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East Carolina University Department of Materials Management

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East Carolina University Department of Materials Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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East Carolina University Department of Materials Management. 200 E. 1 st Street, Bldg 141 Greenville, NC 27858 252.328.6434 Nellie Taylor, Director Kevin Carraway, Associate Director. Who We Are:. Purchasing Central Stores and Receiving Fixed Assets Surplus Property Medical Storeroom.

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East Carolina University Department of Materials Management

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east carolina university department of materials management

East Carolina UniversityDepartment of Materials Management

200 E. 1st Street, Bldg 141

Greenville, NC 27858


Nellie Taylor, Director

Kevin Carraway, Associate Director

who we are
Who We Are:


Central Stores and Receiving

Fixed Assets

Surplus Property

Medical Storeroom

purchasing responsibility
Purchasing Responsibility

ECU Materials Management Department has the exclusive responsibility for making all purchase contracts entered into for the University (rental or purchase of real property excepted). This authority covers all supplies, materials, printing, equipment and service.

purchasing requirements
Purchasing Requirements
  • Before a purchase is made, Faculty and Staff need to consider the objectives and policies of the University
    • Cell Phone/Pager purchases...Telecommunications/ITCS
    • Network interface and equipment...ITCS
    • Rental or lease of property...Assoc VC for Admin & Finance-Business Services [Scott Buck]
    • Services...Materials Management – Contracts Manager
  • Faculty should consult with the appropriate purchasing staff in their department or Materials Management
  • Follow funding guidelines
purchasing ethics
Purchasing Ethics
  • Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner
  • Be good stewards of the University’s money
  • Decline personal gifts or gratuities and avoid situations where you could receive any personal gain or benefit
  • Avoid conflict of interest - cannot do business with fellow employees, students, or family members
purchasing procedures
Purchasing Procedures
  • ECU Basic Purchasing Procedures – provides the guidelines and ethics for purchasing at ECU
  • Materials Management is mandated by the State to seek competition when applicable
  • Competition Requirements:
    • Total order $5,000 or less ~ no competition required
    • Total order $5,000 or greater ~ subject to bid

Visit the ECU Basic Purchasing Procedures @ www.ecu.edu/purchasing

purchasing process 5 000 or less
Purchasing Process $5,000 or Less
  • A purchase order should be obtained prior to placing the order or prior to any requests for services (Note: The ECU ProCard is an approved alternate method for allowable purchases)
  • Requisition is submitted to Materials Mgmt via PORT
  • Purchases shall not be divided in order to keep them under the $5,000 bid threshold
  • It is Materials Management’s discretion to obtain quotes if they deem in the best interest of the University
  • Each department should monitor routine orders to ensure you are still getting the best price
  • PO is processed within a short period of time
purchasing process over 5 000
Purchasing Process Over $5,000
  • Requisition submitted to Materials Mgmt via PORT; documentation may be attached
  • ECU delegation up to $500,000
  • Items not on State Contract require bidding
  • Specifications developed
  • Correct bid format drafted by Materials Mgmt
  • Bids advertised via the internet (IPS)
  • Departments may evaluate bid responses and make recommendations to Materials Mgmt
  • Award to low bidder meeting all specifications
  • Allow 2 – 3 weeks after receipt of approved requisition by Materials Management
sole source brand specific
Sole Source/Brand Specific
  • For orders $5,000 and above
  • Clearly and legitimately limited to a single supplier (sole source) or a single preferred product (brand specific)
  • Based on operational compatibility, technical performance, clearly unique
  • A bid document is sent to a sole source vendor and includes our Terms and Conditions
  • Bids may be sent to multiple vendors for a brand specific purchase with the required specifications
  • Must be justified and approved by Materials Management

Submit Justification Form with Requisition to Materials Management

See “FORMS” at http://www.ecu.edu/purchasing/

state term contracts
State Term Contracts
  • State Term Contracts must be utilized regardless of the dollar value
  • “Term contracts" cover all normal requirements for a commodity, printing, or contractual service for a specified period of time
  • Purchases of contract items from STC vendors do not require bidding
  • Frequently purchased contract items include
    • Office supplies
    • Lab supplies and equipment
    • Batteries
    • LCD Flat Panel TV’s
state term contracts11
State Term Contracts
  • Purchases MAY be allowable from a source other than contract IF justified and approved by Materials Management

