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19.3 Campaigning for Office

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19.3 Campaigning for Office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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19.3 Campaigning for Office. Planning and Running a Campaign. -Campaign Organization Campaign Manager Manages staff work Includes fundraisers, speechwriters, media advisers Also in charge of the “ advanced people” - Other Managers

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planning and running a campaign
Planning and Running a Campaign

-Campaign Organization

  • Campaign Manager
    • Manages staff work
    • Includes fundraisers, speechwriters, media advisers
  • Also in charge of the “ advanced people” -Other Managers
    • Responsible for the volunteers( thousands)
    • Volunteers handle the business required to win the election.
planning and running a campaign1
Planning and Running a Campaign
  • Finding Out What the Public Thinks
    • A successful campaign must keep an eye on the public ‘s wants and needs.
    • Usually a campaign has it’s own opinion poll taker to find out America's problems.
    • He also finds out what problems the voters think are the most important.
    • Polls can also find out the impact of the campaign in different parts of the country and among different groups of voters.
planning and running a campaign2
Planning and Running a Campaign
  • Managing and Using the Media
    • Candidates get their message across by advertising on
    • Radios
    • Newspapers
    • TV
    • The campaign team focuses on style and images rather than there ideas or issues
financing a campaign
Financing a Campaign
  • Campaign Finance Law
    • No one person may give more than $2,000 to a candidate.
    • Candidates must report the name of anyone who has given them more than $200
    • Citizens may give $3 of there taxes each year.
    • Every election year the (FEC) Federal Election Commission offers money from this fund to each of the major candidates.
    • PACs give up to $5,000 to each candidate.
financing a campaign1
Financing a Campaign
  • Criticism of Campaign Financing
  • A lot of people complain that elections cost too much
  • High cost of running keeps candidates people from running
  • Afraid that only rich people will be able too run for office
  • Some people want campaigns to be financed by the public so everybody can run
  • - what do you think?
who wins an election
Who Wins an Election?
  • It is our duty (as citizens) to elect the best leaders and decision makers.

- Good decision making is not all that is required:

-Good Looks

-Well Organized

-Good campaign team

-An incumbent has a good chance of winning

-But incumbents are not unbeatable.

-1/4 of past presidents have lost a re-election

(write down questions)

the electoral college
The Electoral College
  • How the Electoral College Works
  • Each state sends one team of electors that has as number of congressmen
  • To vote for the president (ONLY)
  • If one team wins they will send that team to the Electoral college
  • This is where the electors vote for the candidate who won in that state
  • An elector is not required to vote for the candidate who he or she is pledged too
  • To win, a candidate needs 270 or more votes of the Electoral College to win
the electoral college1
The Electoral College

The # of electors from a state is = the # of members of the House of Representatives + the # of senators (2)

the electoral college2
The Electoral College
  • The 2000 Election and the Electoral College

- some people think that the “winner take all” is unfair

- people have pointed out that candidates have had less than majority votes yet still won

- for example in 2000 Al Gore received 500000 more votes than George Bush

- yet Bush still won with 271 votes to Al Gores 267 votes

- but in most cases however the person who gets the majority of the popular votes also gets the electoral votes

- the drama of the 2000 election made many American political leaders question if the electoral college was worth keeping