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Chosen P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

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Chosen P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. By: Rebecca Ercolino. What is it? T his novel is about a teen-age girl who was a normal human, who then was marked and is now preparing to become a vampire. Attribute: It is about normal human beings that change into vampires and have a special mark.

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What is it?

This novelis about a teen-age girl who was a normal human, who then was marked and is now preparing to become a vampire.

Attribute:It is about normal human beings that change into vampires and have a special mark.

Attribute: The main character is cheating on her human and vampire boyfriend with an adult vampire, lying to all her friends and hanging out with Aphrodite, who they “hate.”

Title: Chosen

What is your book’s genre?

Fantasy , Drama, and Mystery

Attribute: This novel is a mystery because the adult vampires are getting murdered and Stevie Ray wasn’t really dead.


Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Example: Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Attribute:It’s fantasy because it’s about normal teenagers turning into vampires.

“Even though it had been two months since I’d been Marked to become a vampyre the, the sapphire-colored crescent-moon tattoo between my eyes and the elaborate filigree of interlocking lacework tattoos that framed my face still had the ability to surprise me.” (2).

“Okay, vamps have the ability to move silently and to create a kind of bubble of invisibility around them. Fledglings also have this ability. It’s just not as complete. Being as I’m a weirdly gifted fledgling, I can move around fairly well and not be seen by anyone who might be gawking around at 3a.m. ” (121).

“I blinked, not really understanding, then I gasped. I’d been so busy looking into her eyes, so busy seeing the old Stevie Rae, that I hadn't noticed the obvious. The crescent moon that rested in the middle of her forehead had been filled in. A beautiful pattern of tattoos made of swirling flowers with long, graceful stems all twined together framed her eyes and stretched down her cheekbones. ” (290).


Attribute: this book is mystery because the vamps are getting murdered and Stevie Rae is dead/undead .

“I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean she had agreed to meet me tomorrow and she hadn't tried to bite me. Which was a plus. Of coarse the whole trying-to eat-the –street-person was highly disturbing, as was the totally gross way she looked and smelled. But underneath all of that hateful crazy undead girl exterior I swear I could still sense my Stevie Rae, my best friend.” (49).

“It’s Professor Nalan,” I said, and wondered at how clear and strong my voice sounded when I felt like my body was being shaken into little pieces. “She's out by the trapdoor in the eastern wall. Someone killer her.” (152).

“Neferet stepped away from the microphone and leaned down so that he could whisper to her the news. When he was finished she stood up very straight, almost as if she was holding herself so rigid because she was in terrible pain. Then she swayed and clutched her throat with one hand. Dragon stepped up beside her to steady her, but the priestess shook off his help. Slowly she returned to the microphone and in a voice like death she said, “ the body of Loren Blake, our beloved Vampyre Poet Laureate, has just been found nailed to our front gate.” (301).

evaluation i s chosen a good example of fantasy drama and mystery
EVALUATION: Is chosen a good example of fantasy, drama and mystery.
  • P.c. Cast and Kristen Cast did an amazing job with showing fantasy, drama, and mystery in this book. This book includes vampires, undead dead kids, the main character lying and cheating and the killings of two of the adult vamps. This is a good example of these three genres because fantasy is something that you want but you can never really have like being a vampire. Drama because the main character makes drama. She has three boyfriends and loses her virginity to the teacher and no one knows she is dating him. Mystery, because someone is killing the adult vamps and hanging them on the walls of the campus. There is also these dead undead kids, they were supposed to be killed because there body refused to change and be a vampire even if you are mentally ready to be changed you can still “die” if your body refuses it. Then they are given a poison to make there death fast and painless come to think of it they aren't really dead, well fully and no one knows about it but Neferet, Aphrodite and Zoey. This is why the book chosen is a good example of fantasy, drama, and mystery. It has all you need in it to imagine your life like that, while your reading it of coarse.