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Workshop II Preparing the Report

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Workshop II Preparing the Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop II Preparing the Report. A D Kennedy 27 January 2010. Contents. Status Scope Depth Audience Format Assessment Questions?. Status “Where should we be now?”. Groups chosen and had some meetings “Consultant” (supervisor) contacted Topic chosen Scope considered

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Presentation Transcript
workshop ii preparing the report
Workshop IIPreparing the Report

A D Kennedy

27 January 2010

  • Status
  • Scope
  • Depth
  • Audience
  • Format
  • Assessment
  • Questions?
status where should we be now
Status“Where should we be now?”
  • Groups chosen and had some meetings
  • “Consultant” (supervisor) contacted
  • Topic chosen
  • Scope considered
  • Tasks allocated
  • Work plan being implemented
  • Outline in progress
  • Workshop III “Giving an oral presentation”
    • 14:00 Wednesday 10th March, JCMB Lecture Theatre C
  • Reports
    • e-mail Abstract to Teaching Office by Friday 12th March
    • Hand-in date is Friday 19th March
    • Physics projects to be handed in at JCMB
    • Astro projects to be handed in at the ROE
  • Presentations
    • Tuesday 23rd/Wednesday 24th March
    • Location to be announced
scope of report how broad should we make it
Scope of Report“How broad should we make it?”
  • Overview: reviewing whole subject area
  • Explanation of a technique: more detail, aim to explain a specific thing
  • Future look: broader again, some examples
  • Critical Assessment/recommendations: mainly Group Project
  • Project could be combinations of these.
  • Decide on scope early and stick with the plan
depth of report how much detail should there be
Depth of Report“How much detail should there be?”
  • Overview: broad coverage, not in depth
  • Explanation of a technique: technical details and background
  • Future look: current status and vision, light on details
  • General rules:
    • Narrow scope
    • Do not concentrate on details
    • Mathematics to a minimum (no more than needed)
    • Diagrams and sketches are useful
audience what is the appropriate level
Audience“What is the appropriate level?”
  • Most important: remember readership
    • Target report at your peers
    • General physical science background
    • New Scientist/Physics World/Scientific American level
  • General physical scientists do not
    • Know what the “Standard Model” is
    • Accept “fractal dimension” as a normal measure
  • Simple language where possible
format what should the report look like
Format“What should the report look like?”
  • Report must be “camera ready”
    • Word processed to self-consistent style
    • Figures in appropriate places
  • LaTeX users: there is a template in
    • Gives correct format, page size, font…
  • Non LaTeX users
    • Main text 12 pt Roman or Times
    • L/R Margins of 30 cm
    • Top/Bottom margins of 20 cm
    • Citations by superscript numbers
electronic media can we hand in web pages
Electronic Media“Can we hand in web pages?”
  • Acceptable if (and only if) they are relevant
    • Provide in convenient form (standard file formats on CD)
    • Give instructions if necessary
  • Likewise for videos, animations, etc.
  • Markers will not be happy if they have to go to a lot of effort to view material
    • Especially if it is not relevant
    • You want the markers to be happy!
references what to cite can we reference wikipedia
References: What to Cite“Can we reference Wikipedia?”
  • Beware “the wisdom of crowds”
  • Probably not a good idea to cite Wikipedia as
    • It is not a primary source
    • But it often contains good references, so not a bad place to look initially
  • Review articles
    • Scientific American/Physics World/Physics Today are probably appropriate at this level
    • Physics Reports/Reviews of Modern Physics
references how to cite
References: How to Cite
  • Citing the Web
    • Nie M. (2006) The Pedagogical Perspectives of Mobile Learning. Available online:, (Retrieved: 29th January 2009).
  • Consistent referencing style
    • [135] W. L. Jorgensen and C. J. Swenson, Optimized intermolecular potential functions for amides and peptides. Hydration of amides, J. Am. Chem. Soc.,107, 1489—1496 (1985).
assessment how is it marked
Assessment “How is it marked?”
  • Assessment for
    • Content
    • Structure, readability and level
    • Layout and presentation
  • Include minutes of your meetings
  • Double marked
  • Submission deadlines:
    • Late penalties 5% per day
    • Not likely to benefit by missing the deadline
abstract and title
Abstract and Title
  • Short and to the point (50 words)
  • Plain text – no formatting characters
    • Title of report
    • Group Members
    • Supervisor’s Name
  • e-mail Abstract to Teaching Office by Friday 12th March