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Bentley CloudWorx and PlantSpace. Product Description Product Benefits Workflow Examples. Bentley CloudWorx: Product Description. Open very large point-clouds (up to 1 billion) directly within PlantSpace Use the PlantSpace tools to View, Rotate, Zoom at reasonable speed

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Bentley cloudworx and plantspace l.jpg

Bentley CloudWorx and PlantSpace

Product Description

Product Benefits

Workflow Examples

Bentley cloudworx product description l.jpg
Bentley CloudWorx: Product Description

  • Open very large point-clouds (up to 1 billion) directly within PlantSpace

  • Use the PlantSpace tools to View, Rotate, Zoom at reasonable speed

  • View in multiple modes (intensity color, gray scale, texture mapping)

  • Use PlantSpace tools to dimension and measure.

  • Determine pipe sizes and centerline

  • Fit planar surfaces (walls, floors, beams etc)

Bentley cloudworx product advantage l.jpg
Bentley CloudWorx: Product Advantage

  • Provides Easy Access to “Reality” within PDS - anytime

    Bring a new level of depth & detail to PlantSpace projects (as-built data, direct data extraction, design verifications, construction monitoring, asset operation and management – the wholly grail of life-cycle management)

  • Provides value to a broad spectrum PlantSpace Users

    CloudWorx brings reality directly to every PlantSpace user’s desktop across a very broad spectrum of applications, including structural design, piping design, equipment, and electrical.

Bentley cloudworx plantspace immediate productivity l.jpg
Bentley CloudWorx + PlantSpace = Immediate Productivity

  • Simple tools and visual environment = Immediate productivity

  • Short learning curve = Immediate productivity

  • Familiar environment = Immediate productivity

  • Access to standard design tools = Immediate productivity

Workflow example 1 l.jpg
WorkFlow Example 1

  • Creating an accurate as-built

    • Launch Bentley CloudWorx in PlantSpace

    • Open point clouds

    • Isolate area of interest

    • Fit pipe centerlines from points

    • Connect centerlines

    • Route PDS piping componentsDONE!!

Slide6 l.jpg

Bentley CloudWorx opens in PlantSpace as an mdl application, allowing the user to select the appropriate point cloud ModelSpace

Slide7 l.jpg

The point clouds provide the “road map” for creating an accurate as-built using CloudWorx and PlantSpace tools together

Slide8 l.jpg

CloudWorx tools allow the user to quickly hide portions of the cloud that are not of immediate interest.

Slide9 l.jpg

Slicing the point clouds along a horizontal or vertical place provides a clear view in either plan or elevation

Slide10 l.jpg

The CloudWorx “Fence to Pipe” command allows fast identification of piping center lines and diameters

Slide11 l.jpg

Multiple center lines can be fit quickly and easily by adjusting clipping planes and views.

Slide12 l.jpg

The center lines can then be connected to create a single polyline with the CloudWorx “Connect Pipes” command.

Slide14 l.jpg

Intelligent piping components are then placed on the Intelligent Line, completing the as-built.

Workflow example 2 l.jpg
WorkFlow Example 2 Intelligent Line, completing the as-built.

  • Create and Clash Check New Design

    • Develop initial routing line based on exiting drawings.

    • Clash check against routing line as initial check

    • Place PlantSpace components on line to refine potential clash areas.

    • Adjust design as required


Slide17 l.jpg

Point clouds are opened for reference dgn file

Clipping planes are adjusted to improve the view

Slide18 l.jpg

Interfering points are highlighted in blue dgn file

A clearance is selected (8”) and the clash is run

Summary l.jpg
Summary eliminate it.

  • Bentley CloudWorx with PlantSpace provides a fast easy solution for a wide variety of engineering and design applications

  • Bentley CloudWorx is easy to learn and results in immediate productivity in the design process.