(example=significant lower price for a comparable product; documentation needed)

View Term Contracts at http://www.pandc.nc.gov/keyword.asp

  • Contact Materials Management
convenience contracts
Convenience Contracts
  • “Convenience contracts” function like statewide term contracts, but their use is not mandatory
  • Examples of convenience items:
    • IT products (computers, laptops, printers, etc.)
  • If you elect not to purchase the goods or services from a convenience contract, the rules of competitive bidding apply

View Term Contracts at http://www.pandc.nc.gov/keyword.asp

pressing need vs emergency purchase
Pressing Need vs Emergency Purchase
  • Pressing need ~ a need that arises from unforeseen causes, including but not limited to, delay by contractors, delay in transportation, breakdown in machinery, or unanticipated volume of work
  • Emergency ~ is defined as a situation which endangers lives, property or the continuation of a vital program and which can be rectified only by immediate on-the-spot purchases or rental of commodities, printing or services
  • Contact Materials Management prior to purchase for guidance and proper handling of order
  • If an emergency occurs during non-business hours, contact Materials Mgmt on the next working day
  • Small purchases allowed on ProCard
purchasing methods
Purchasing Methods
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Procurement Card (ProCard)
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Contractual Services Payment Request
  • Banner Direct Payment form
  • University Storerooms

Visit the Materials Management website at www.ecu.edu/purchasing


purchase requisition
Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order & Requisition Tracking System (PORT)
  • Requisitioner ~ Banner security and PORT training is required before access is granted
  • Shopper ~ can view online catalogs; inquiry only
  • System is web based and is accessed through ECU OneStop
  • Approval workflow ~ status of requisition
  • Online catalogs
  • PO is transmitted electronically to the vendor
  • All Storeroom catalogs are available in PORT
requisition processing
Requisition Processing
  • To remain in compliance with ECU’s Purchasing rules and regulations, a requisition should be submitted to Materials Mgmt to request a Purchase Order prior to the order being placed
  • On “rare” instances, it may be necessary to submit a requisition to Materials Mgmt flagged as a direct payment (to request payment for an invoice – goods and services have been rendered)
    • Examples:
      • Emergency purchase made on the weekend and invoiced by the vendor
      • Maintenance agreement billed annually (less than $5,000)
      • Lab tests
  • Purchase should not be made without Materials Management’s involvement
procurement card procard
Procurement Card (ProCard)
  • ProCard is a valuable and preferred tool for small dollar purchases
  • Corporate VISA credit card for business use only
  • All purchases must be within spending limits and approved by your funding source
  • Orders may be placed in person, over the phone, or via secure internet sites
  • Training is required for cardholders and reconcilers
  • Audits ~ Materials Management, Internal Audit, Office of State Auditor

Visit the ProCard Home Page at



blanket purchase orders
Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Facilitate repetitive orders
  • Users are issued a “Standing Order Charge Card”
  • Orders can be placed directly by the department by using the blanket order number
  • It is the department’s responsibility to keep track of expiration dates on blanket orders, warranties and maintenance contracts
  • Automated Blanket Order Tracking System to assist departments


Standing Order Charge Cards ~ Brenda Cherry

Blanket/Standing Order Database ~ Carolyn Carraway

contractual services
Contractual Services
  • The Contractual Services Payment Request Form is
    • used to pay for services associated with a contract
    • is initiated by the contracting department to approve payment to an independent contractor performing a specified professional service
    • utilized to reimburse non-university professional individuals for services rendered to the University that qualify to be classified as an Independent Contractor
  • Examples:
    • Honorariums for professional speakers
    • Special performers or artists

