computer mediated communication
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Computer-Mediated Communication

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Computer-Mediated Communication. Social Presentation and Perception . Forums are go!. Wiki is ready for you to feed it!.

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computer mediated communication

Computer-Mediated Communication

Social Presentation and Perception

forums are go
Forums are go!

Computer-Mediated Communication

wiki is ready for you to feed it
Wiki is ready for you to feed it!
  • Post your name and at least one or two ideas for a final project– does not have to be fully formed…just express your interest(s).
  • Post your name under someone else’s idea if you share a similar interest and would like to chat about forming a group.
  • All groups will ultimately need a single team leader. It is important at this stage to express if you have an interest in that role.

Computer-Mediated Communication

a brief introduction to symbolic interaction
A Brief Introduction to Symbolic Interaction

“The character of interaction as it takes place between human beings”

Herbert Blumer (1900-1987) developed much of the sociological approach to SI

Long history of development in both philosophy and sociology

Computer-Mediated Communication

core features of si
Core Features of SI



Computer-Mediated Communication

core features of si1
Core Features of SI



However: note the focus on the micro-level

Computer-Mediated Communication

goffman s approach and focus
Goffman’s Approach and Focus

How individuals create and maintain their ‘social self’

Dramaturgical Approach: A metaphor

Computer-Mediated Communication

frontstage and backstage
Frontstage and Backstage

Computer-Mediated Communication

expressions given and given off
Expressions Given and Given Off

Goffman’s discusses two types of expressions:

‘given’ (intentional)

‘given off’ (unintentional)

Computer-Mediated Communication

other key concepts in goffman s work
Other Key Concepts in Goffman’s Work


“Definition of the Situation”

“Impression Management”

Computer-Mediated Communication

meaning through contradiction
Meaning through Contradiction?
  • When individuals act in a way that is inconsistent with expected behavior, several things happen (for the ‘performer’ and the ‘audience’).
  • In many ways, the study of social “roles” allows us to understand such expectations as they are continually interpreted.

Computer-Mediated Communication

social order through interaction
Social Order through Interaction?

Goffman argues that social order can be an outcome of our symbolic interactions…

Examples of how this might occur in CMC situations?

Computer-Mediated Communication

  • Assessment signals
    • Handicap (costly) signals
    • Index signals
  • Conventional signals
  • How do people send and receive them?
    • At a bar, on IM, in online dating?
    • Cost of signaling, cost of assessing

Computer-Mediated Communication

costs and benefits for sender
Costs and benefits for sender
  • Costs
    • Production
      • Efficacy costs
      • Strategic costs
    • Risk
    • Punishment
  • Benefits
    • Signaling: Changing observer’s beliefs
    • Functional: Hedonic and utilitarian

Computer-Mediated Communication

costs and benefits for receiver
Costs and benefits for receiver
  • Costs
    • Assessment
    • Being deceived by a dishonest signal
  • Benefits
    • Signaling: Learning about the sender
    • Functional: Again, hedonic and utilitarian

Computer-Mediated Communication

What are the important differences between signaling online and offline?

Computer-Mediated Communication

what is deception
What is “deception”?

How can we resolve the tension between “playful” and “literal” use of CMC?

Computer-Mediated Communication

how would you conceptualize goffman s idea of setting in cmc interactions
How would you conceptualize Goffman’s idea of “setting” in CMC interactions?

Computer-Mediated Communication


The architects of a virtual space — from the software designers to the site administrators — shape the community in a more profound way than do their real-world counterpart. People eat, sleep, and work in buildings; the buildings affect how happily they do these things. But the buildings do not completely control their perception of the world. In the electronic domain, the design of the environment is everything.

Computer-Mediated Communication

just for fun
Just for fun
  • Passport to the Pub: A guide to British pub etiquette
  • Guide to Flirting

Both from Social Issues Research Centre.

Computer-Mediated Communication