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MEET JULIE. By: Megan McDonald Project By: Claudia Reynolds. How does the setting of this Historical Fiction Book effect the rest of the book?. About the Book.

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meet julie


By: Megan McDonald

Project By: Claudia Reynolds

  • How does the setting of this Historical Fiction Book effect the rest of the book?
about the book
About the Book

Nine year old Julie Albright does not want to move to a new apartment. Even though it is only a few miles away it means leaving her old life behind, and her dad since her parents are divorced. Julie has to start a new school, find new friends and mange her whole new life. Just when things seem to be at there worst her new gym teacher wont let her join the basketball team; just because she’s a girl! Will she ever get to join the team?

fast facts about the setting
Fast Facts about the Setting

Get to know the setting of “Meet Julie”

  • Year- 1974 (1970’s)
  • State- California
  • City- San Francisco
  • House- Julie’s house is a small cozy apartment not very far from Chinatown with her mom’s store underneath their house.
  • School- Julie goes to school at Jack London Elementary and is in the fourth grade. Julie starts out disliking her new school but……. then learns to love it.
how does this affect the book
How does this affect the Book?

Since this Book is placed during the time when women and girls did not have as many rights as men and boys it played a HUGE part in this book and had many positive and negative effects on the book. One effect was Julie could not play on the boys basketball team……. at first. Another way the setting affected the books is the fact that Julie had to move away from her old house, her dad and her best friend and because the setting changed so did the story.


In conclusion the setting has a very powerful effect on the book. Just one change in setting can change many things including mood, plot, main idea and many others. The setting in Meet Julie is very important and effect the book a lot.