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Real Housewives

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Real Housewives .

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Presentation Transcript

My aim is to produce a 10 minute documentary which shows the real life of ‘Housewife’s’ in 21st century Britain. With most programs on TV these days romanticising and idealising the housewife status I want to show the real situation that the majority of housewife’s find themselves in. To do this I’m going to shadow three housewives and show a little snippet of their daily life.

The documentary will be set in the housewives houses and it will show the tasks she undertakes throughout the day from getting the kids ready for school, going to work, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, making the food and walking the dog etc.


The first housewife I will look at is mum of three Alex Saunders who is in her mid 40’s. She is a typical stay at home housewife, who regularly refers to having to stay at home doing the cleaning and cooking like being in a prison.

My second housewife Yvonne Ball, now in her mid 50’s she’s gone from bringing up her own two sons, who have both moved out, to looking after her grandkids and husband. Her husband is retired so she has to go out to work doing mobile hairdressing to be able to pay the bills.

My third housewife is Elizabeth Stone. She’s the youngest of the three, in her 30’s, and has two small children, one three and the other 6 months old. She has had to give up work to be able to stay at home and look after the children. She’s gone on to set up her own cake making business so she can work from home which gives her something to do and to work at.

running order
Running Order

Scene 1

Introduction into the stereotype of a housewife by using stock footage and a voice over.

Scene 2

Introduction of the first wife. The scene starts off with an establishing shot of the area she lives in. Then there's a cut to the house to set the scene and gives the viewer first impressions of the wife. It also helps to reinforce my point about real housewives not living this glamorous lifestyle. A close up of wife is then used with stats along side showing Name, number of kids, occupation.

Scene 3

Cut to internal general shots of the wife going about her everyday activities. Then the first clip of sat down interview with first wife. Followed by more general shots. Then final bit of the sat down interview.

Scene 4

Cut to an establishing shot of second location (Kirby Muxloe) with a voiceover introducing this. Establishing shot of house. Cut to wife standing outside the house with stats coming up on screen (typing sound as writing appears)

Scene 5

Getting to know wife number two, again a mix of interviews, general shots following her around and interviews.


Scene 6

Introduce the third wife with shots of the area she lives in and shots of her house. Stats of the wife pop up on screen accompanied by a medium shot of the wife.

Scene 7

General shots inside the house of the housewife going about day to day activities, broken up by bits of interview.

Scene 8

final montage of all three housewives , with a closing statement from one of the housewives with the song ‘I am woman’ playing over the top to close the documentary.

Scene 9