Update on Categorical Program Monitoring
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Update on Categorical Program Monitoring. Bilingual Coordinators Network March 18, 2010 H é ctor Rico, Director Categorical Compliance Division, CDE Patrick McMenamin, Administrator Categorical Program Monitoring Office, CDE Therese Tiab, Consultant EL Accountability Unit, CDE.

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Update on categorical program monitoring

Update on Categorical Program Monitoring

Bilingual Coordinators NetworkMarch 18, 2010Héctor Rico, DirectorCategorical Compliance Division, CDEPatrick McMenamin, AdministratorCategorical Program Monitoring Office, CDETherese Tiab, ConsultantEL Accountability Unit, CDE

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Basic facts
Basic Facts

  • CPM Update & Redesign Input Sessions to date:

    • State Categorical Program Directors on 9/15/09, 12/15/09 & 1/19/10

    • State Migrant Regional Directors on 9/18/09

    • BCN on 9/18/09, 11/19/09 & 3/18/10

    • “North-South” Assessment and Accountability Information Meetings on 9/24/09 & 9/30/09

    • CAASFEP Institute on 10/12/09

    • Accountability Leadership Institute for EL, Immigrant and Migrant Students on 12/8/09

    • Orientation Webinar for 11 2010 Cycle C LEAs 12/11/09

    • CISC Meeting on 1/22/10

    • FAN Board 1/27/10

    • Santa Clara COE on 2/5/10

    • Orientation Webinar for 20 Cycle D LEAs on 3/9/10

  • Other sessions to be scheduled later

Basic facts1
Basic Facts

  • Non-mandated on-site reviews suspended for approximately one year from February 2009 http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/cc/onsitecpmhalt.asp

  • “Monitoring” and follow-up monitoring continued

  • LEAs continued to be responsible for maintaining compliant programs

  • Uniform Complaint Procedures remained in effect

  • Increased SBE focus on resolving NC items


Basic facts2
Basic Facts

  • Categorical flexibility provisions affected only some programshttp://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/el/le/09ltr0225bdgt.asp

  • On-site reviews of eleven Cycle C LEAs began in late January, 2010

  • In addition to 2010 Cycle C reviews, a modified review of the DJJ is underway

  • The CPM process is a review of the LEA, not of individual schools, although schools are sampled

Historical perspective
Historical Perspective

  • From inception of CPM in 2005-06,each LEA in California:

    • was assigned to one of four CPM monitoring cycles: Cycle A, B, C or D

    • was a candidate for an on-site review once every four years

    • was reviewed for all items within each relevant CPM Program Instrument during the on-site review


Historical perspective1
Historical Perspective

  • All LEAs were screened within their Cycle using primarily Academic Performance Index (API) data and compliance status/history (EC§64001[b])

  • Fiscal factors were not used to determine LEA placement in the candidate pool for an on-site CPM monitoring visit

  • Compliance findings were made based on on-site reviews

  • CPM “boxes” were prevalent


2010 cycle c reviews
2010 Cycle C Reviews

  • Pilot risk analysis selection process

    • Academic factors tied to key accountability systems

    • Fiscal analysis tied to categorical funds received by LEAs

    • Compliance status/history, audit findings, total allocation, etc. were also considered

  • Limited scope reviews focused on:

    • Title I: Parts A (CE/PI) , C (Migrant), D (NorD)

    • English Learners (including Title III)

    • Title II (ITQ)

    • Title X Part C (Homeless)

    • EIA (SCE&LEP) and Title I ARRA funds


2010 cycle c reviews1
2010 Cycle C Reviews

  • Eleven of 105 remaining Cycle C LEAs were identified by pilot criteria

  • Review dates: late January-mid March

  • All eleven LEAs are utilizing CAIS

  • Additional details in 2010 Cycle C notification letter (12/9/09): http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/cc/documents/cpms2010.pdf


Cycle d monitoring
Cycle D Monitoring

  • Last cohort of 4-year cycle

  • 20 LEAs identified for on-site reviews based on analysis of academic and fiscal factors

  • Similar school level selection process is underway utilizing school level data

  • On-site reviews will begin April 2010

  • Cycle D LEAs not selected for on-site review will upload into CAIS (scope of programs, items, schools, etc. TBD)

  • CAIS trainings will be provided (dates TBD)


Cycle d monitoring1
Cycle D Monitoring

  • All CPM programs and items will be reviewed (as appropriate to each LEA)