On Contractual Services contact Bob Griffin

or visit Contracts @ www.ecu.edu/purchasing


banner direct payment form
Banner Direct Payment Form
  • Online payment request form
  • List of approved expenditures
  • To request reimbursement of personal monies expended for University business use
  • Reimbursement via a Direct Payment request can be used only when the purchase from a vendor is less than $500.00 without prior approval from Materials Management
  • The Banner Direct Payment form cannot be used to purchase supplies and materials which are available through the University storerooms
  • Forms are submitted directly to Accounts Payable



university storerooms
University Storerooms
  • Materials Management operates two University storerooms to support and facilitate University operations and other campus needs
    • Central Stores and Receiving
    • Medical Storeroom/Brody Shipping and Receiving
  • All Storeroom catalogs are in PORT and requisitions are submitted via PORT
central stores and receiving
Central Stores and Receiving
  • Central Stores: located on East Campus (Greene St), Bldg 215C
    • Office Supplies and Furniture – paper, file cabinets, bookcases, etc.
    • Maintenance Supplies – plumbing, electrical, building supplies, grounds, garage and automotive, heating and A/C, and housekeeping supplies
    • Also stock batteries, lamps, and ballasts
  • Counter Sales - service provided for maintenance personnel to pick up supplies at the Central Stores counter
  • Shipping Services - Negotiated pricing with FedEx and UPS
  • Receives truck freight and delivery
  • Facilitates office supply contracts with Office Depot, Staples, and Forms and Supply, and provides desk top delivery of all orders
  • Leased Space
  • Surplus Retail Store – for purchases by the general public

Questions may be directed to: Tim Daughtry at 328-9935 or Bobby Whitaker at 328-9932

medical storeroom
Medical Storeroom
  • Medical Storeroom: located on West Campus (Brody Bldg GW-56)
    • stocks medical, scientific, and housekeeping supplies
    • Chemical Manager Gas Cylinder Program – pickup and delivery within the Brody complex; orders are entered via PORT
    • Shipping Services – Negotiated pricing with FedEx and UPS
    • Receiving and Delivery
    • Short term storage

Questions may be directed to: Tony Roebuck at 744-2241 or Jed Williammee at 744-2249

fixed assets and inventory
Fixed Assets and Inventory
  • All materials purchased with University funds are the property of the State and must be accounted for and disposed of properly
  • Fixed Assets tags equipment which cost $5,000 and above ($2,500 for EDP or IT equipment)
  • Departments should maintain internal tracking for items below these thresholds
  • Each unit’s inventory is subject to audit
  • Departmental inventory tracking lists should be verified annually to ensure all items are accounted for
  • Fixed Assets facilitates equipment Trade-Ins, Transfers, Equipment Going off-site, Moves or relocating, and lost or stolen equipment

Contact: Jane Manning, Fixed Assets Coordinator – manningja@ecu.edu

surplus and disposal
Surplus and Disposal
  • Surplus Property Office is operated at Central Stores, Greene St.
  • All University-owned materials must be disposed of properly
  • ECU Surplus Property Office is responsible for

tracking and disposing of state property in accordance with State policies and procedures

  • Items that are no longer needed by a department are required to be surplused regardless of funding source
  • Under no circumstances should State property be simply thrown away, given away, or taken home without following the appropriate approvals and processes
  • Departments that have surplus property or items they no longer need, should contact the Fixed Assets Office for instructions on disposition
  • Surplused items are available to departments for use back on campus; make appointment to view items

Contact Jane Manning at 328-9931 or Deidra Williams at 328-9941

introducing pets
Introducing PETS

Coming Spring 2010, ECU Surplus Property will implement PETS

Property Equipment Tracking System

  • Online tool for surplusing any University item
  • Access will be via OneStop; users have to be approved by the Dept Head and the Surplus Office, and will be required to register and attend training
  • Benefits Surplus Property Office and Departments
    • Online history
    • Video assistance on each screen
    • Inventory in the Fixed Assets System will automatically populate when a surplus request is entered
    • Better tracking and accounting for University equipment
pets basics
PETS Basics
  • User enters a Surplus Pickup Request
  • Manager approves request
  • Surplus Office authorizes pickup
  • Dept receives a pickup manifest and temporary tags to place on each item going to surplus (bar code)
  • User enters a Work Order Request for Moving Services
  • Moving Services picks up tagged items for surplus
  • Surplus inventory is updated

Look for additional information about implementation, access, and training in April 2010

materials management resources
Materials Management Resources

Materials Management Home Page



Meet the Staff

Classes Offered: Fixed Assets / Surplus Property

PORT Training

ProCard Training

Purchasing in Compliance

questions and answers
Questions and Answers

Lisa Ross

Compliance Officer

ECU Materials Management