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Chinooks. Mya McGhee, Princess Smith , and Kyi Friendly. Chinook Homes.

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Mya McGhee, Princess Smith, and Kyi Friendly

chinook homes
Chinook Homes

The Chinook Indians are original people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The Chinooks relatives of the Clatsop Tribe lived in the northwest along the banks of the Columbian River, and the coast of the Pacific Ocean . The Chinooks were superb canoe builders , navigators skillful fisherman, traders , and planters. They lived in large wooden plank houses ,and slept on reed mats over raised boards.

chinook indians clothing
Chinook Indians clothing

Tribes of the coast wore very little clothing except when it was cold . Many items of the clothing were made from cedar bark , and helped shield people from rain and wind . Necklaces made of beaver teeth , bear claws , and bits of albacore were popular .

Albacore was also symbolized.

chinook language
Chinook language

In the 1800’s ,there were over a hundred different dialect spoken in the Pacific Northwest ,Chinook was one their languages ( Old Chinook) was spoken by the people living along the Columbian River.

chinook past times

Chinook past times

Chinook Indians did lots of things during their past times . The women gathered at a long rectangular house and talked to other women .The men went out fishing , haunting , and they sometimes gathered with other men , and had conversations . The children often meet with other kids and played al sorts of fun Indian games.

chinook weapons
Chinook weapons

The Chinook Indians have a long history of making their own tools . Some tools they made were the bow and arrow , handmade knives , and spears.

chinook food
The Chinook Indians use to eat lots of food. They haunted food like Wapato (a small potato) ,huckleberries, and salmon.Chinook food
chinook jobs
Chinook jobs

The women's jobs were to cook , clean and teach. The men’s jobs were to haunt ,and sometimes help clean. The children's jobs were to clean , and sometimes haunt .

chinooks religion
Chinooks religion

The Chinooks said their god was Neahkanie . They said that long ago he gave a helpless man legs and feet . They said that he ruled the whole world. When he died it brought great hurt to their people.