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So Why CAF?

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So Why CAF?. Sally Savage Childrens Services Adviser. Systematic change to: Build services around the child young person and family Support parents and carers Promote prevention and early intervention And to integrate services Across universal and targeted services Across the age range.

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so why caf

So Why CAF?

Sally Savage

Childrens Services Adviser

every child matters promised
Systematic change to:

Build services aroundthe child young person and family

Support parents and carers

Promote prevention and early intervention

And to integrate services

Across universal and targeted services

Across the age range

Be Healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution

Achieve economic wellbeing

Every Child Matters promised:

Universal Education

Social Services

Universal Healthcare


Social Worker



SENCO & Ed Psycho-logist


= worker

= agency

= assessment

Different agencies, multiple assessments, one child




LEA special educational needs




Youth Service





Children in need

At risk register

Statement of SEN


Risks to



local change focused on outcomes driven forward by children s trusts partnerships
Local change, focused on outcomes, driven forward by children’s trusts partnerships

Over two thirds of LAs have trialled common assessment framework in 05-06.

70% of LAs developing role of lead professional.

Index being implemented.

some definitions
Some definitions:
  • CAF
  • ICS
  • Index
  • Lead professional
  • Integrated working
caf common assessment framework
CAF – Common Assessment Framework
  • A common process enabling practitioners to make an assessment – and act on the result; with
  • A standard form to record the assessment and where appropriate, share with others; and

• A pre-assessment checklist to help decide if a child would benefit from a common assessment

ics integrated childrens system
ICS – Integrated Childrens System
  • A conceptual framework based on the assessment framework
  • A practice discipline to improve core processes
  • A business process


  • A system to record and manage specialist assessments of children in need
information sharing index
Information Sharing Index

The index will contain individual records of all children with:

• name, address, gender, date of birth and an identifying number

• name and contact details for: parents or carers, educational setting, primary medical practitioner, practitioners providing other services, the lead professional, the person who holds the CAF

lead professional
Lead Professional

Is a set of functions essential to delivering integrated support:

  • a single point of contact – giving children, young people and their families a trusted person to support them and communicate without jargon.
  • a co-ordinator of services – so that effective action is properly planned, delivered and reviewed.
integrated working
Integrated Working
  • Multi-agency panel eg Youth Inclusion and Support Panel (YISP).
  • Multi-agency team eg Behaviour & Education Support Teams (BESTs) and Youth Offending Teams (YOTs).
  • Integrated service eg Sure Start children’s centres and extended schools.
so why caf12
So why CAF?

As a catalyst for change to:

  • make the child the centre of service delivery
  • deliver services based on need
  • work together more effectively


  • Improve outcomes for children