feudalism and the manorial system n.
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Feudalism and the Manorial System PowerPoint Presentation
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Feudalism and the Manorial System

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Feudalism and the Manorial System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feudalism and the Manorial System. Feudalism. The social and political structure of the Middle Ages characterized by the ownership of the land.

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Feudalism and the Manorial System

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  • The social and political structure of the Middle Ages characterized by the ownership of the land.
Feudalism refers to a set of distinct social and political institutions, defined by free contract, that established the relationship between two freemen of differing social station, a lord and a vassal of lower rank
  • The lord owned the land
  • He granted land (a fief), but not the ownership, to a lesser noble (a vassal)
  • The vassal, in turn, could grant some of his holdings to another lesser noble (a knight)
  • On the bottom of the scale were the serfs who worked the land for a share of the crop
feudal obligations
Feudal Obligations
  • Premogeniture – the system of inheritance of a fief from father to son
  • The vassal is always obligated to the lord
military service
Military Service
  • The vassal owed his lord loyalty or, in its feudal term, fealty – he had to render aid and counsel, or material and moral help to his lord
  • Perform military service, and bring a number of men and equipment
payment to the lord
Payment to the lord
  • Ransoming of the lord
  • Knighting of the lord’s eldest son
  • Marriage of the lord’s eldest daughter
  • Lords’ own departure on crusades
lord s obligations to vassal
Lord’s obligations to vassal
  • Protection and maintenance
  • Military and material support
  • Usual form of payment was in land
feudal justice
Feudal Justice
  • Trial by battle
  • Compurgation, or oath taking,
  • Trial by ordeal
manorial system
Manorial system
  • System comes from the large farming estates that included the manor house, cultivated lands, woodlands, fields, and villages
  • Ridged class structure (nobles and serfs)
  • Manors were self-sufficient
three field method
Three field method
  • Rotated crops between three fields
  • One was always left fallow

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