the neolithic revolution agricultural rev n.
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The Neolithic Revolution (Agricultural Rev) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Neolithic Revolution (Agricultural Rev)

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The Neolithic Revolution (Agricultural Rev) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Neolithic Revolution (Agricultural Rev). A Turning Point? . DO NOW - . What was a time period in your life where something happened and as a result, nothing has ever been the same again?. Turning Point. Define: Turning Point:

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do now
  • What was a time period in your life where something happened and as a result, nothing has ever been the same again?
turning point
Turning Point
  • Define: Turning Point:
  • A time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, esp. one with beneficial results.
nomadic hunter gatherers
Nomadic Hunter-gatherers
  • For thousands and thousands of years, stone age men and women were NOMADIC (Highly Mobile) hunter-gatherers who ate wild game and collected wild plants.
  • BUT What changed?!
you can thank women for that
You Can Thank WOMEN For That…
  • Women, who gathered wild berries, began to notice that the seeds they had scattered in previous years were turning into crops……ushering in the NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION!

Define: Neolithic Revolution

  • The shift from food gathering to food producing.
turning point1
Turning Point?!
  • Should the Neolithic Revolution be considered a turning point?
  • Why/Why not?
why now
  • Changes in environment
  • Longer growing season
  • Decrease in wile game
  • Rise in population
methods of farming
Methods of Farming
  • Slash and Burn Farming – Farmers would cut and burn trees to clear a field, use the ash as fertilizer, and then plant for a few years before moving on to a new piece of land.
domestication of animals
Domestication of Animals
  • Hunters began domesticating animals to create a larger food source as well as create a work force.
  • Horses, sheep, goats, dogs
rise of civilizations
  • Africa
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Peru