Organ Donor Registration Campaign
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Organ Donor Registration Campaign. Planning & Marketing Department. 2. Campaign Highlights Timeline: Dec. 1, 2012 – Jan. 31, 2013. Hartford Hospital developed an innovative public relations campaign to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation;

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Organ donor registration campaign

Organ Donor Registration Campaign

Planning & Marketing Department

Organ donor registration campaign


Campaign Highlights

Timeline: Dec. 1, 2012 – Jan. 31, 2013

  • Hartford Hospital developed an innovative public relations campaign to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation;

  • Successful partnership with with CT1 Media on a cross-platform campaign -- television, print, online and out-of-home that included the first-ever live television broadcast of the hospital’s annual gala (Black & Red )

  • Effective leveraging of social media as well as system relationships (Wellness at Westfarms) and the Connecticut Science Center to educateconsumers and engage new donors


Organ donor registration campaign


Campaign Goals

  • Reinforce the hospital’s mission to serve the community and advance health care in Connecticut and the region

  • Register 1,000 new organ donors by Jan. 31, 2013

  • Motivate HH and HHC employees to register to become organ donors and to motivate their friends and families to do the same

  • Educate consumers and providers on the critical need for organ donation and motivate them to become organ donors and to advocate for organ donation


Organ donor registration campaign

1,000new donors

Markets: Our Top Three Audiences

Our Staff,including Hartford Hospital and Hartford HealthCare employees

Consumers and Community Members, who may not be aware of the need for donors or have been influenced by the inaccurate myths and misconceptions surrounding organ and tissue donation

Healthcare providers,including physicians, nurses and mid-level who can help educate on the value and importance of organ donation


Organ donor registration campaign

Markets: Audience Insights

Opportunity in Connecticut

  • Connecticut’s donor designation share of individuals 18 and older is only 39% (50% is Donate Life’s goal for each state)

  • Roughly 20 percent of people over the age of 65 mistakenly think they are too old to donate an organ, while nearly 12 percent believe they are too old to receive one ***

  • Our goal is to raise awareness of the critical need for organ donors and help dispel myths regarding organ donation





  • * Donate Life America, National Donor Designation Report Card 2012 **International Journal of Health Services, Volume 38, Number 4, Pages 641–652, 2008 Insurance Status of U.S. Organ Donors and Transplant Recipients: The Uninsured Give, But Rarely Receive Herring, Woolhandler, and Himmelstein ***National Survey of Organ and Tissue Donation Attitudes and Behaviors, conducted by The Gallup Organization, 2005


Organ donor registration campaign

Markets: Audience Insights

Healthcare providersPCPs, OB-GYN, Nurses

Healthcare providers can play an integral role in increasing the number of organ donors

  • It is clear that promoting organ donation and altruistic behavior while encouraging action that is consistent with the patient’s worldview is an integral part of health promotion.

  • Ambulatory setting may be particularly well suited for discussions about organ donation because people under the age of 50, who comprise over a third of deceased organ donors, utilize ambulatory services at disproportionately high rates.*

  • *Thornton et al.

Two factors underlie the organ shortage: a limited pool of eligible donors and difficulty converting eligible donors into actual donors.


Organ donor registration campaign

Markets: Audience Insights

There is tremendous opportunity to engage tens of thousands of HH and HHC employees and their families and friends to become donors and to advocate for organ donation

Internal audiencesHospital and health system employees and their families and friends

  • Can help dispel some of the myths surrounding organ donation and hospitals such as “ If I am an organ donor, the hospital staff won’t work as hard to save my life so that they can use my organs”

  • Opportunity to target these internal audiences to both register themselves for organ donation and help educate and motivate their family members and friends to do the same


Organ donor registration campaign

Messaging: What We Will Say

  • Key talking points on organ donation

  • 18 people die every day waiting for a donor

  • There are more 110,000 people waiting for a donor

  • One donor can help up to 50 people

  • Organ donors give others a second chance; sharing donor and recipient stories

  • Organ donors are LIFE SAVERS. Hartford Hospital honors donors through flag raisings and more

LIFE SAVER: Doug ZimmermanDoug Zimmerman was a registered organ donor. After his death in 2010, his last act was to give the gift of sight and healing to others with the tissues he donated. Hartford Hospital honored Doug during a flag raising ceremony with his wife and parents on the day Doug passed away.

