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Clubs Training 2013

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Clubs Training 2013. . . Outline of Training. Introduction Presentation: Accessibility & Inclusion by Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan (Accessibility Specialist, Office of Human Rights & Equity Services) Club Training Event Planning (EOHSS, Booking Space, Advertising)

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outline of training
Outline of Training
  • Introduction
  • Presentation: Accessibility & Inclusion by RaihannaHirji-Khalfan (Accessibility Specialist, Office of Human Rights & Equity Services)
  • Club Training
    • Event Planning (EOHSS, Booking Space, Advertising)
    • Club Offices, Lockers and Mailboxes
    • Budgets, Funding and Fundraising
    • McMaster Email Accounts and EOHSS PIN Codes
    • Club Executive Council
    • Serious stuff...
event planning
Event Planning
  • What is an “event”?
    • ANYTHING an MSU club does ON or OFF campus
      • You and your friends sitting, having coffee, talking about your club...NOT an event!
      • Executives and Members having a meeting, getting registrations, going somewhere, promoting, hosting...IS an event!
      • Clear distinction: are you doing this as YOU the person, or are you doing this as a CLUB. As a club? It is an event!
event approval
Event Approval
  • So, you want to host an event? What do you do? TWO steps:
  • Step 1: Get the event approved
    • EOHSS, Waivers, Bus Monitor Contracts, Film Showings
  • Step 2: Book space for the event
    • Conference & Event Services
    • McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) Administration
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Miscellaneous
    • Off-Campus?
step 1 approval eohss
Step 1: Approval & EOHSS
  • Before ANY “event” (remember the definition?) can be held ON or OFF campus – it MUST be approved by the Clubs Administrator and EOHSS!
  • Exceptions (there always is!): ANY meeting being held on the 2nd floor of the McMaster University Student Centre (all meeting rooms and clubspace). This is the ONLY exception!
  • WHY? Why do I have to have my event approved?
    • Ensures that event organizers are taking into account any risk associated with the event (planning a SAFE, INCLUSIVE and ACCESSIBLE event for all attending is HIGHEST priority)
    • Allows you to book space on campus (Why?!)
    • ...because of insurance and liability (coming up in the “serious stuff” section)
  • MUST READ: Student Event Risk Management Manual (
step 1 approval eohss cont d
Step 1: Approval & EOHSS (cont’d)
  • Waivers, Bus Monitor Contracts and Film Showings
  • Waivers
    • Waivers are required for specific events
      • Alcohol, Sports, Bus Trips, Social/Cultural Events
      • Organizers need to ensure that attendees complete the waivers.
      • Page 12 - 13 of Student Event Risk Management Manual
  • Bus Monitor Contracts
    • Any trip involving bus travel
    • Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) does NOT require Bus Monitor Contract
    • Must be submitted with EOHSS form
    • Page 14 of Student Event Risk Management Manual
  • Film Showings
    • If you want to show a movie on-campus, you must complete a “film showing form” – available at:
    • Must be submitted with EOHSS form
    • Choice of films available at:
how does eohss approve
How does EOHSS approve?
  • TWO Methods: Online and Paper
  • Online
    • Use your email address and your EOHSS PIN code to fill out online form and submit (attach bus monitor contracts and/or film showing forms)
    • Form gets approved by MSU Clubs Administrator and EOHSS risk management staff
    • Online form allows for back-and-forth between Approvers and Organizers, critiquing aspects and/or requesting changes (look for COMMENTS if form is not approved)
    • Once approved – event can proceed (book space on/off-campus)
how does eohss approve cont d
How does EOHSS approve (cont’d)
  • Paper
    • Pages 7 – 11 of Student Event Risk Management Manual
    • Fill out form
    • Submit to Clubs Administrator for signature
    • Submit to EOHSS (GH-304) for signature
