Cloud computing
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Cloud Computing . Advantages. Cost Advantages. customers only pay for the access and interfaces that they need. The customer buys only the services they need. Renting rather than buying. Customers do not have to install new infrastructure. Software as a service.

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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing


Cost advantages

Cost Advantages

customers only pay for the access and interfaces that they need. The customer buys only the services they need

Renting rather than buying

Renting rather than buying

Customers do not have to install new infrastructure

Software as a service

Software as a service

Customers do not need to purchase or buy hardware or do anything to adapt their existing in-house center

Immediate service

Immediate Service

Services are provided in real time, without required set-up



Software as a service provided the customer support for operating, maintaining, and supporting all software, hardware, and communications technology



Customers only pay for the technology that they need, and can change as they require

Best practice and expertise

Best Practice and Expertise

Cloud resources provide access to best business practices and expert assistance

Utility computing

Utility Computing

Allows customers to plug-into standardized systems that already exist

Administrative role for it

Administrative Role for IT

Allows the IT department to monitor use and provide administrative services



Provides more resources inexpensively and quickly

Business improvements

Business Improvements

Allows business to improve quickly and efficiently



Allows business systems to be provided in scale, performance, and manageability

Common view

Common View

Allows customer to see and view both physical and virtual resources at once

Automated change

Automated Change

Allows greater efficiencies for the customer

Holistic service

Holistic Service

Allows for the customer to have a holistic service management of their system

Cloud computing1

Cloud Computing




The provider is responsible for all security except initial access. This may be a concern for some customers

Paradigm shift

Paradigm Shift

Individualized dependence changes from a local infrastructure to a technical dependence for service

It monitoring

IT Monitoring

Important to monitor the amount of service contracted for and how much usage to avoid over spending