why do you need to have car detailing n.
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Why you need car detailing? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why you need car detailing?

Why you need car detailing?

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Why you need car detailing?

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  1. Why do you need to have Car Detailing? Why do you need to have Car Detailing? This article could have been directly started with “Why do you need to have Car detailing…” but beforegoing a little further, do you know that car detailing and car wash are not the same? Where car wash is just washing and vacuuming, car detailing involves thorough cleaning of every area of your vehicle and then reconditioned. Detailing your vehicle not only improves the lifetime of your car, it enhances the beauty. We at “Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa” offer you detailing services at your doorstep. We service your vehicles at your home or office, in your very own driveway. No need to make trips to the car wash and wait on very long lines to get serviced. No need for water. No need for electric. We’ve got you covered. “Why go Anywhere Else, When We Can Come to You”! Let us start our topic now. Why do you need your car detailed? Because, your car told me it needs it. Don’t believe so? You will believe after reading the content below for just 30 seconds. This is going to be interesting.

  2. Get yourself the best beauty treatment and take a selfie. Ride your bicycle for a month to work. Wear the same clothing every day. Do not wear a helmet or sunglasses. Do not apply sunscreen. Do not take a shower untilthe 30th day. Would you look same on day 31? Don’t kid yourself - you won’t! You will need to recondition yourself, because weathering will affect your skin, hair and clothing just to mention a few. Similarly, cars, motorcycles and boats are meant to be ridden. They cannot stay in the garage forever. The elements affect them, you must notice the weathering. In factcar paints are enamel based coating that loses its finish under direct sunlight. A car needs to be wax coated three to four times a year depending on its exposure to sun, rain and snow. How often you wash, wax and polish your vehicle will protect its finish from oxidation and contamination. We at “Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa” understand that a car needs more than just washing. Detailing a car works the same way a cream does to a face. The following paragraph describes exactly what depletes the beauty of a car, and what we do to recondition it.

  3. Undervalued Car? Here are the “Reasons” 1.Dust is the most harmful substance for a car, dust particles brush throughout a moving car very finely through passing time. This does not make visible scratches to your car, however the car loses its shine and luster. If you look very closely you will see micro scratches on the surface of the car. Just like you would see wrinkles on your face. 2.Ultra Violet rays are harmful! That’s a proven fact. Direct sunlight damages the paint of a car, a red paintjob tends to fade quicker than any other color under sunlight, other colors also fade but red fades remarkably quicker. The sun’s ray is polychromatic. This mean it consists of all visible and non-visible color. “Red” color components react by absorbing the “Blue” ray, blue ray or UV ray has shorter wave, hence higher energy. That makes red color molecules degrade quickly. If you ever witness a rainbow’s color spectrum, observe the fact that red is completely on the opposite end of blue. 3.Beware! Water damages your car, while dust and UV rays are limited to a car’s paintjob, water damages the bodyline, if a car has some small scratches or a deep dent, water molecules will surely get into there and will increase the oxidation of the bodyline up to 10 times faster. Cars will start to rust in 1 year instead of 10. The chassis is the backbone of your vehicle. If ignored completely by the owner, water can easily degrade the chassis quality. (Heavy road vehicle breaks into pieces when water wear and tear their chassis line.)Then you have hard watermarks that come from sprinkler systems. Hard water is when the water contains a high amount of iron. Allowing this water to dry on your vehicle produces a water ring that won’t come off with soap and water. Depending on the combination of how long the stain has been there, and or how much sun exposure determines which process is needed to remove the stain. Your vehicle then may end up needing an acid wash or a process called wet sanding.These can services can be very costly due to the length of time and product used to correct it. We of at Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa offer these services as well. The point is trying to avoid having to take such measures in the first place. 4.Now here comes the serious things that can deterioate your vehicles paint. Bird poop, vomit, tree sap and eggs. All of these if not removed from the cars paint coat in a timely matter can cause perminate damage. In many cases, if left for a prolonged period of time it can penetrate the clear coat and is now a perminate addition to your vehicle, unless you get a paint job. If caught in time we at Detail Finish Mobile Car Spacan fix these problems before they become a real issue. Whether it’s a weekly washing, bi monthly waxing or monthly detailing we can help you avoid future damage. 5.Then come the people that call themselves detailers but have no clue what to do and end up causing more harm than good. Knowing what to do with products and how to use them is very important,let me rephrase that its EXTREMLY important. Every paint job imperfection whether it be a scuff mark, a clear coat scratch to swirl marks require different products, differentsteps and different machinery. Also, the products and steps can change from model to model. In my

  4. experience, there are certain products that work better on Mercedes then on BMW, the same happens between Porsche and Ferrari. Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa keeps up with all the products that hit the market and test them prior to introducing them to our clients. If the first words out of a detailer’s mouth are that we have to compound the car RUN. There are so many products on the market that can do the job without resorting to one of the harshest methods. When a car is compounded a layer of the paints clear coat is removed now increasing the paints vulnerability. Products that we use while detailing your vehicle are among the world’s top brands, Menzerna, 3M, Mothers, Nanoskin, Meguiars, Malco, Auto Glyme arejust some, each brand has its reputation and is specialized in one or more areas of the detailing process, from fine lines to visible scratches, wax coat, paint sealers, ceramic coatings, leather and plastic conditioning to chrome polishing – we cover every inch of your vehicle. Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa just doesn’t meet your detailing needs at your home or office we also do window tinting, car wraps and installations, Remote Starts, Reverse Cameras and sensors, LED Lighting, security systems, radio installation, GPS Tracking and so much more and again at your home or office. No other company in the market offers all of those services at the mobile level.Especially in the Hamptons we cover Car Detailing Services East Hampton 11937, Car Wash Hampton 11937, Mobile Car Detailer Sag Harbor 11963, Water Spot Remover For Cars Noyack, Best Car Detailer Bridgehampton 11932, Wainsscott, Amagansett, Classic Car Wash Sagaponack 11962, Professional Car Cleaning North Haven, Watermill, Montauk, and Southampton and many other towns in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

  5. Lastly! Please “DON’T DO IT YOURSELF “ Keep in mind that car detailing is not car washing. and please! Do not “Do It Yourself”. Detailing involves the use of many different chemicals and machines each of which servesdifferent purposes. Although being standbyer one may think it looks simple but it’s not a true detailer knows what product to use depending on the circumstance, which pad whether it be smooth to coarse, and the right machine whether it be high speed or orbital. One missed or skipped step, or excess pressure applied can damage the paint quicker than what you thought sometimes to the point where itsirreversible. So, the only “Do It Yourself” you should do is choose the best of the best and that’s Detail Finish Mobile Car Spa.