5 baby delivery tips you should know n.
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5 Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know

5 Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know

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5 Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know

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  1. 5 Baby Delivery Tips You Should Know James Lunden

  2. Expecting mothers all want to know how they can increase their chances of having a quick, relatively painless delivery of a healthy baby. There are a few key things you can do to make the process easier on you and your baby. The most important preparation will take place in your mind.

  3. Help Make Your Birth Easier (Always consult your doctor before attempting any routine): • One of the best baby delivery tips you can get is to use your mind. Practice deep meditation for months leading up to your due date. This will not only allow you to deal with the pain that comes with every childbirth, but will also help you focus and push properly when needed. • Practice controlled breathing daily. As the later part of your pregnancy creeps up, you'll be ready for the contractions when they come.

  4. Hire a "Doula" to ease the delivery. They can help you get ready for childbirth, during childbirth and even help you through the first few weeks of being a parent. Countless studies have shown that time spent birthing your child can be reduced by nearly 40% with the addition of a Doula, or mid-wife as some traditionalists may refer to them. • . Yoga is fast becoming one of the most recommended baby delivery tips these days. Yoga not only strengthens your body, but allows you to hone your mental focus and better control your breathing, making it a multifaceted exercise with many benefits.

  5. Don't be afraid of an epidural. The more natural a childbirth is, the better it is for the baby. However, if you're otherwise healthy and in an extreme amount of pain: The epidural can help relax you if all other methods fail. Your delivery doctor will assess whether you can have an epidural or not (health risks are possible with certain pre-existing health conditions).