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Some Facts About Pregnancy Labor

Some Facts About Pregnancy Labor

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Some Facts About Pregnancy Labor

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  1. By: SaurabhK Jain Some Facts About Pregnancy Labor

  2. Most women feel restless around their due date of delivery and wish for pregnancy labor to begin soon. There are many natural methods of inducing labor. Other methods and ways of inducing labor are power walking, eating spicy food, consuming pineapple, nipple stimulation, castor oil or an enema. However, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor the method you want to use before taking the final decision.

  3. The Physical Experience Of Pregnancy Labor A woman's due date for pregnancy delivery is fixed at 40 weeks after her last menstrual period. Normally delivery of the baby can take place two weeks before or after the due date. When near the due date, the woman experiences strong contractions, lasting for five minutes and occurring five minutes apart. Some women opt for an epidural to avoid the pain during pregnancy labor; but it is advisable to make an informed choice about epidurals.

  4. A joyous pregnancy labor can be facilitated through regular chiropractic care, pregnancy yoga classes, high quality vitamins, folic acid and natural iron, etc. In many cases, women opt for a midwife instead of a pregnancy doctor and hire a doula to guide them through the process of labor and birth. Keeping a positive attitude throughout the child birth process is most important of all. Believing that your body is capable of wonders and that you are strong enough to do it can facilitate the process of pregnancy labor and of giving birth. Empowering Factors For Pregnancy LaboR

  5. You can build a positive attitude by being receptive to information about pregnancy and childbirth. Knowledge in every case has been known to be the source of power, insight and preparedness. In addition, the emotional support to the pregnant woman from her loved ones and/or the doula makes pregnancy labor a rewarding experience, despite the physical pain.

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