    • Once approved, event can proceed (on/off-campus)
step 2 booking space on campus
Step 2: Booking Space On-Campus
  • 3 Main Departments which book space on-campus:
    • Conference & Event Services
      • Outdoor spaces, Classrooms, Lecture Theatres, Lobbies (except for those booked through MUSC and FHS)
    • MUSC Administration
      • The Student Centre: Meeting rooms, CIBC Hall, Banner Spaces, Information Tables, Bake Sale Table, Posters
    • Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
      • MDCL and HSC
step 2 booking space on campus cont d
Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (cont’d)
  • Conference & Event Services
    • Visit website:
    • Fill out booking form
    • Submit EOHSS form
      • By email:
      • In-person: McKay Hall 124
      • Provide URL link to online approved form in booking form
step 2 booking space on campus cont d1
Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (cont’d)
  • MUSC (Student Centre)
    • Before you can book anything with MUSC administration, you must complete the “Club Privilege Form”
      • Visit website:
      • Look under “Tip of the Day”
      • Fill out form
      • Email to: or in-person: MUSC 222
    • To book space
      • Visit website:
      • Click on “Reservations”
      • Choose what you would like to book
        • Meeting Rooms
        • Club Information Table
        • Bake Sale Table
        • Banner Space
step 2 booking space on campus cont d2
Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (cont’d)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
    • Visit website:
    • Choose either MDCL or HSC
    • Complete form and submit
  • Miscellaneous (see MSU website: for contact info)
    • University Club
    • Celebration Hall
    • Wentworth Hall
    • Institute of Applied Health Sciences
  • Clubspace is an open concept space designed for MSU clubs located on the 2nd floor of the Student Centre (Room 215). It is where the Club Administrator and Assistant Club Administrator offices are, as well as the club boardroom (215b), club offices and lockers, and the CEC office.
  • To book clubspace, contact the Clubs Administrator:
  • You do NOT need an EOHSS form to book clubspace
  • There are several options for advertising:
    • Posters
      • Posters must be approved by the MSU service Underground (MUSC B117) prior to being posted
      • TWO ways to post:
        • MUSC Administration posts in the Student Centre – up to 8 posters can be delivered to office (MUSC 222) for posting
        • MSU service Poster Monkeys are a volunteer group who put up posters on behalf of clubs/groups (club volunteers encouraged) – deliver to MSU front desk staff member (MUSC 201)
    • Website
      • Each club can use their @mcmaster email address to log-in to theMSU website and post on the MSU Event Calendar
    • CFMU
      • Can do radio promotions for events
    • Residences
      • Can advertise on digital screens in McMaster Residences - booked through MSU service Underground (MUSC B117)
club offices lockers and mailboxes
Club Offices, Lockers and Mailboxes
  • Club Offices
    • There are 9 offices available in Clubspace
    • There are 3 clubs per office, totaling 27 total office spaces
    • Applications must be submitted for club offices
      • N/A
    • Offices are assigned by lottery process
      • Fair and equitable method of assigning space
club offices lockers and mailboxes1
Club Offices, Lockers and Mailboxes
  • Lockers
    • Applications must be submitted for club lockers
      • Applications due January 31st, 2013
      • Applications available on MSU Clubs website
    • Three sizes: small, medium, large (N/A)
    • Will be assigned based on need, as per application
    • Responsibilities:
      • Sign locker contract
      • $10 refundable lock deposit
      • Clubs Administrator provides locks
club offices lockers and mailboxes2
Club Offices, Lockers and Mailboxes
  • Mailboxes
    • Every club receives a mailbox – they are located in clubspace
    • Assignments are posted beside mailboxes
    • Check mail on weekly basis
    • Mailboxes are not secure (are in open area)
    • Address to use when receiving mail:
      • (Club Name)

