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Key Players in the IT Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Players in the IT Industry

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Key Players in the IT Industry

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  1. Key Players in the IT Industry IT Fundamentals (2nd Edition) By Kellie Hughes et. al.

  2. Key Players in IT The key players in the IT Industry are those organisations that provide:– • Employment • Technological Advances • Support for Staff • Education Prepared by K. Gordon

  3. Categories of Key Players • Vendors of IT products and services • IT Professional bodies • Government departments • Industry publications involved in IT industry promotion • Employer organisations • Relevant Unions Prepared by K. Gordon

  4. Vendors Those who develop software, manufacture hardware, provide technical support, supply wholesale or retail hardware, and software, or provide on-line services such as Internet services Prepared by K. Gordon

  5. Vendors • What sites do you know of that provides IT products and services? • IBM Australia – products, services, solutions and news • Harvey Norman – communications, hardware, peripherals, software and entertainment • Local ISP Speedlink Prepared by K. Gordon

  6. IT Professional Bodies • The IT industry in Australia supports and is supported by a variety of special interest groups and associations. Groups such as: • Australian Computer Society (ACS) The recognised association for IT professionals in Australia and it has become the public voice of the IT professional and the guardian of professional ethics and standards Prepared by K. Gordon

  7. IT Professional Bodies • AustralianInformation Industries Association (AIIA). Australia's most prominent industry association site. Contains news, information and links to other sites. • Australian Trade Commission (ATC) Prepared by K. Gordon

  8. Government Departments Many government departments concerned with the development and promotion of the Australian IT Industry • Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, (DBCDE) • Previously called Dept of Comm. Information Technology and Arts (DCITA) Prepared by K. Gordon

  9. Government Departments • Department responsible for range of issues relating to policies, regulation of online material, support and programs for Information Technology Sector • Current Minister for DBCDE is Senator Stephen Conroy (2009). Prepared by K. Gordon

  10. Government Departments • Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). • Plays a small regulatory role in the Information Technology industry • Main role includes standards for sick, holiday and long service leave entitlements Prepared by K. Gordon

  11. Industry Publications Publications that promote the IT Industry together with IT goods and services Professional organisations that publish newsletters and journals Daily papers that include an IT section on a set day of the week Prepared by K. Gordon

  12. Employer Organisations • Organisations that have similar focus or market • May be involved in determining a code of conduct or setting out industry guidelines or standards (see attachment on wiki week 8): • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) • AUSTEL (Australian Telecommunications Authority) • CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) Prepared by K. Gordon

  13. Unions • An association of people who have a common interest • Policy is to ensure that members get a good and fair return for their labour • Achieved by negotiation with employers Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Prepared by K. Gordon