a streetcar named desire n.
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A Streetcar Named Desire PowerPoint Presentation
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A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire

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  1. A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

  2. Warm Up • Do you think a woman needs a man in order to be happy? Why or why not?

  3. Tennessee Williams • Lived from 1911-1983 • Born in Columbus, Mississippi • Died of a suspected drug overdose • Wrote short stories, poetry, essays, and most importantly….. • PLAYS

  4. The Plays Of Tennessee Williams • The Glass Menagerie(1944) • A Streetcar Named Desire(1947)-Pulitzer Prize • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955)-Pulitzer Prize • Orpheus Descending (1957) • The Night of the Iguana(1961) • …..and many more

  5. Streetcar Named Desire • Ran on Broadway from 1947-1949 • Directed by EliaKazan/starring Marlon Brando, Jessica Tandy, Kim Hunter, and Karl Malden • Film(1951) was directed by Kazan as well and had the same cast with the exception of Jessica Tandy.

  6. Marlon Brando

  7. Themes in Streetcar Theme-An idea explored in a literary work • Reality vs. Fantasy • The relationship between sex and death • Dependence on men

  8. Anticipation Guide • Write all answers on a separate sheet of paper. DO NOT WRITE DIRECTLY ON THE WORKSHEET PLEASE! • We will share our responses near the end of the class. • Put the paper(with your name on it) in the inbox before you leave class for the day.

  9. Warm Up • Find a new assigned seat. It can be anywhere as long as it is in the first row.

  10. A Streetcar Named Desire • Assign parts: Stella Blanche Eunice Negro Woman

  11. Motifs • Motif- A reoccurring idea or feature in a literary work. • Motifs in Streetcar: 1.Light 2. Bathing 3. Drunkenness

  12. Writing Assignment Answer this question with a 75 word response: 1. In modern day, what do you think separates people more, race or class?

  13. Warm Up • What does it mean when somebody is “high maintenance”? Which character in Streetcar fits this description?

  14. Characters For Today • Blanche • Stella • Stanley • Steve • Mitch • Eunice

  15. Writing Assignment • In 75 words, tell me how you think Blanche and Stanley will get along in the future. Will they like each other or will there be problems? If the do not get along, what kind of problems might they have?

  16. Warm Up • What type of problems arise when people from different backgrounds get married?

  17. Scene 1 Summary • Opens in New Orleans/Elysian Fields • Stanley comes home and heads to bowling/Stella goes with him • Blanche arrives(Stella’s sister from Laurel, Mississippi) • Stella comes home/Her and Blanche talk • Blanche is very critical of Stella(her home, her husband, and her weight) • Blanche tells Stella she lost the family plantation. • Stanley comes home/meets Blanche

  18. Scene 2 • Follow along as we read the first ten pages of scene 2.

  19. Writing Assignment • In scene 2 we see a different side of Stanley. In 75 words explain how Stanley’s character has changed from the last scene that we read. Use examples from the text.

  20. Warm Up • Why do you think some people stay in abusive relationships?

  21. Scene 2 Recap • Stella tells Stanley that Blanche lost Belle Reve. • Stanley does not believe it/thinks they have been swindled/Napoleonic Code • Stanley questions Blanche/Blanche shows him the papers • Stanley realizes the plantation was lost and not sold. • Stanley lets it slip that Stella is pregnant. • Blanche is happy about the pregnancy and how the situation with Stanley was resolved.

  22. Trope • a common or overused theme or device : cliché • The main one of these used in Streetcar is Blanche’s frequent baths. • Blanche claims the baths calm her nerves, but they are actually symbolizing her need for emotional, mental, and spiritual cleansing. • Can you think of any examples of this in film or television?

  23. Characters • Stanley • Steve • Mitch • Pablo • Stella • Blanche • Eunice

  24. Writing Assignment • In 100 words describe the relationship between Stanley and Stella.  Since Blanche and Stella are sisters and share the same background, why do you think one sister is so attracted to Stanley and the other so repulsed by him?