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Outsider Identity!. Today’s Objectives: *Understand theme of identity *Determine difference between individuality and group identity. Monday BW- “Tuff Time” journal.

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Outsider identity

Outsider Identity!

Today’s Objectives:

*Understand theme of identity

*Determine difference between individuality and group identity

Monday bw tuff time journal
Monday BW- “Tuff Time” journal

Write about your personal identity and the group of friends you identify with. Are you a son/daughter? A student? A friend? Basically, who are you and what are you?

Student Leader: Please pass out Early Finisher Packets.

All students are to put this in your binder RINGS for your early finisher activities.

Today s objective
Today’s Objective

  • Identify the theme of the Outsiders, identity.

  • Determine the difference between individuality and group identity.

Relate to the text individuality vs group identity
~Relate to the text~Individuality vs. Group Identity

  • Both the _________ and the ___________ sacrifice their individuality to the styles and sentiments of their groups. Greasers, for example, wear their hair long and oiled, and share a common hostility toward the Socs.

  • At the start of the novel, Ponyboyis a dedicated greaser even though he knows that certain aspects of his personality make him different from the rest of the gang. The gang provides him with too great of a sense of safety and strength to even consider life outside of it. But the events surrounding Bob's death cause Ponyboy to think more deeply about who he wants to be, and his conversations with Johnny, Cherry, and Randy lead him to reflect on the path his life is taking. He begins to question the reasons for conflict between Socs and greasers, and he thinks hard about the decision to participate in the rumble. Ponyboy's willingness to enter friendships with Socs signals the development of a distinct personal identity, one that includes association with the greasers but excludes

First let s define jot your thoughts to discuss in a minute
First, let’s define. Jot your thoughts to discuss in a minute.

Think about these definitions:

  • Identity- Personal characteristics which make you an individual, your unique personality

  • Class- people grouped according to like characteristics.

  • Race- people united based on a common history , nationality, or geographic location

Jot thoughts on a poster 10 minutes
“Jot Thoughts” on a Poster- 10 minutes

  • Form 3 groups and separate quickly and quietly to either the back of the room, by the window, or by the front computers.

  • Assign one writer, whisper ideas to each other and the writer records them on your poster. We will hang these up in the room.

  • Back group- What does “individuality” mean to you?

  • Window group- Describe a “clique.”

  • Front computers group- Describe a “gang.”

Back to seats
Back to seats

  • Discuss with your partner:

    What makes you unique?

    (sport activity you participate in,

    musical instruments)

Pass out 6 facets and rubric
Pass out 6 Facets and Rubric

  • So, are you ready to earn an “A” this week???

  • An “A” will be assigned to projects that:

  • -are related to text and identity

  • -Show a great deal of effort

  • -Show a great deal of creativity

  • -have an oral presentation portion or record a video using the flipcam

6 facets you vs who
6 Facets – You vs Who?

  • Explanation- Use PPT to create an iPhone message to help younger students understand what is meant by individuality. Use PPT on computer!

  • Discuss- What does the acceptance if individuals say about modern society?

  • Perspective-Write a newscast to compare/contrast Greasers to Socs.

    See folder for handout!

  • Reflect- Do you believe being a part of a group is ever a good thing? Do you feel that you are more individualistic or do you feel the need to belong to a group? How might you be an individual while being in a group?

  • Imagine- S.E. Hinton was so bothered by the social issues of the 1960s that she doesn’t even share her first name giving away her gender. How might it have felt for S.E. Hinton to be a lady during a time period where she saw so many social issues?

  • Application- Create a skit based on an event from The Outsiders that shows a character having difficulties in the face of identity, groups, or cliques. See Folder for handout!

Flipcam videos
Flipcam Videos

  • Take care of the camera. Be responsible and respectful.

  • If you would like to create a flipcam video, you need to do the Perspective (Newscast) or Application (Skit).

  • We will film on Wednesday in the library.

  • You need to do the project AND make yourself cue cards so you know what to say when the camera is on.

  • Homework- “Tuff Time” Write a one page journal about an event that has impacted your life.

