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Regional view. Dr Alistair Lipp, Deputy Regional Medical Director. 4 th Feb 2014. Parity of esteem?. British Medical Journal December 2013. Esteem. “to regard highly or favourably; regard with respect or admiration”

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Regional view

Regional view

Dr Alistair Lipp,Deputy Regional Medical Director

4th Feb 2014

Parity of esteem

Parity of esteem?

British Medical JournalDecember 2013

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  • “to regard highly or favourably; regard with respect or admiration”

  • “Respect from others entails recognition, acceptance, status, and appreciation.”

Negative stereotypes
Negative stereotypes?

  • “As a medical student I was told by my supervisor that I was ‘too bright’ for psychiatry, and other colleagues have told me of similar experiences”.

  • “Neurosurgeons: know a little, do a lot. Neurologists: know a lot, do a little. Psychiatrists: do nothing, know nothing!”

  • “Around the table were an aspiring surgeon, a respiratory physician, an emergency medicine doctor, and an anaesthetist. Eyebrows were raised when I said that I was going to be a psychiatrist.

  • Why do you want to do that?’ one asked.”

Workforce issues

Workforce issues

Health Education England(East of England)

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Pre registration commissions 2014 15
Pre-registration Commissions 2014/15

Registered Mental Health Nurses

  • We are increasing our investment by 4%, with 11 extra students and a total investment in 273 students. This compares to a 1.5% increase nationally. This level of commissions will ensure supply of newly qualified nurses to meet providers demand.

  • Risks:

    • Risk of supply shortages if providers demand does not reduce according to plan.

    • Anecdotal evidence of Essex providers being affected by recruitment in London.

  • Clinical Psychology

    • We are increasing the number of commissions by 5%, to 42, in 2014/15. This compares to a steady state nationally.

Regional issues

Regional issues

Parity of performance?

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