  • Related ARRA funds will also be reviewed

  • New SFSF Instrument (to be reviewed by A&I Division)

  • OPSET no longer needed (CAIS will subsume its function)

  • No separate Cross Program Instrument

  • Additional details in Cycle D notification letter (3/5/10):http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/cc/documents/cyclednotify.pdf

Cycle d monitoring2
Cycle D Monitoring

  • Selection process builds upon 2010 Cycle C Academic & fiscal criteria:

    • Academic:

      • API: < 800 in any category; AND

      • PI >yr 3 AND Title II (C) AND Title III ≥yr 4; OR

    • Fiscal:

      • Districts: Top 1/4 of Cycle D districts in terms of PPA and carryover % of relevant CPM funds

      • COEs: Top two Cycle D COEs in terms of total allocation and carryover % of relevant CPM funds

  • Other factors (e.g. compliance status & history, audit findings) were also considered

Cycle d monitoring instruments
Cycle D Monitoring Instruments

  • Before and After School Programs (BASP) (NCLB Title IV, Part B [21stCCLC]; [ASSETs]; & [ASES])

  • Career Technical Education (CTE)

  • Child Development (CD)

  • Compensatory Education(CE) (NCLB Title I, Part A; & ARRA) (Former PI Instrument now incorporated into CE Instrument)

  • English Learner(EL) (including NCLB Title III)

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention (HIV)

  • Homeless Education (HE) (NCLB Title X, Part C; & ARRA)

  • Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) (NCLB Title II, Part A)

  • Migrant Education(ME) (NCLB Title I, Part C)

  • Neglected or Delinquent(NorD) (NCLB Title I, Part D; & ARRA)

  • Physical Education (PE)

  • State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) (ARRA)

  • Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)

Cpm redesign in progress
CPM Redesign In Progress

  • The use of CAIS will be expanded (scope TBD)

  • LEAs will be selected for on-site reviews based on analysis of academic and fiscal factors (TBD)

  • Each LEA may have a designated year (TBD) for possible on-site review (possible follow-up on-site reviews or audits as needed)

  • Number of years in monitoring Cycle TBD


Cpm redesign in progress1
CPM Redesign In Progress

  • Compliance findings will be based on:

    • Review of e-documents (CAIS)

    • On-site reviews

    • Combination of e-documents and on-site reviews

  • Demonstration of compliance with requirements that fall in multiple years may be done through CAIS

Cpm redesign in progress2

CAIS-Only Year 1

CA 1a-b

CA 3a

CA 5

CA 6

Year 1

CAIS-Only Year 2

CA 1a

CA 2

CA 7

CA 8a-b

Year 2

CAIS-Only Year 3

CA 1a-b

CA 3a

CA 9

CA 11

Year 3

CAIS-Only Year 4

CA 1a

CA 2

CA 12a-c

CA 13

On-SiteYear 4

CA 1

CA 2

CA 3

CA 4

CA 5

CA 6

CA 7

CA 8

CA 9

CA 10

CA 11

CA 12

CA 13

On-Site Year 3

CA 3z

CA 4z

CA 8z

CA 10z

CA 12z

CPM Redesign In Progress

Previous Model →

Example of Possible Scenario/Model ↓

Cpm redesign in progress3
CPM Redesign In Progress

  • Lessons learned from 2010 Cycles C & D will help inform redesign effort

  • Additional CPM redesign update and input forums and webinar(s) will be held (dates TBD)

    • Next: 3/19/10 at Tehama COE, 10:00am-12:30pm (530-528-7345)

  • CPM redesign input mailbox: cpmredesign@cde.ca.gov


Ca accountability improvement system cais
CA Accountability & Improvement System (CAIS)

  • On-line system:

    • Storage and tracking of compliance evidence

    • Compliance management tool

    • Communication tool

  • Developed in collaboration with the CACC at WestEd

  • Discussions underway with CISC to have county offices provide additional support

  • No more “boxes” of compliance evidence (non-electronic evidence may still be provided in hard copy as needed)



  • CPM Office: 916-319-0935

  • CPM website: www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/cc

  • 2010 Cycle D website: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/cr/cc/cycledreviews.asp

  • CPM Redesign input mailbox: cpmredesign@cde.ca.gov

  • CAIS Support: caishelp@wested.org

  • ARRA website: www.cde.ca.gov/ar

  • Online 08-09 CPM resources: http://www.channelservernetwork.com/

  • Audits and Investigations Division: 916-322-2288