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Valentines Chocolate Gifts

A Chocolate-ninja.com provides you one of the widest collection of chocolate, chocolate gift baskets, cookies to celebrate this valentine along with your sweet hearts to share your feelings.

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Valentines Chocolate Gifts

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  1. Valentine’s Day Facts Welcome to Valentine’s Day facts. As Valentine’s Day comes once more, with Flowers, Chocolates and Gifts let’s take a look the secrets of this day. Know all about the facts that tell the story behind the Valentine’s Day. Know what Valentine symbols hold for us. So on this Valentine’s Day as your heart reaches out to your sweetheart, let this old but valuable trivia help you select the perfect gift for your darling. Come let’s take a tour on the best facts on Valentine’s Day and know all the why, where, when and how’s related to the Valentine’s Day.

  2. Valentine’s Day Facts Valentine's day and Mother's day are the two biggest occasions on which flowers are given. Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine. In Finland Valentine's Day is called Ystävänpäivä which translates into "Friend's day". In Slovenia, a proverb says that "St Valentine brings the keys of roots", so on February 14, plants and flowers start to grow. In some Latin American countries Valentine's Day is known as "Día del Amor y la Amistad" (Day of Love and Friendship)

  3. Valentine’s Flowers Valentine’s Day Flowers has a special and distinctive character because it is charming and romance. The flowers through centuries have been able to speak better than human; it suggests love, joy and tranquility in any person’s heart.

  4. Valentine’s Chocolates Valentine's Day is many things to different people- a chance to start new relationships, rekindle old ones, or remind that special someone how wonderful they really are. Others feel it is just another "Hallmark" holiday where they are expected to do something for unknown reasons. Regardless of your hopes, expectations, or reservations about Valentine's Day, chocolate has long been a favorite gift for lovers.

  5. Valentine’s Gift Baskets A nice gift basket will definitely bring a cute and big smile on your partner's face and in return you will just feel out of the world. The main thing to keep in mind is that the Valentines Day gift Basket should be stuffed with perfect and reserving gifts that can set the day on fire. It helps in bringing a sentimental smile on the receivers face.

  6. Valentine’s Candy Bouquets A candy bouquet is a various, eye-catching, delicious gift option for anyonefrom baby to senior. Valentines Day іѕ just around the corner andwhat better gift to givethen a candy bouquet. Some factors tothink of in giving a candy bouquet gift isthe enjoyment, satisfaction, andmeaning of the gift.

  7. Valentine’s Stuffed Animals We have an animated plush for just about anyone special in your life and for Valentine's Day. Any of these plush make great gifts for special occasions or just to show someone that you are thinking of them. Best part is that they are inexpensive gifts but they will sure make a lasting I impression. Let one of these great unique gifts tell that special someone how much you care about them.

  8. Valentine’s lollipop Candies Valentines Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what delectable sweets you’re going to give your sweetheart. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for your significant other or creative Valentine’s for children.

  9. Valentine’s Personalized Gifts Whether he’s a culture vulture, wine connoisseur or the sentimental type, we promise we’ll have something to cater to his tastes. Woo him with a personalized scroll or wow him with engraved silver cufflinks…

  10. Top Valentine’s Gifts Flowers & Chocolates Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for fresh flower sales, accounting for 40% of holiday dollar volume. Total Spent: $ 2.0 billion Candy More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day. Total Spent: $ 1.5 billion

  11. Top Valentine’s Gifts Wine Chocolates The survey found that this year people plan to spend more than ever on Wine Chocolates. Total Spent: $ 4.1 billion Special Evening Out On Valentine’s Day, Couples spend the second most amount of money on romantic dinners. Total Spent: $ 3.5 billion

  12. How much men will spend The average man plans to spend $ 168.75 71% of men will purchase flowers for their spouse. 68% of men age 50+ say they prefer receiving chocolate over flowers.

  13. How much women will spend The Average women plans to spend $ 85.75 36% of women will purchase flowers for their spouse. 50% of women will likely give a gift of chocolate to a guy.

  14. Consumers plan to spend $ 25.25 On children, parents or other family members $ 6.92 On friends $ 4.52 On pets

  15. Where peoples are shopping • 37% Discount stores • 33.6% Department stores • 19.3% Online retailer • 17.8% Chocolate shop • 10.6% Candy stores • 20.2% Specialty stores

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