c/o MSU Clubs Administrator

MUSC 215

McMaster University

1280 Main Street West

Hamilton, ON

L8S 4S4

club budgets
Club Budgets
  • When submitting their application, clubs completed a tentative budget outlining basic revenue and expenses for their proposed fundraisers and events.
  • Clubs must now complete a FINAL budget, outlining in more detail their revenue and expenses for their planned fundraisers and events for the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • A budget template (Microsoft Excel) is available on the MSU Clubs website
    • You can create your own budget, but please use the template if you are uncomfortable with accounting
  • FINAL budgets are due January 31st, 2013
    • Submit to Clubs Administrator by email (
  • Clubs must request MSU funding in their FINAL budget
funding msu and usif
Funding (MSU and USIF)
  • MSU
    • All MSU clubs can request a funding amount from the MSU as (partial) reimbursement for operating costs related to the club
      • New (1st year of operation) clubs are limited to $100.00 dollars of funding
      • Returning clubs can request a reasonable amount based upon operating costs and event expenditures
      • Funding requests MUST be included in the FINAL club budget
    • Club funding amounts are determined on an individual basis – there is no guarantee you will receive the amount requested
    • Clubs will be informed of their funding amounts in EARLY-FEBRUARY
    • Club funding is provided as a reimbursement system. Club executives must first expend the funds, then utilize receipts to submit a claim form to the Clubs Administrator.
      • Club claim forms are available on the MSU Clubs website
    • Funds are issued by cheque made out in the club name
    • Cheques can be picked up at the MSU Accounting Office (MUSC 201A)
funding msu and usif1
Funding (MSU and USIF)
  • MSU Special Project Funding
    • Special Project Funding is primarily provided for clubs who work together on holding events
    • Clubs can request special project funding from the MSU by submitting a request to the Clubs Administrator
    • Requests should be budget and proposal-based, providing detailed info on clubs participating, event revenue/expenditure, and other factors
  • Undergraduate Student Initiatives Fund
    • Additional funding source through Student Affairs Student Services Committee
    • Applications judged on merit, quality, contribution to student life, and other various factors
    • Applications available online
    • Three application dates:
      • September 28th, 2012 (Events September 1 – November 30)
      • November 30th, 2012 (Events December 1 – March 31)
      • February 15th, 2013 (Events April 1 – August 30)
  • MSU, USIF and other funding options are limited, so fundraising by clubs is often necessary to cover operating costs and to raise funds for events and charities
  • There are a variety of funding options for clubs on-campus:
    • MUSC bake sale table
    • Fundraising Fridays
  • Clubs may engage in other fundraising so long as it conforms to their club’s purpose and constitution
mcmaster email addresses and eohss pin codes
McMaster Email Addresses and EOHSS PIN Codes
  • McMaster Email Addresses
    • Each club is provided with an official email address
    • This email address is the primary contact for clubs
    • This email address is used to complete EOHSS forms
    • This email is managed by the MSU but created by UTS
    • Passwords can be reset by the Clubs Administrator
    • UTS requires that club email addresses be signed into at least ONCE per MONTH or they will be deactivated
  • EOHSS PIN Codes
    • Each club is provided with a 6-digit EOHSS PIN code
    • This PIN code is used to complete EOHSS forms
    • This PIN code remains constant for the club throughout its entire operation, so ensure that it is kept confidential
club executive council
Club Executive Council
  • Composed of:
    • Clubs Administrator
    • Chair from each club division (academic, cultural, recreational, religious, and social issues)
    • 2 SRA members
    • 1 MSU member at-large
    • MSU Diversity Services Coordinator
    • MSU President
  • The CEC promotes and facilitates cooperation and communication between clubs
  • Acts as a judicial body for clubs (deals with any sanctions)
clubs executive council
Clubs Executive Council
  • Club executives can apply for CEC division chairs
    • Responsibilities include:
      • Weekly Office Hours
      • Chair meetings
      • Distribute information to clubs within their division
      • Attend monthly CEC meetings
      • Applications will be available soon on the MSU Clubs website
serious stuff
Serious stuff...
  • Responsibility
    • Running a club, holding an event, representing your organization(s) are all serious things
  • Running a club
    • Financial responsibility: As executives, you are ultimately financially responsible for your club. The MSU does not assume ANY debt. In addition, the MSU is a NON-PROFIT organization, and so are MSU Clubs. All profits made on events and fundraisers must be given to charity or put back into the club (carried over to next year)
    • Clubs can be audited by the MSU at any time, so please ensure that all transactions and funds are tracked properly; that all funds are deposited and withdrawn through the club bank account; and that records are kept of all club revenue and expenses.
  • Holding an Event
    • Risk management, EOHSS forms and approval, and Waivers are extremely important for a reason – they ensure events are covered by proper liability and insurance. When hosting an event your club is responsible for ensuring that it is safe. If someone is injured during an event, and it was not properly approved by the MSU or McMaster University or waivers were not distributed or signed, then there has been a serious breach of conduct with potentially serious financial and legal penalties. Clubs should NEVER hold an event that has NOT been approved by the Clubs Administrator and the McMaster EOHSS department.
  • Representing your organization
    • Politeness, kindness, and respect are extremely important when dealing with other club executives, MSU services, McMaster departments, and community partners