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the ins and outs of the saturday boot camp n.
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The Ins and Outs of the Saturday Boot Camp PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ins and Outs of the Saturday Boot Camp

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The Ins and Outs of the Saturday Boot Camp
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The Ins and Outs of the Saturday Boot Camp

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  1. The Ins and Outs of the Saturday Boot Camp Presented by Mr. Charlie Bates Ms. Kresha Lane

  2. Where did this idea come from???? At the end of the 2007-2008 school year, our campus was rated AU due to low performance in the area of Science (specifically 8th grade AA students). In 2008-2009, Ms. Lane joined our administrative team as an assistant principal and as we studied our data with the external SIT, she came up with the idea to offer a tutorial program in the Spring semester on Saturdays. The idea was well received with the team and the teachers and we began the process.

  3. The Targeted Areas During the Spring of 2010, we offered 2 half day Saturday Boot Camps to 8th grade students in the area of Science. During the Spring of 2011, we offered 4 half day Saturday Boot Camps to 7th and 8th grade students in the areas of 7th grade Math/8th grade Math/8th Grade Science.

  4. The Plan of Action Putting together such an event is a great undertaking, BUT WAIT!!!!!!! DON’T SAY NO, JUST YET!!!! IT CAN BE DONE!!!  We had help from the administrative team, teachers, PTA, local educational service center, and local businesses.

  5. Plan of Action, Cont…. To decide which objectives needed to be covered, our departments, along with the instructional coach on the campus, sat down and studied our benchmark data extensively. The departments, after narrowing down the objectives and SE’s that needed improvement, sought out hands-on, interactive activities that would keep students engaged and also produce results. (Most activities covered multiple SE’s).

  6. More on the Plan Once activities had been selected, the team worked together to gather the necessary materials and put the activities together (with the assistance of our wonderful ladies and gentlemen in the GCS lab). During this time, we also enticed teachers to teach for us. We were able to pay them $20/hr and to feed them lunch. We were at NO shortage for the teachers who volunteered to join us on SATURDAYS.

  7. Who attended? We had over 100 students attend each time that we offered the boot camps. Students who were performing low on certain objectives, students who were on the bubble, and students who were about 8 points above the mark were asked to attend. We also had students in advanced classes help us on these days.

  8. How was it Structured? For each grade level/subject – we had 8 teachers who normally did NOT teach the subject area that they were assigned to teach. We also had a counselor that facilitated subjects. Students were divided into 2 groups and went to four different activities throughout the day. In 2010, we offered bus transportation. In 2011, we were not able to due to budget cuts; however, we still had a great turn out.

  9. Daily Schedule 8-9 Session 1 9-10 Session 2 10-11 BREAK (8th Grade)/ Session 3 (7th Grade) 11-12 Session 3 (8th Grade)/BREAK (7th Grade) 12-1 Session 4 1-1:15 PRIZES/DISMISSAL

  10. PIZZA AND BREAK During the break time, we served pizza and drinks. Students were also able to socialize and play ball during this time.

  11. THE PRIZES Numerous prizes were given away Students earned tickets to be put into the a drawing. There was no limit to the number of tickets students could earn. Tickets were earned based on participation, good behavior, and any other reason that the teachers deemed appropriate. Prizes included: Mp3’s, Itunes Cards, Sonic Gift Cards, Cash Prizes ($20), Wal-Mart gift Cards, Bowling passes, $75/$50/$25 gift cards to a local clothing store, principal of the day passes (VERY POPULAR AND FREE), free dress passes, blue jean passes

  12. ACTIVITIES SCIENCE Moon Phases with Oreos Periodic Chart with Skittles Topographic Maps with Play-doh Lab stations MATH Integer Blackjack Probability with Starburst Measurement Bingo with Tootsie Rolls Make that Shot (Interactive Basketball game with an emphasis on averages and charting) Measuring Objects (kiddie swimming pool, books, doors, windows)

  13. How did we afford it? DONATIONS from PTA and Local businesses State funds associated with AU status Donations from parents

  14. Did it help? YES, saw a major improvement in TAKS scores. We offered the boot camps the Saturdays before the actual tests. Students said they had fun an even asked TO COME BACK (ON A SATURDAY!!!!!) Teachers were extremely excited about the program.

  15. Will we do it Again? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. QUESTIONS??????