mid term conference barcelona april 22 23 2010 n.
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Mid-Term Conference Barcelona, April 22-23, 2010

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Mid-Term Conference Barcelona, April 22-23, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing for specialised documentation centres of the Public Administration: promotion of a product within the Basque Data Protection Agency and within the Directorate of Consumer Affairs of the Basque Government by Elena Revilla López and Inmaculada González Gómez. Mid-Term Conference

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mid term conference barcelona april 22 23 2010

Marketingfor specialised documentation centres of the Public Administration: promotion of a product within the Basque Data Protection Agency and within the Directorate of Consumer Affairs of the Basque GovernmentbyElena Revilla López and Inmaculada González Gómez

Mid-Term Conference

Barcelona, April 22-23, 2010

how did the idea of developing this promotion plan come about
How did the idea of developing this promotion plan come about?
  • As a result of a Marketing course (February 2010):
    • There was a demand for training in this area
    • The course was proposed by CIBE (Inter-institutional Committee of Specialised Libraries of the Basque Government)
    • The IVAP (Basque Institute of Public Administration) organised the course, which was given by Viviana Fernández Marcial
    • The course required students to do an end-of-course project, which consisted of drafting a documentary product or service promotion plan
    • The end-of-course project had to be done in pairs; AVPD (Basque Data Protection Agency) and Consumer Affairs Directorate documentalists decided to work together to develop:
        • the “Short guide to the Google search engine”
what is the google guide
What is the “Google Guide”?
  • The CIBE came up with the idea: all our users use Google so let’s help them to use this tool!
  • As a result, the work group in which the authors of this paper took part with another two professionals (Belén Castelló and Elisa Rodríguez) was formed and the “Google Project” was put into motion. Stages:
    • Draft and distribute a questionnaire among 1215 people (September 2009)
    • The results from 483 responses were set out in a report (November 2009)
    • An initial product was developed (January 2010): the “Short guide to the Google search engine”, including:
      • A list of operators, commands, interface resources, specific search engines...with practical examples
the product is alive it is growing and reproducing
The product is “alive”: it is growing and reproducing
  • The explanations contained in the guide have been translated into Basque and interface resources in this language have been incorporated (January 2010)
  • In the near future:
    • 2nd stage: extension to the guide:
      • FAQs
      • Advanced manual
    • 3rd stage: a Google guide with real examples of searches in Basque
  • And after that...?
we went back to the beginning we joined forces to develop a promotion plan
We went back to the beginning: we joined forces to develop a promotion plan
  • Two professionals with previous experience of working together (development of the product at the centre of the promotion)
  • Both members of the CIBE
  • Both responsibles for institutional documentation centres:
    • Based in Vitoria-Gasteiz
    • Bilingual
    • With their own web sites within the Euskadi.net portal
    • Independent although with different legal-administrative status
the consummer affairs directorate of the basque government
The Consummer Affairs Directorate of the Basque Government
  • What government department does it belong to?:
    • In the past: It has belonged to a number of different departments
    • Today: Since May 2009 it belongs to the new Health and Consumer Affairs Department
    • Future: It will become an autonomous body: Kontsumobide-Basque Consumer Affairs Institute (Law 9/2007)
  • What are its functions?:
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Control the market
    • Cooperation with other organisations
    • Training and information... Everything to do with consumer affairs
the documentation centre of the consumer affairs directorate
The Documentation Centre of the Consumer Affairs Directorate
  • Created as the library of the ECC-European Consumer Centre network (1993-2006)
  • The ECC in Vitoria-Gasteiz was closed down (its functions were transferred to Madrid): the library reoriented its activities and took on a series of new duties
    • Internal services of the Department
      • Manages resources and information-documentation services
      • Keeps a collection of specialised documents
      • Collaborates in institutional projects
    • Disseminates internally-generated information for public use
      • Institutional web site ( www.kontsumo.net )
      • Consumer affairs blog (www.blogconsumo.net), IREKIA portal...
the basque data protection agency avpd

The Basque Data Protection Agency (AVPD)

What is the AVPD?

Set up in 2004 (Law 2/2004)

Public body

Independent control body that monitors the rights of the public to the protection of data of a personal nature

What does it do?

Protect, Investigate, Resolve conflicts, Register personal data files, Provide advice, Disseminate Good Practices in data protection matters

the documentation centre of the avpd
TheDocumentation Centre of the AVPD
  • Set up in 2009
  • What does it do?
    • Manages the information resources and services of the AVPD
    • Keeps specialised data protection documentation
    • Manages the contents of the institutional web site (www.avpd.euskadi.net)
    • Takes part in the creation and maintenance of the corporate intranet
    • Collaborates in other institutional projects
segmentation and target
Segmentation and target
  • Universe: all workers in both institutions who are already potential users of Google
  • Segmentation:
    • Consumer Affairs Directorate: multiple segments (42) due to combination of location (seven work centres) professional category (3) and organisational dependence (2 types) variables
    • AVPD: 9 segments, due to the fact that only the professionalcategory (3) and professionalactivity (3) variables are included
  • Target: specialist non-IT personnel and administrative staff segments were chosen in both institutions. Total: 25 people.
aims of the promotion plan
Aims of the promotion plan
  • Publicise the “Short guide to the Google search engine” among the chosen target public
  • Promote its use when making searches with Google
  • Increase the visibility of both documentation centres
  • Foster the image of documentalists as training agents
  • Get to know more about the needs of users by offering them a product adapted to their requirements
  • Update the image of libraries: they are centres in tune with the new trends
message brand and slogan
Message, brand and slogan
  • Message (values of the product it is wished to emphasise): time-saving, security, knowledge, adapted to users’ needs
  • Brand:



      • Conveys the idea of added value
      • It is a Latin term, valid in Basque and Spanish
      • Displayed with a typeface and colour suggestive of dynamism
  • Advertising slogan and image: “Are you tired of wasting time when using Google? Google plus teaches you the best tricks to get more out your search engine”
budgeting and control
Budgeting and control
  • Budget: only for the preparation of the “shortened product template”. Includes design costs, layout and design, printing and lamination
  • Control:
    • Promotion plan implementation period: 28-3-2010 / 11-6-2010
    • At the end of this period, a number of different assessment indicators will be applied, and six months later a new questionnaire will be sent to assess the level of satisfaction with the product
  • The promotion of documentary products and services increases the visibilityof libraries and helps them to adapt their services to the needs of users
  • Collaboration between the specialised libraries of the Public Administration is possible and advisable when undertaking more ambitious projects (besides, this does away with their traditional isolation)
  • “Dynamic” and “open” projectsmust be fostered
thank you very much
Thank you very much
  • Elena Revilla López
    • Documentation Centre of theConsumerAffairsDirectorate. Health and ConsumerAffairsDepartment. BasqueGovernmentDonostia-San Sebastián st., 1 - 01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz Tel. number: +34 945 01 99 46Fax: +34 945 01 99 47e-mail: e-revilla@ej-gv.es
  • Inmaculada González Gómez
    • Documentation Centre of theBasque Data ProtectionAgencyBeato Tomás de Zumarragast., 71 – 301008 – Vitoria-GasteizTel. number: +34 945 01 62 39Fax: +34 945 01 62 31e-mail: igonzalez@avpd.es