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INDUS.RIVER. Y6C john Kim 金泫承. About the river. Name : Indus. river It’s located country :in Pakistan Major city :Hyderabad, multan, lahore. It’s Location. Place :in Pakistan Flowing ocean :Arabian sea. Contrast to other river. Key features of the river.

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    1. INDUS.RIVER Y6C john Kim 金泫承

    2. About the river Name : Indus. river It’s located country :in Pakistan Major city :Hyderabad, multan, lahore

    3. It’s Location Place :in Pakistan Flowing ocean :Arabian sea

    4. Contrast to other river

    5. Key features of the river 1.Source of Indus Civilized action 2.Area : 1.165,500KM2 3.It rises in Tibet and flows through northern India and then flows southwest through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian sea

    6. About tributaries • Tributaries : cable,zerom,chenave,ravy And sudlerezy 2)What makes them interesting: sailing,irrigation,city,markets 3)Their effect : environment pollution, modernization

    7. Tributaries and dams

    8. Major cities of the river

    9. River and people

    10. Pollution of river 1)To what extent is it polluted? : factory wastes,dumestic wastes water 2)How do you know?: dischangingwaste water 3)Effect of pollution to animal : mercury poisoning 4)Effect of pollution to people : mercury poisoning 5)Reason of the causing pollution :factory wastes, domestic wastes water

    11. Unique feature of the river 1) It was the background of warfare 2) It is in the subtropical belt 3) It has large difference of water quantity 4) It has large amount of sedimentation 5) It is center of industrial energy, so Pakistan really want to develop this region 6) It has lots of tributary(5 tributari in one river)

    12. The source of information • (the Korean site : I searched this information in Korea and my sister translate it)