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Customer Service Case Study February 2010

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Customer Service Case Study February 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer Service Case Study February 2010. Jason Howard. Call Center Overview. A team of full-time, dedicated associates sized to support Livescribe growing customer base and geographic needs Our call center provides a clear and measurable solution to ensure a high NPS

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call center overview
Call Center Overview
  • A team of full-time, dedicated associates sized to support Livescribe growing customer base and geographic needs
  • Our call center provides a clear and measurable solution to ensure a high NPS
  • Our outsourced call center FCC is headquartered in Eastsound, Washington
  • FCC provides agents, voice management tools, agent management tools, telecom infrastructure, and reporting tools
  • Oakland Customer Service team utilizes Salesforce as our primary customer support management tool, and Bugzilla for filing bugs with QA/Engineering
  • Tier 3 issues escalated to QA triage for bug fixes
  • Feature Requests communicated to product management and engineering for consideration for inclusion into future releases
oakland team personnel
Oakland Team Personnel


Jason Howard – Customer Service Manager

Brian Kaliher – K12 Account Manager / Technical Writer

Jeff Camacho – Tech Support Representative


Jason Watkins – Software QA (does not have official CS title since transferring from QA to CS)

Jake Barton – Customer Service Advocate

Priscilla de Rosario – Customer Service Advocate (PT)

Michelle Hinsberg – Customer Service Advocate (PT)

fcc team personnel
FCC Team Personnel

Jill Blankenship – President / Owner

April Nance– Director of Operations

Peter Schmidt– Director of Information Technology

Tracy Leahy – Call Center Training and Quality Assurance

Sarah Wesen– Director of Business Development

Currently FCC has 32 Salesforce licenses issued to them, utilized by their staff of both F/T and P/T Livescribe agents.

top 3 call drivers
Top 3 Call Drivers
  • Registration / account creation issues:  Upon updating to WIN 2.0.1, users must re-register their pens.  Problems have occurred for numerous reasons: 
    • Sometimes they forget their password, and cannot login. 
    • Sometimes they ask to reset their password but never receive the email to do so. 
    • If the user is using the pen on multiple computers, especially a combination of a Mac and PC, they are unable to register / login to their account on one of their machines. 
    • The need to change their original registration email address, which we are not really set up to support at the moment
  • Unable to transfer data from pen during upgrade:   With the changes made in the firmware, some users are unable to transfer data to LD, because they need more space available on the pen with the 2.1.1 Firmware.  This frequently causes them to contact us, and we let them know to archive notebooks / delete sessions.  Other transfer issues are PenComm related, firmware bugs, cradle issues or UAC related on Vista, which generally cause loss of audio sessions or inability to transfer notes/audio.
  • Firmware Update issues:  With every pen release we usually have pen firmware update problems.  We identified an actual bug that was causing failure during the dfu detach process of the upgrade, and this is fixed in an upcoming PenComm Desktop SDK release.
case study 49229 issue overview
Case Study: 49229 – Issue Overview
  • Customer: Kyle Mueller
  • Agent: Amanda Donnelly
  • Case Origin: Phone Call
  • Contact Resolution: Resolved 5th Contact
  • Windows LD: Firmware Update Utility
  • Firmware Update Utility Issue: Firmware update utility does a "DFU detach", the pen serial disappears and FW update utility stops flashing/working.
  • Overview: Kyle had gone through many agents and Amanda went through the FW update with him and he got a DFU Detach error. This error was also inside his log files that he had sent in. Amanda had someone remote access Kyle’s machine.
case study 49229 steps to resolution
Case Study: 49229 – Steps to Resolution
  • Customer called in originally with a System Failure 3/Error Code 3
  • Customer had issues with using the flash utility – Agent Requested Pen Firmware Logs
  • After reviewing his logs agents were unable to do a master reset and processed a hot swap. New Pen Shipped.
  • After getting his new pen, customer had to call us back due to he was now having a new issue on the Firmware Update Utility – Agent requested log files.
  • Customer calls to discuss his log files and agent see’s he has a “DFU detach” error. Agent has a technician remote customers machine to fix the issue.