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Integrated Child Development Services Uttar Pradesh PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Child Development Services Uttar Pradesh

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Integrated Child Development Services Uttar Pradesh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Child Development Services Uttar Pradesh. Potential Good Practices. Uttar Pradesh. Present Status. Infrastructural Status. AWCs operational in. Supplementary Nutrition (SNP) as Take home ration (THR). Beneficiary Coverage. Number in Lakhs. Innovative /Good Approaches. Cont.

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Infrastructural Status

AWCs operational in

beneficiary coverage
Beneficiary Coverage

Number in Lakhs

growth monitoring and promotion through setting up of demonstration units
Growth Monitoring and Promotion through setting up of demonstration units
  • Start Year- August 2013
  • Geographic coverage- 8970 AWCs across the states(10AWC/project)
  • Need
    • Contrary to various state/national survey, the reporting of undernutrition prevalence by districts extremely low
    • Suboptimal use of weighing scales and new WHO growth registers by AWW for growth monitoring and promotion activities
  • Objective – Set up demonstration AWC centres in each block where growth promotion activities are undertaken in a quality manner and on a regular basis
  • Methodology
    • Identify ten AWC per project
    • CDPOs to delegate ICDS Supervisors of the selected AWC to personally supervise and observe the growth monitoring process at AWC.
    • AWW to prepare the list of undernourished children
    • Formats designed for recording information at AWC, Sector and at District level.
    • Districts to report on children weighed/total target and % prevalence of underweight in the three categories
  • Convergence and Coordination - With ASHAs and ANM of the selected AWCs
  • Progress- Process of identification of AWCs completed
establishing model awcs
Establishing model AWCs
  • Start Year- June 2013
  • Geographic coverage- 4207 AWCs across the states(1AWC/sector)
  • Need
    • Greater focus by AWW on the SNP component and neglection of of other ICDS services.
    • Absence of centres of excellence which can be used as examples for influencing learning
  • Objective –
    • In line with the recommendations of ICDS Mission, in a phased manner create AWCs as centres for converging health and nutrition promotion activities and encouraging holistic growth and development of a child.
    • Make model AWCs as demonstration sites for other AWCs in the sector/project
    • Model AWCs to be created as units where service delivery system and community comes together for improving the development indicators of children
  • Methodology
    • Identify one AWC per Sector Supervisor
    • Sector Supervisor to preferably identify an AWC operational in the govt building as the model centre
    • Towards ensuring community participation, feedback from caregivers and community influencers to be sought
toll free number for addressing complaints
Toll free number for addressing complaints
  • Start Year- July 2013
  • Geographic coverage- Across the entire state
  • Rationale
    • Address complaints from districts in a timely and effective manner
  • Objective – Introduce a toll free number for registering complaints without the fear of punitive action and increasing accountability of the management
  • Methodology
    • 18001805599 number introduced
    • Complaints received at the state level . Depending on the nature, the complaint put into the necessary category for each districts
    • The list shared with the DPO with the instructions to address the issues.
  • Convergence and Coordination – With the directorate and district adm
  • Progress-
    • …………. Complaints registered
    • ……………..complaints addressed
  • Monitoring- By the office of Hon’bleMinsiter Department of Women and Child Development and the ICDS Department
  • Details on THR bags/ 1 KG packets (project/AWC codeing)
  • IEC thru FM Radio