the oxgrid resource broker n.
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The OxGrid Resource Broker

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The OxGrid Resource Broker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The OxGrid Resource Broker. David Wallom. Overview. OxGrid Resource Broking Why build our own Job Submission and other tools Future developments. OxGrid, a University Campus Grid. Single entry point for users to shared and dedicated resources

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  • OxGrid
  • Resource Broking
  • Why build our own
  • Job Submission and other tools
  • Future developments
oxgrid a university campus grid
OxGrid, a University Campus Grid
  • Single entry point for users to shared and dedicated resources
  • Seamless access to NGS and OSC for registered users
resource broking
Resource Broking
  • The original idea of the grid relied on efficient resource broking to abstract the user away from the resources
  • This has been significantly neglected by grid software developers
    • Push or pull type of mechanism, each have significant advantages or disadvantages
    • Resources that have multiple job sources increase complexity many fold
why build our own
Why build our own?
  • OxGrid is intended to be a lightweight development
  • Replacement of individual components should be simple
    • Use of service based interfaces are the goal
  • Current solutions do not allow this with massive dependencies and non trivial maintenance requirements
  • Condor-G is a simple off the shelf Grid system meta scheduler, why make it so much more complicated?
condor matchmaking
Condor Matchmaking
  • Matchmaking is a methodology for Distributed Resource Management
  • Conceptually simple:
    • Service providers and requesters advertise
    • Compatible advertisements are matched
    • Matched entities cooperate to perform service
  • Developed for opportunistic environments
    • Use resources as and when available

Thanks to the Miron and the Condor Team

condor matchmaking cont
Condor Matchmaking (Cont.)
  • Customers and Servers advertise to a Matchmaking Service
  • Advertisements describe advertising entities
    • Characteristics
    • Requirements and Constraints
    • Preferences
  • These descriptions are called classified advertisements (classads)

Thanks to the Miron and the Condor Team

static and dynamic information
Static and Dynamic Information
  • Static information
    • e.g. processor architecture, physical memory, operating system, scheduling system, no. of nodes
  • Dynamic information
    • e.g. system availability, scheduler load, queue length, used disk or memory
oxgrid virtual organisation manager database
OxGrid Virtual Organisation Manager Database
  • Final repository for authorisation information
  • Stores additional static information for each resource such as capability and maximum number of submitted jobs for that node
data harvesting cycle
Data Harvesting cycle
  • Information sources can be added or removed at will
  • Either a single repository for information aggregation (e.g. ngsinfo) or individual machines
  • Simple internal representation of information gives ease of adding new types of info source
generated classad
Generated classad

MyType = "Machine"

TargetType = "Job"

Name = ”“


Requirements=(CurMatches<20)& (TARGET.JobUniverse == 9)

WantAdRevaluate = True

UpdateSequenceNumber = 1097580300

CurMatches = 0

OpSys = "LINUX“

Arch = "INTEL"

Memory = 501

MPI = False



tuning condor to act as a metascheduler
Tuning Condor to act as a metascheduler
  • The default configuration of Condor is as a cycle scavenger
  • Alter this through ensuring that all available tasks are attempted to be matched with each pass of the Negotiator
  • Since we are a Condor-G system only we change the default universe of the system to grid
changes to condor configuration
Changes to Condor configuration







job submission
Job Submission
  • Most users are comfortable with command-line applications
    • Condor submission scripts would be another language for our users to learn…
    • submission step as a scriptable application with argument
  • Created job-submission



-t Boolean transfer exe?

-a EXE arguments

-i Input files to be transferred

-o Output files to be transferred

job classad
Job classad

executable = update_file

Transfer_Executable = True

globusscheduler = $$(gatekeeper_url)

Requirements =

(TARGET.gatekeeper_url == "" || TARGET.gatekeeper_url == "" || TARGET.gatekeeper_url == "" || TARGET.gatekeeper_url == "") && TARGET.gatekeeper_url =!= UNDEFINED && TARGET.OpSys == "LINUX"

match_list_length = 1

arguments = TEST_3_2.out

transfer_input_files =

transfer_output_files = TEST_3_2.out

WhenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT

universe = grid

grid_type = gt2

notification = ERROR

output = temp-1168783341-2.out

error = temp-1168783341-2.err

log = temp-1168783341-2.log


additional user tools
Additional User Tools
  • oxgrid_certificate_import
    • Simplifies the installation of a user digital certificate to a single command
  • oxgrid_q
    • Display the users current queue at the resource broker. Has the options to allow the user to see the full task queue.
  • oxgrid_status
    • Displays the resources that are available to the user with options for all resource currently registering with the resource broker
  • oxgrid_cleanup
    • Removes either a single submitted process or a range of child processes with their master
  • Statistics
  • Materials science
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Computational biology
  • Astrophysics
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Zoology
  • Researchers and students
future developments
Future Developments
  • As part of GridBS project development:
    • Additional direct submission into MS CCS using GridSAM BLAH
    • Addition of new types of data sources
      • EGEE
      • Grimoires
  • Continue to improve packaging to ensure ease of installation and re-distribution
  • We have designed a resource broker that is orders of magnitude small with minimal external dependencies
  • Simple tools have allowed users of OxGrid easy access to resources in many different institutions
  • Over 65k individual tasks have been submitted to connected resources since January