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Out of My Mind

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Out of My Mind. W ikitastic Book R eview B y: Rachel P. Setting. Time period(year it takes place) Around the year 2000 place Spalding Street Elementary(Melody’s school) Melody’s House time All around the clock. Problem(s).

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out of my mind

Out of My Mind

Wikitastic Book Review By: Rachel P


Time period(year it takes place)

  • Around the year 2000


  • Spalding Street Elementary(Melody’s school)
  • Melody’s House


  • All around the clock
problem s
  • Melody can’t express her thoughts when her family needs them most.
  • Everyone treats Melody like she has no brain and like she has a disease that messed up her brain, when in retrospect she is WAY smarter then them!
  • All of Melody’s smarts are stuck in her head, and she can’t stand it!
  • Melody gets help and devices that I won’t tell you about, but I will tell you that Melody ends up standing up for herself in front of her classmates. Also she realizes that “normal” isn't always better!
major characters
Major Characters
  • Melody
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Penny
  • Mrs. V
  • Butterscotch
  • Rose
minor characters
Minor Characters
  • Classmates in class H-5
  • Classmates in other classes
  • Dr. Hugely
  • Mr. Dimming

Middle Characters

  • Claire
  • Molly
character traits melody showed
Character Traits Melody Showed
  • Kindness-Melody bought a thank you card for Ms. V (Melody’s neighbor)and Catherine(her helper) and thought of them before herself
  • Bravery-Melody wanted to be like everyone else that don’t have physical problems, so she tried out for the Wiz Kidz team
  • Thoughtful- Melody flailed her arms and made a screeching noise to make her mom aware whenever she saw someone getting hurt
  • This was one of the best books I have ever read!(TOTALLY)
  • This was an OK book(no)
  • This was the worst book I have ever read(DEFINITELY NOT!)
  • I would totally recommend this book to you. Out of My Mind book is realistic fiction and EXTREMELY deep, so if you are someone who really like thoughtful, nice(and a little bit sad) books that really get you thinking, you would LOVE Out of My Mind!!!!!!