Early Finishers: Achieve3000, Links on our class website, Vocabulary Flipbook, Silent Reading, Silent Writing

Tuesday bw tuff time journal
Tuesday BW- “Tuff Time” journal

  • Finish the following statements.

  • The best thing about me is…..

  • The worst thing about me is….

  • Share why you chose those best things and worst things with a partner.

Today s objective1
Today’s Objective

  • I can distinguish the difference between belonging to a group and holding my own identity.

  • I can use context clues to figure out word meanings. (Teacher conference)

6 facets project

Special Early Finisher Activity- Create the crossword

Puzzle for Thurs HW

6 Facets Project

  • 6 Facets Project

  • Teacher conferences-

  • vocabulary and edit writing, so bring your writing folder when you come to see me.


    **Have your vocabulary cards ready to use for the last 15 minutes of class. We will do an inside outside circle activity on ch. 9 vocabulary. ---Student leader please tell us when it is 15 minutes until the bell rings! (Thank you!)

Early Finishers: Achieve3000, Links on our class website, Vocabulary Flipbook, Silent Reading, Silent Writing

2 nd period
2nd Period

  • Objective-

  • I can explore self-identity and enhance self-esteem.

  • I can explore and write about Ponyboy’s identity through biography.

Ponyboy biography

  • Click on Ponyboy above for a quick clip!

  • Partners or individuals will write a biography poem on loose-leaf, write name on edit board, swap and edit another group’s poem. When you get yours back, rewrite it with marker on a poster, and hang on wall. Tip: Look through the book to find your favorite Ponyboy quotes or events.

  • We will conduct a gallery walk so that we can view each other’s work. Group’s can share why they chose the ideas for lines 4 through 10.


  • Homework- Write a name identity poem for Ponyboy.

Early Finishers: Achieve3000, Links on our class website, Vocabulary Flipbook, Silent Reading, Silent Writing

Wednesday no bw
Wednesday- No BW

  • 1st period- Library to check in/out books, Achieve 3000, and film any newscasts or skits.

  • Bring passwords, flip cams, and cue cards for filming

2 nd pd bw tuff time journal
2nd Pd BW- “Tuff Time” journal

  • How is each member of your family, including yourself, unique and different? How do these differences contribute to a stronger family? How does your family influence you?

  • Discuss Ponyboy Name Identity Poems- what does it say about him?

  • Anyone want to present their poem?

Today s objective2
Today’s Objective-

  • I can demonstrate understanding of word meaning.

1. Vocabulary Quiz, Quiz, Trade

  • Quiz a partner, get quizzed by a partner, then trade cards.

    2. Stations:

  • Teacher conferences-edit writing

  • Achieve3000

  • 6 Facets

    Homework- Choose a famous person who you feel shares a similar identity has the same values as you. Jot down those values and write a paragraph explaining why the two of you have a similar identity.

Early Finishers: Achieve3000, Links on our class website, Vocabulary Flipbook, Silent Reading, Silent Writing

Thursday bw language game
Thursday BWLanguage Game

  • Guess the meaning of 1960s language terms

  • A Gas _______________________

  • All show and no go ______________

  • Bad ______________________

  • Bag ______________________

  • Cruising ___________________

  • Deuce _____________________

  • Dude ______________________

  • Pad ________________________

Today s objective3
Today’s Objective-

  • I can participate in a discussion by referring to my finding using descriptions, facts, details, and examples.

Jigsaw activity
Jigsaw Activity-

  • After working with your Facets, meet in cooperative “Jigsaw Groups” to share and hear from other students who worked with different Facets.

Early Finishers: Achieve3000, Links on our class website, Vocabulary Flipbook, Silent Reading, Silent Writing


  • Chapter Review Crossword Puzzle

Friday no bw
Friday- NO BW

  • Today’s Objective- I can analyze main idea/supporting details in information presented in diverse formats.

  • 1st Pd- Students will watch flipcam videos to determine main idea/supporting details in information presented. Students will discuss why they chose this skit and why characters may have reacted in certain ways. Influence of each family in the skit?