 10,00010. Replacing Furniture                                                              Rs 25,00011. Pastimes Materials for Cildren                                               Rs. 35,00012. Classroom decoration                                                            Rs. 4,00013. Salary for the teaching staff  (nos. 8*13 * Rs.13560)    Rs. 1,419,60014. Salary school peon               ( 1*13 *Rs. 8500)              Rs. 110,500                                                                                                ----------------Total                                                                                Rs. 1,743,900School will manage 20% of this total cost i.e.from local sources     - Rs.   348,780                                                                                            ------------------------

From Donor Organization           Rs. 1,395,120

Budget 2012-13

budget 2013

FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2013     The above mentioned costs are the operating costs for Kent public School for one academic year.Out of the total cost 20% will be collected from School"s sources like test fees , name registration fees . The Assets purchased for School like computers, furniture will continue for couple of years.Therefore, the cost for next year will increase except assets by 10% per year (Approximately)      Considering the proposed plans the cost of all the materials don't remain constant. Every year the cost rises  more than four times . Therefore, I cannot estimate properly  at present.

Budget 2013

sponsor research


   The most important activity of foundation is to operate the fund.

For this the fund will be operated in the agreement of 3 members, school’s founder Principal, one member from working Committee and one member from the representative of donor Organization.

    Each and every transaction 's record will be maintained transparently and approved by the working committee.

Those three members will be the Account holder in the Bank with School's seal. Since we have already Bank Account in Standard Charterded Bank , we can use the same if it is agreed by all.If not a new account will be opened.

      To begin any kinds of new work , working committee will have the full of authority to correspond and ask the decision and direction from the donor foundation.

And this committee will submit the different financial and progress report by the end of each fiscal year.

After getting the decision from donor organization the working committee will begin the activities of school.


   The school will maintain 20% of expenditure from local sources that it collects on different heads like name Registration, test fees etc.

The rest 80% of expenditure will be made from the donor organization.

10% salary of each teachers will beposited in the Bank as Staff's Provident Fund for their future security and

10% will be collected for poor students' education.

The collected amount will be given to the parents of the poorest one to improve their livelihood as non- interest loan. It will be given for maximum 6 months.

Sponsor research

final words

Resume of the situation and urgent need to maintain the school

Otherwise many children will not be able to go to school properly

Final words

Date : November 2011


Kent Public SchoolNagarkot



BhaktapurDistrict, Nepal


Narayan_jung@hotmail.comNarayan Jung +977 9851123361

Kamala Rai +977 984 169 2991


Standard Chartered Bank Limited,

A/c No. 01--0106879-01

It willbeused if the donorOrganization

findconvenience but A/C holderswillbe




Pascale & Martial Mazabraud

  • Director of Revenue
  • InterContinental Genève Suisse
  • Tel (France) +33 450 56 62 86
  • Supporter of the schoolfromNovember 1999


My name is Ursula Torelló. In 2009, I was volunteering for 3 months with Roberto Lepori in Kent School. I was English teacher and Roberto Mathematics teacher.

We spend three months working and leaving in the School with the teachers.

Kamala was doing great efforts to maintain the school level, the quality of the teachings, to improve the education and the school economy.

The school has a better level of education compared with the Government School, you can see it in the english level of children's, but still there are many teaching levels and methods to improve as soon as possible. This is why we really think that the school needs external help to maintain it’s economy and to improve the educational level. Many children walk 1 hour a day to reach the school and also 3 children were leaving during the week with Kamala, almost as suns, in the school (because their houses where to far away to walk everyday). She puts very good intentions in maintaining and improving the school, works hard and is very kindhearted.

If you need more information about the school or whatever please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


Phone: +34/626305319

Roberto Lepori

Phone: +34/636491762