large scale multi purpose wireless networks n.
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Large-Scale Multi-purpose wireless networks

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Large-Scale Multi-purpose wireless networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Large-Scale Multi-purpose wireless networks. Stefano Zanoli. MUM Poland 2008. Agenda. Company presentation Wireless Networks: vision and mission Wireless Networks: architecture. Who we are. Small and dynamic company Software Development System Integration WISP. Where we are.

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Presentation Transcript
large scale multi purpose wireless networks
Large-Scale Multi-purpose wireless networks

Stefano Zanoli

MUM Poland 2008

  • Company presentation
  • Wireless Networks: vision and mission
  • Wireless Networks: architecture
who we are
Who we are
  • Small and dynamic company
  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • WISP
where we are
Where we are

Borgosesia – Valsesia

wireless networks our vision


COAX / Fiber

Environment Monitoring

Environment Monitoring






Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless networks: our vision
  • Unique wireless infrastructure supporting multiple services and applications

IEEE 802.11



wireless networks our vision1
Wireless networks: our vision

Like a motorway…..

Pervasive IP infrastructure supporting multiple services and applications








wireless networks our vision2
Wireless networks: our vision



Civil protection

Broadband Internet Access




Document sharing

Application sharing



Services for tourists

Hotspot, e-guide

wireless network our mission
Wireless network: our mission
  • Building robust and affordable wireless infrastructures
  • Providing Internet and Value Added Services to citizens and public administration

Economic issues

Organizational issues

Technical issues

client devices cpes
Client Devices - CPEs
  • Routerboard 133, 133c
  • New Routerboard 411
  • RouterOS level 3 is enough
  • Wireless interface as STATION
access network intro
Access Network - Intro
  • Infrastructure wireless access network
    • Short point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links
    • Redundant links (mesh)
  • Wireless cells for client connections
access network requirements
Access Network - Requirements
  • How to deal with multiple services?
    • Every service must have its own “lane”
    • Traffic of different services must be kept separated
    • Every service requires a different QoS
      • Guaranteed throughput
      • Latency and jitter
access network architecture
Access Network - Architecture
    • Define one VLAN for each service
    • Use WDS to propagate VLANS on the access network
    • Use VAP with multiple SSID to provide access to different client devices
    • Use BRIDGE to join VAP with respective VLAN
access network equipment
Access Network - Equipment
  • Routerboard 532, 333 or 600
  • Daughterboard 502 or 604
  • RouterOS level 4 for APs
  • RouterOS level 4 or greater for NAS
  • Wireless interfaces as AP BRIDGE
wireless backbone1
Wireless Backbone
  • Must provide performing connection between access networks and Internet or server farm
  • Long distances and high throughput
    • NStreme2 with high directional antennas dual-polarity antennas
    • Channel Bonding
    • Use 5 GHz band
    • Optimize your RB resources

(E.g. disable CONNTRACK)

wireless backbone2
Wireless Backbone
  • It’s the core of your infrastructure, consider redundancy!
    • Redundant links (mesh) with dynamic routing protocol (E.g. OSPF)
    • Redundant devices with VRRP
    • Battery backup
internet access1
Internet Access
  • If you have your own AS number and public subnet
    • Subscribe peering agreements
    • Configure your BGP router(s)
  • If you a carrier/ISP provides you Internet connection
    • Simply connect you gateway to your provider equipment
    • Configure NAT / MASQUERADE
internet access2
Internet Access
  • In both cases you need to keep control on traffic flows to/from Internet
  • Usually the bottleneck is here!
    • Keep P2P traffic under control
    • Prioritizing interactive traffic (E.g. VoIP)
    • Differentiating Download and Upload
internet access3
Internet Access
  • Traffic classification
    • Firewall mangle rules: mark connections and mark packet
internet access4
Internet Access
  • Queue Tree (HTB)
interne access equipment
Interne Access - Equipment
  • Firewall mangle, NAT and Queues are CPU-intensive task. Monitor your CPU!
  • Routerboard 1000
  • I386 mainboards (mini-itx) or server
  • RouterOS level 4
server farm radius
Server Farm - RADIUS
    • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
    • FreeRADIUS,
    • SQL module
  • Backend DB
    • Stores user credentials, profiles and accounting info
    • MySQL
server farm custom app
Server Farm – custom app.
  • WIC Manager
    • Costumers management and billing
    • Admin and user access
server farm custom app1
Server Farm – custom app.
  • Hotspot Manager
    • Prepaid coupon for Internet access (nomadic users)
    • SMS Authentication
    • Credit Card Payment
server farm monitoring
Server Farm - Monitoring
  • Distribuited monitoring
    • Master server in server farm
    • Slave server on access network
  • Mikrotik Dude and Zabbix on linux Server
server farm other
Server Farm - other
  • SMTP and POP3 servers
  • DNS servers
  • Video servers
  • Streaming server
remote access1
Remote Access
  • Allow manteinance staff to access network remotely
  • OpenVPN, IPSec
  • It is technically possible to build large geographical multi-purpose wireless networks
  • It’s not straightforward, you need strong competences L1-L7
  • RouterOS has all features you need and makes network management and maintenance simpler

Stefano Zanoli

HAL Service s.r.l