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Women in the Visual Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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Women in the Visual Arts

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Women in the Visual Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women in the Visual Arts. Mrs. Moore Drawing and Painting 2014. Big Ideas. Women have played an undervalued role in the Visual Arts. The study of art history is biased in its view of what is important enough to be studied.

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Women in the Visual Arts

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    1. Women in the Visual Arts Mrs. Moore Drawing and Painting 2014

    2. Big Ideas • Women have played an undervalued role in the Visual Arts. • The study of art history is biased in its view of what is important enough to be studied. • The female perspective in art holds information that the male perspective does not.

    3. How does it affect me? • Knowledge of different perspectives • Historical outlook • Recognition of the “why”

    4. Quick Talk • Pair up with another student. Spend the next 5 minutes discussing what you know about female artists. Some suggestions for discussion: • What female artists have you heard of before? Write down their names. • What have you learned about women in history before this class? • Do you think art is/was easier for women to have a career in than another profession? Why?

    5. Through the Centuries • Female artists have existed for as long as male artists have. • Traditionally, women painted portraits and were often associated with religious groups such as convents. • Craft vs. Fine Art • Renaissance saw growth of women in the arts • Social restrictions on women made it harder for women to be as successful in the art world as men – but women were still able to become artists fairly easily. • Restrictions on what they could paint / draw

    6. 16th Century Artists • Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) • Italian Renaissance painter • First woman artist outside of the religious sphere • Painted noblewomen • Eventually painted in the court of Pope Paul V Portrait of a Noblewoman, ca. 1580

    7. 16th Century Artists • Others include: LevinaTeerlinc SofonisbaAguissola Queen Elizabeth I of England, ca.1565 Self-Portrait, 1556

    8. 17th Century Artists • Clara Peeters (1594 ~ 1657) • Flemish painter • Started painting at the age of 14 • Little known of her life as an artist • Known for her still–life paintings Clara Peeters, Still Life of Fish and Cat, after 1620.

    9. 17th Century Artists • Others include: ElisabettaSirani Judith Leyster The Concert, ca. 1633. Self Portrait, 1660.

    10. A Balancing Act : 16th and 17th Century Female Artists

    11. Quick Talk • Based on what we’ve briefly covered about the Renaissance, what do you think the next step would be for women in the visual arts?

    12. 18th Century Artists • Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744-1818) • Part of the Academie Royale at age 26 – that means she was part of the Royal painting group in France before the age of 30! • Painter to Marie Antoinette • Her career suffered due to her affiliation with Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution Madame de Saint-Huberty in the Role of Dido, 1785

    13. 18th Century Artists • Others include: Marie-Geneviève Navarre Angelica Kauffman Portrait of a Young Woman, 1774 The Family of the Earl of Gower, 1772

    14. 19th Century Artists • Rosa Bonheur (1822 – 1899) • Father was an artist • Known for her animal paintings • Early feminist Weaning the Calves, 1879

    15. 19th Century Artists • Others include: Mary Cassatt Jennie Augusta Brownscombe The Bath, 1891 Love’s Young Dream, 1887

    16. Quick Talk • What do you notice about the paintings made by women during the 19th century? • What can you conclude from these observations?

    17. 20th Century Artists • Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) • Important abstract artist • Utilized simplified forms in her work • Painted flowers and scenes of the Southwest Red Poppy, 1927

    18. Georgia O’Keeffe: Her Own Words Georgia O'Keeffe, Ram's Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills,1935

    19. 20th Century Artists • Others include: Frida Kahlo Lois Mailou Jones Self-Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky, 1937 Ode to Kinshasa, 1972

    20. “We get used to a certain kind of color or form or format, and it's acceptable. And to puncture that is sticking your neck out a bit. And then pretty soon, that's very acceptable.” -Lee Krasner

    21. Quick Talk • With your partner, spend the next 10 minutes discussing some interesting points from the presentation. Consider the following: • What artists did you like? • What did you recognize about their work? • What kinds of things did you see most of the female artists painting? • Are you interested in a particular time period?Why? • What do you think the quote from Lee Krasner means in regards to female artists?

    22. Socrative Quiz • Take the next 5 minutes to complete the Socratic Quiz handout. Please turn this handout in when you are exiting the classroom.

    23. References • "Collection Highlights." NWA.org. National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2012. Web. 27 July 2014. <http://nmwa.org>. • "Book Arts: Julie Chen." craftinamerica.org. Craft in America, 2007. Web. 27 July 2014. http://www.craftinamerica.org/artists_paper/ • Georgia O'Keeffe talking about life/work. Narr. Georgia O'Keeffe. Youtube, 1977. Web. 27 July 2014. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v71awD38Qy4>.