the king cobra snake l.
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The King Cobra Snake

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The King Cobra Snake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The King Cobra Snake. By Jamie Guggenheim.

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the king cobra snake

The King Cobra Snake

By Jamie Guggenheim

SSSSSS it slithers on its stomach and it’s as quiet as a mouse but it slithers through the forest so quietly. The animal that is so quiet and sssss it is a King Cobra! Did you know king Cobra attacks its prey by putting venom on it to make it stay still and not move?

The King Cobra is mainly found southeast Asia in the forest. Sometimes he is found in northern India in the forest. He is found in highland forest in the root hills of the Himalayas. The Cobra is also found on farm land. The Bamboo provides Cobras with shelter and a nest area with hunting ground. The cobra is not common across South and Southeast Asia.

king cobras food
King Cobras Food

The King Cobra eats snakes and lizards and it also eats reptiles. He flicks his tongue out and in. The King Cobra poisons the snack until it cant move. The King Cobra opens it mouth wide so it can gobbles up the snake to eat.

the king cobra s adaptations
The King Cobra’s Adaptations

The King Cobra moves quickly through vegetation to catch its prey. He use its tongue and smell to hunt. The King Cobra skin is olive green.


As the King Cobra crawls through the forest hunting for its prey. As you look carefully you will be able to see him slithering so fast. Now you should be able to see him after I gave you all those cool facts about the King Cobra!

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