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Welcome to our class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our class

Welcome to our class

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Welcome to our class

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  1. Welcome to our class

  2. A. Pre-reading: talk A father and a son want to ______ the donkey.

  3. B. While-reading 1. Fast reading • What problems did they have on their • way to the market? 2. How many times did Chow Khok change his idea on how to take the donkey to the market ?

  4. 2. Careful reading 1. What was Chow Khok ’s original idea on how to take the donkey to the market? 2. How did Chow Khok feel when a group people laughed at him? 3. Did he change his idea? 4. What happened next? 5. What did the girls at the well wanted Chow Khok to do? 6. Did Chow Khok do as the girls said? 7. What did the customs officer tell Chow Khok to do? 8. At last, what did Chow Khok do?

  5. The whole story place people said… changes how tie him gently … carry it between at home original idea: Why are these… Why don’t you… son rode, father… on the road, the 1st change: You’re …, You shouldn't… at the edge of the village, father rode, son… the 2nd change: You look like … Let… boy ride the village well the 3rd change: rode together the donkey …, you …break … and never sell…, you should… the custom house ? ?

  6. Can you choose a word which best describes Chow Khok at the end of the story? • He is happy. • He is angry. • He is confused. What advice would you give him ?

  7. C. Further reading 1. What’s the meaning of “foal” in the line 2 paragraph 1 ? 2. What do the words “scold” and “ungrateful” mean in the sentence “Then the village scolded the boy. You are an ungrateful son. ” 3. At the end of the story, Chow Khok asks, “How can we satisfy all of the people in this world ?” What would you say to Chow Khok in response ? Why ?

  8. D. Post-reading: Discussion Folk tales often teach a lesson about how people should behave. What have you learnt from this story? Believe in yourself @ Think for yourself. Be yourself = Think independently =think by yourself Do in one’s own ways whatever other says @ Please all, please none @ self-confidence & be firm

  9. E. Consolidation *. Imagine that you are in Chow Khok’s place, taking your donkey to the market. Retell a scene from the story.

  10. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 5 Scene 4 Scene 3 ?

  11. Scene 1 Place: at home Original idea: tie him gently … carry, between

  12. Scene 2 Place: on the road People said: Why are these… Why don’t they… the first change : Son rode…, father walked behind

  13. Scene 3 Place: At the edge of the village People said: “You’re …, You shouldn't …” The second change : Father rode …, son walked in front

  14. Scene 4 place: the village well people said: “This donkey is … The tall bay is … You look like … Let… boy ride” The third change : rode together

  15. Scene 5 place: the custom house the officer said: the donkey …, you …break … and never sell…, you should… didn't know what to do

  16. E. Output You are a student studying here. Now the revision time is coming, your Chinese teacher asks you to recite more passages, your math teacher asks you to do more exercise, your English teacher asks you to remember more words, your history teacher asks you to review the important events, your…… What would you do ?

  17. Thank You Bye bye!