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Training MICE ! & User support PowerPoint Presentation
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Training MICE ! & User support

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Training MICE ! & User support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Training MICE ! & User support. Where to start?. If you feel that you are incompetent - a good starting position? If you don’t know if you are incompetent – ask a friend? If you think that you are perfectly competent – please stay away!. Mix of issues. How will MICE runs be organised?

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Training MICE ! & User support

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Training MICE !


User support

where to start
Where to start?
  • If you feel that you are incompetent- a good starting position?
  • If you don’t know if you are incompetent – ask a friend?
  • If you think that you are perfectly competent – please stay away!
mix of issues
Mix of issues
  • How will MICE runs be organised?
    • Operating plan
  • Operating procedures, Risk Assessments need to be written
  • How much training, what sort of training depends on above
  • RAL expects that those MICE operating the experiment can do so safely because of
    • Good Design Practice,
    • Hardware interlocks (risk assessed),
    • Procedures which allow appropriately trained individuals to make decisions and operate equipment
    • Appropriate training
Basic safety training is the responsibility of your home institute

If you have staff (students) working with you, then you are responsible for assuring that they are appropriately trained

RAL’s responsibility is to make you aware!
  • To provide you with the environment to carry out MICE safely!
  • To be satisfied that the collaboration adheres to a sufficient safety standard
  • General site awareness
    • Fire, Harwell incident
    • Site traffic, lifting, VDU, health
    • Regulatory framework
  • Advice, Responsibilities & Authorities
    • Authorisation and procedures (Permit to work, authorised officers)
    • risk assessment (common sense and how to use it!)
    • working at height,
    • confined spaces,
    • electrical, HV
  • Radiation areas
    • classification
  • Radiation
    • Magnetic fields
    • X-rays, neutrons,
    • Laser
  • Hydrogen
    • What to do in the event of …?
  • RF
    • Hazard awareness,
    • High Voltage
A web based training system is used for ISIS users:
    • Notes & Questions
    • Basis for “having done the training”
    • ISIS Safety Pack (on arrival)
  • Awareness talks:
    • Initial Session at CMx - next at RAL
    • Concentrate on
      • Awareness and
      • “how RAL/ISIS works”
    • Put notes on web: perm. to work, op. proc...

RAL Safety CodesRAL Safety Notices

Risk assessments

film badges
Film Badges...
  • Message from RPA:
    • MICE “... be issued with user badges when they arrive and must return these when they leave. They will not be classified by us. I would like them to have evidence of suitable training in radiation protection. “
    • ...a letter from your home institute is sufficient.
equipment training plan
Equipment training plan
  • Target (H)
  • Beam line (M)
  • Diffuser (M)
  • Magnet currents (M)
  • TOF (M)
  • CKOV (M)
  • MuCal (M)
  • Tracking detector (M)
  • Hydrogen system (H)
  • Cavities & RF Power (H)
  • Searching (H)

L: Anyone

M: Competent persons

H: Trained/Nominated persons

What is the responsibility chain?

Crew (Host)

MICE liaison person (Host)

shift leader

shift members

specific training
Specific Training
  • Each group should be able to
    • identify those competent to operate the equipment;
    • Provide a list of initial contacts;
    • Provide suitable instructions to make equipment safe in an emergency
  •  Each group should have its own safety plan
    • Identify what level of resource is needed;
    • Identify training needs;
    • identify who should be trained!
chain of command responsibilities
Chain of Command & Responsibilities
  • How will MICE operate?
    • Regular run planning meetings?
      • Chair: Spoke/deputy?
    • Shift leader? – Deputy?
      • Carry out prescribed plan of measurements?
      • How much flexibility?
      • What are the actionlevels?
    • Liaison with ISIS operations?
  • this will feed into the overall

 Procedure and Safety plans

 Specific equipment training plans

isis users office
ISIS Users’ Office
  • Services: (not for Collaboration meetings)
    • Visit notice by email in advance
      • Users need to be pre-registered
    • On site registration (quick)
    • Issue site pass (MICE ID)
    • Film badge issued by HP in ISIS
    • Book accommodation : you pay
    • Book transport: lab charges MICE

 Pre-requisite:

    • Common fund (CF)
http www isis rl ac uk useroffice

Web page info sheets

MICE are different to the majority of ISIS users:

largely to do with the funding support

 Need MICE specific versions

Test the system with

Target and Tracker groups

Role out instructions to MICE community

accommodation transport
Accommodation & Transport
  • Accommodation – you pay directly
    • Old and New hostel on site sleeping
    • Local hotels
    • Guest houses
    • TCH
    • Future: hotel on campus?
  • Taxi – charged to a MICE budget
    • Between rail station to RAL/TCH/hotels
    • ISIS Users: taxi from LHR/GTW
      • does MICE want to do this?
  • Office Space:
    • Meeting room in R76
    • Desks in R1 (3), R76 (4)
      • Access to R76 needs to be agreed
    • Office space is in short supply
      • Portakabins could be a solution?
      • Desk space and control room
mice project office
MICE Project Office
  • Purchase of small items on CF
  • Invoicing individual labs for CF subs.
  • Preparing MICE financial reports

.... and many other things are possible ...dependent on funds/staffing