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Legend of Deity

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Legend of Deity

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  1. Legend of Deity

  2. Review Introduction Name: 《Legend of Deity》 Genre: MMORPG Platform:PC Fee:F2P, Item Mall Legend of Deity is a MMORPG browser game developed by Oriental Wisdom on basis of the immortal story. With advanced technology and rich experience, it perfectly shows a new Immortal World to players. The 3D magnificent scenes in game unfold before players both ethereal beauty of celestial realm and chaos of man’s world. It frees players from the fixed gaming view and allows them to enjoy the free operating pleasure.

  3. Game Background Initially, the world was immersed in darkness and chaos. The deity, Pan GU, was born in this Void. He split the heaven and earth with his mighty axe. Since then, the universe has been created. At the beginning, all things were exuberant. During that period, someone in the west of Kunlun obtained the fragment of “Destiny Jade”, and became Chaos Immortal, named as Hong Jun Lao-zu. He had a brother Rahu who was of quite different nature. Since then, Hong Jun became Tao Father while Rahu became Demon Father. Rahu, brutal and bloodthirsty, had put all creatures in the misery. Hong Jun finally imprisoned him under the Dong Huang Chaos Bell. But one soul and one spirit of Rahu escaped and disappeared in the primeval land, After that, Hong Jun accepted three disciples: Yuan Shi, Lao Zi and Tong Tian, who created Chan, Tao and Jie respectively. The soul and spirit of Rahu had accomplished his shape and wanted to destroy the world. In order to help Hong Jun, the three disciples thought up the plan of Immortal Hunt. At that time, the fierce and brutal Zhou Emperor of Shang Dynasty had lost the support of his people. The western Zhou Dynasty wanted to take the chance to control the world...

  4. Graphic Style Legend of Deity displays the most primitive scenes of ancient China with delicate pictures and excellent light effect. Both spiritual elegance and bloody darkness of Immortals and Demons are shown in this Chinese-Myth-themed game. It will give players the surreal experience of wandering around magnificent celestial Halls and walking through Majestic Devildom Palaces.

  5. Combat System PK is the pursue of many game lovers. For this game, PK is not only the thrilling live-or-die battle, but also the splendid fighting with blooming flowers of life. Multiple combat modes, like Challenge, Arena, Group, Hegemony Contend etc, will help you to enjoy the PK pleasure; while multiple skills will allow you to experience the exquisite spells and super magic weapons.

  6. Class Introduction • Warrior:Warriors, with the nature might of Metal, have both remarkable attack and defense. As the central force of four natural elements, they alwaysfight in the forefront. Firmness of “Metal” gives warrior the steel will: the weaker they become, the stronger fighting rage they will get. They will fight to their last breath and finish their enemies in a godlike way. • Assassin :Assassins, with the calmness of “wood” ,are endowed with swift speed. They stand like trees and move like wind. They will take advantages of their speed to get close to or defeat enemies. They are sober and sagacious, and always do arenas with their wisdom. • he

  7. Class Introduction Warlock:Warlocks, with the natural might of fire, are endowed with demolishing force, burning their enemies into ashes. Whether fighting alone or facing a group of enemies, warlocks will suppress them with amazing power. Ranger:Rangers , with the natural might of water, are skilled archers and real masters of tactics. They can artfully advance and retreat to trap their enemies with flooded tactics and kill them with one-shot once they find out the weakness. They know nature well and can always calmly treat their enemies in natural way. 术士:术士拥有极强的毁灭之力,传承“火”的力量,胆敢与火为敌之人,必将被其化为灰烬。术士无论单独作战还是面对大批敌人,都会以惊人的力量将其压制。 游侠:游侠精通箭术,传承“水”的自然之道,是真正的战术大师。敌进我退,敌退我进,始终将敌人困于洪水般的战术之中。待敌人露出破绽,便可一击毙命。她们精通自然之道,不急不嗔,不乱不惊,只将对手视作鸿毛。切进且退,无不顺应自然之道。

  8. Equipment Forge Players can obtain equipment from instances and World Bosses, and can also collect materials to forge more powerful suits. In Legend of Deity, remolding system helps players to refine, slot and inlay equipment to make their own special magic weapons.. .

  9. Attribute Interface

  10. Celestial General System Celestial Generals are the most favored combat partners to both male and female players. They are either vivaciously cute or coldly heroic. A cool and appealing mount also drives many players crazy. Of course, apart from their gorgeous and lovely appearance, celestial generals and mounts are of great help to combat, as they help to raise HP, strengthen attack, increase defense etc. Above all, they can learn special skills to increase players’ power continuously.

  11. Online Events Righteous Troop, Fiends Fighting, Hidden Treasure, Celestial Blessing, Divine Training, Fishing, Ponlai Wonderland……Various online events ensure players a more colorful life in the immortal world.

  12. Various Activities • Pray • Rescue King Wen • Dreamland

  13. Wing & Outfit • Wing • Outfit

  14. Mount

  15. Map

  16. Business Contact Tel:+86 10 6779 7883 Fax:+86 10 6779 9653

  17. Thank You!