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Today’s cultural teachings are concerned about the self and each individual’s immediate social group. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc are all used to connect us with our social groups. Yet what is being done on these websites? We share pictures of funny cat photos, jokes, and videos of embarrassing moments. In this age of technology where a person can connect with another on the other side of the world, what good is being done?

How might we use the various social networks to enact change and improve the lives those all over the globe? Do you know of any examples where the power of social media has helped others in need and times of crisis? What could we do to make such investments a part of our daily lives, rather than unique circumstances?


Contrary to what you might see everyday, humility is a strength, not a weakness. The ability to humble yourself and admit to others that you are weak, can improve, need help, made a mistake, and/or are not better than them, are all qualities that BUILD relationships and trust.

Could you respect a teacher that says he/she is ALWAYS right? Would you hang out with a person that NEVER needs your help? Do you prefer people that ask for your assistance or command it?

Know your own abilities, and do not be afraid to confess your limitations. It shows your willingness and desire to become better.

Thank You!



I need help!

  • Non-Examples
  • Waiting until you are told to do so
  • Procrastinating
  • Doing enough just to get by
  • Staying quiet
  • Copying others
  • Always doing what is comfortable
  • Examples
  • Doing something without being asked
  • Seeing a need and fulfilling it
  • Completing your responsibilities
  • Going above and beyond what was asked
  • Trying new things
  • Asking for clarification or help if needed

Where would humanity be if no one ever took initiative? Would inventions ever be created or new, more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks ever be conceived? Probably not.

The willingness to try new things, think outside the box, and take a chance is what separates us from most other living creatures. Initiative is where human ingenuity comes from and guides us to greater and better things. But first, we must be willing to put ourselves out there, be unashamed if we fail, and rise to the occasion.


Do all things with integrity, so that you may live consciously with your decisions. A life led with integrity is achieved when your beliefs, actions, and your words all align and overlap with each other. Leaders and individuals of worth tend to lead lives with integrity. How else are you to be trusted, relied on, and sought for support of others if you cannot support yourself.

Consider these questions:

Why is it that American products are trusted over those of other countries?

Would you rather be given lip services or assurance through action?


Justice is often portrayed throughout our lives. The most symbolic images of justice may very well be of the balanced scale and comic book heroes. What is justice then? It is but the fair and balanced treatment of all individuals; criminal or persecuted, poor or rich, gifted or retarded. The key word here being balanced.

Is justice currently being dispensed at our school, community, city, state, or nation? Is everyone treated fairly and equally? Keep in mind that fair is not always equal, nor does everyone have the same needs. If justice is being properly served, what role do you play in the system? If justice isn’t being served, what needs to be done?


When one thinks of loyalty, the image of the ever faithful, loving dog often comes to mind. Dogs protect their families, will travel countless miles to return home when lost, have the uncanny sense of identifying danger and illnesses, and are always pictured at the side of their owners.

Often though, this loyalty is earned. Dogs must be fed. They require walking. Dogs enjoy playing. They also need discipline to learn rules. When all this is done properly, you end up with one loyal, unstirring companion.

How might this apply when considering human interactions? How do others gain your loyalty? How is your loyalty to them manifested?


Optimism is contagious. It has a ripple effect on those around you.

It can be said that much of success depends on one’s attitude. As the quote and picture above suggest, the first step of any endeavor is to have a positive attitude and belief that you can, and you will succeed.

Be Warned: Optimism Without Action will Lead to Failure!

Optimism should ALWAYS be paired with Effort. ALWAYS

patience vs decisiveness

Patience is key in any endeavor. The key to patience is timing. We practice patience so that we become better at identifying the correct timing for our actions and can become all the more decisive and effective. Imagine a running back who gets handed a ball, patience is required to wait for the play to progress so that a running lane can open up. Charge too soon and you’ll get enveloped by the defense. Wait to long, and you’ve missed your chance.

Now let’s think about how this might apply in your daily life. You have a question for your teacher during class. You might ask right away or you could wait. It might be necessary to wait because he/she may soon cover what you are concerned about. Ask too soon and the lesson will drag out. Ask too late and the topic may no longer be relevant.


Not all things come easily even with effort and endurance. Nor can everything be finished quickly.

Example: Graduating Highschool

The truth is, you won’t always be successful. You won’t always come out on top. You may not see success even after weeks, months, or maybe even years of work. If effort is the amount of energy you put into something, and endurance is putting in effort for long periods of time, then perseverance is CONTINUED effort and endurance even though you know the task is difficult and you’ve fallen a couple of times.

What is something that requires your perseverance? Remember that though the goal is a long ways away, you can create short little checkpoints for yourself to reach. And just let me say, “Oh how sweet it is, when you finally do reach your goal!”