Donate Life.


Organ donor registration campaign

Methodology: Tactics

Surround target audience with clear messaging

and deliver strong CTA:


Live show with Fox TV

Television (Golden Globes)

Internal & external



Donor registration


Social Media


Landing Page

Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting in print with patient stories

  • Print:Strategically place Donate Life messaging in high readership publications with high frequency:

  • Hartford Courant – two weekly insertions from 12/2 to 1/27

  • Hartford Business Journal

  • Hartford Magazine

  • Life Publications


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting with consumers on-the-go

  • Out-of-Home Marketing:

  • Strategically place Donate Lifemessaging in heavily trafficked areas:

  • Billboard location on 84W in Hartford

  • Bus billboards on public city buses throughout Hartford from 12/23 through 1/31

  • Collateral and registration events at Westfarms Mall and Connecticut Science Center


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting with a media partner

  • Integrated Marketing with CT1 Media:

  • Vendor sponsorship of the Black & Red Gala provides increased visibility:

  • Additional print ads in the Hartford Courant and Hartford Magazine

  • 15-second PSAs on FOX CT

  • Online banner ads on,, and mobile sites for FOX CT and WCCT

  • Billboard on the Hart. Courant building for 18 days

  • Telethon broadcast from Black & Red Gala


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting where they connect

  • Social Media Community

  • Create an online community where donor stories can be shared from 12/30 to 1/27

  • Feature content specific to organ donation: success stories, stories of those waiting, myths associated with organ donation

  • Feature easily accessed links to allow registration


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting on the web

  • Engage users online to help reach our goal of 1,000 NEW organ donors

  • Drive traffic to a mobile-friendly campaign landing page featuring a clear call-to-action to register to become an organ donor

  • Geo-target specific characteristics & demographics via Facebook and online health content websites such as WebMD

  • Allows us to track registrations on a weekly basis in addition to web traffic and click through rates


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting with our employees

  • Special events, Facebook posts, onsite collateral, and more!

  • Engage both HH and HHC employees online, Rxtra, Network News, e-newsletters, special events and collateral to motivate them to become organ donors

  • Employee engagement tactics Facebook and other social media posts to share out


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting LIVE @ the Black & Red

  • Live event with Fox to benefit HH’s transplant program at the Black & Red featuring Earth, Wind & Fire

  • Create kiosks for guests to register to become organ donors on site (iPads)

  • Distribute green ribbons to attendees

  • Create take-aways to promote to share with family members and friends


Organ donor registration campaign

Connecting at the XL Center

  • UCONN Donate Life GameJan. 19, 2013 – 4 p.m. (XL Center)

  • Branded BecomeADonor and Hartford Hospital signage, T-shirts and collateral at game

  • Opportunity to register 300 organ donors

  • Distribute collateral driving attendees to

  • Engage attendees pre- and post- game via Facebook posts and donor community campaign


Organ donor registration campaign

Measures: Track, monitor and evaluate

  • Number of new organ donor registrants

  • Level of employee participation

  • Traffic to landing page

  • Social media engagement

  • Ratings for live show



Organ donor registration campaign

Final Results

New Organ Donors


  • Registered 1,240 new donors – 25% OVER the goal and nearly 10 times the amount of donors registered during the same time period in 2011-2012

  • Increased average reach of the Hartford Hospital Facebook page by 721% and created a record amount of interaction with the page including post comments and shares.

  • Increased “likes” of the Hartford Hospital Facebook page by 762 people

  • Over 2,000 visitors to landing page with 479 people “liking” the page via an integrated Facebook icon.