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Best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi - Cosmetic Dermatology in Abu Dhabi - Derma Clinic Abu Dhabi

With over 20 years working experience in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Dina is the regions, premier cosmetic dermatologist. Having graduated from the University of London she later went on to complete her MSc in Clinical Dermatology from King’s College in the UK, one of the world’s leading universities and front-runners in research. A fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology from the University of Miami has been added to the feathers in her cap. She is a member of the International Meso-lipotherapy society and is board certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Surgery. Her educational background, as well as rich local know-how, has resulted in loyal clientele not only within Abu Dhabi but across the UAE as well.

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Best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi - Cosmetic Dermatology in Abu Dhabi - Derma Clinic Abu Dhabi

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  1. Best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi - Best injectable fillers for face - best skin care treatment in AbuDhabi Best injectable filler for acne scars- Inflammatory skin diseases have the capability to be disabling, disfiguring and distressing for patients, UN agency face the grim prospect of reduced quality of life. medical specialty deals with the diagnosing and management of diseases of the mouth, hair, nails and external sex organ in each adults andkids. Best injectable fillers for face- Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital has on its list extensively-trained dermatologists saved by years of observe within the West. Our progressive clinic is provided with the most recent instruments and technology intermeshed to produce the foremost trendy medical specialty, venereology, optical maser and cosmetics procedures in nosology and treatment.

  2. Derma clinic Abu Dhabi- Our patients square measure assured of correct diagnosing, that is imperative for prognosis, and successively for precisely-targetedtreatment. Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi- Although straightforward visual scrutiny is used to diagnose most skin diseases, there square measure clinical circumstances that necessitate laboratory investigations, all of that our workers is absolutely intermeshed to produce to patients plagued by dermatologicissues. SOME OF THE dermatologic SERVICES ON provide INCLUDE: General medicalspecialty Paediatric medical specialty Dermatopathology Genito-Urinary drugs and Venereology COSMETIC medicalspecialty Botox ChemicalPeeling Fillers LaserTreatment Mesotherapy SURGICALPROCEDURES Cautery, shaving and surgical procedure of warts, callus, fat skin disease et al Cryotherapy (Liquid NTreatment) Diagnostic diagnostic assay (Punch, Incision and Excision) In growing nailoperation Intradermal and intralesional injections (Dermojet application) Removal of cyst, acne, symptom and Miliaextraction Skin tagexcision Surgical removal of benign and malignant skin tumors Xanthelasmatreatment SOME OF THE CONDITIONS we have a tendency to TREAT INCLUDE: Acne andResacea Eczema and connected dermatitis Hairloss/Alopecia Fungal infections of skin, scalp and nails Psoriasis of skin, scalp and nails Pigmentation of the skin and skin problem Scalpissues Moles Scars andKiloids Benign and malignant skintumors Oral and venereal secretion membrane issues Sexually transmittedinfections

  3. Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi- Dermatology could be a practice that's centered on the diagnosing and treatment of diseases of skin, hair, and nail. The Department of medical specialty at National Hospital is committed to giving the simplest medical specialty Care to folks of all age teams and genders in United Arab Emirates'scapital. Best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi - National Hospital’s medical specialty and Venereology Department in United Arab Emirates's capital provides a large vary of treatments for varied skin disorders, as well as skin disease, psoriasis, rashes, blisters, cysts, and eczema, among others. we've associate elite team of Specialist Dermatologists and qualified support workers to render the simplest doable medical specialty Treatment and Services in United Arab Emirates's capital, with the assistance of progressive technologies andinstrumentation. Our medical specialty Services in United Arab Emirates's capital embrace, however not restrictedto: Cryosurgery Dermabrasion Electrocautery Acne ScarTreatment Skin & Nail Diseases Treatment Hair Loss Treatment PigmentationTreatment Treatment of Sexually TransmittedDiseases Cosmetic dermatology Abu Dhabi- Skin is that the largest organ within the body. The skin is extremely necessary for somebody's being as a result of it saves America from several external factors. There square measure several skin conditions within the world. Throughout the course of our lives, we have a tendency to face several skin issues. Skin issues will create our life tough. By taking the charge of the skin, we are able to avoid all skinissues. Treating adisease Best dermatology services in Abu Dhabi - In case you're distressed regarding your skin and issues featured by your skin, you'll be able to think about a relevant treatment. Today, we've over one treatment for one skin condition. Be it hair removal, pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, or wrinkles; we've multiple choices to induce obviate such skinissues. Best skin care treatment in Abu Dhabi- Our Cosmetic and medical specialty Center aims to assist our guests enhance their beauty by victimization the most-modern techniques. The department sets the quality for anaplasty, optical maser treatments and alternative cosmetic-related procedures. we've a number of the simplest dermatologists and cosmetologists in United Arab Emirates's capital UN agency observe best care and treatment delivered with our attribute of the 'art ofhealing'.

  4. Treatment &Services Cryotherapy Electrocautery Intralesional Injection Facial Fillers ChemicalPeeling Skin care treatment Abu Dhabi- A personal, client-led approach… At Eternel Clinic we have a tendency to pride ourselves on taking a private, client-led approach to assist America come through the excellent results that you simply need. Our relationship with you is of utmost importance, thus before any procedure a consultation with our skin doctor are organized to assist America perceive your desires, personal circumstances and desiredresults. Dermal fillers for the face- During this consultation, we'll even be able to facilitate advise you on the various medical specialty & cosmetic drugs treatments offered and therefore the best course of action to attain high results. The consultations square measure entirely clear and can offer you the chance to become absolutely adjusted with the procedure, recovery time, and the other implications before you create a judgment. All our medical specialty and cosmetic drugs services square measure appropriate for each men andladies. Dermatology &Cosmetology Dermal fillers in abu dhabi- Dermatology and Cosmetology offers vary from skin disorders treatment to hair loss treatment and tattoo removal for each men andladies. We tend to use the most recent technics and technologies for a most patient satisfaction and niceresults. Cosmeticprocedures Filler Platlet made Plasma (PRP): for face rejuvenation & hair loss treatment Ultherapy for face & necklifting Lipolysis: for mentum & body Threads for face lifting Keloidtreatment All peel sorts Microneedling: Mesotherapy: dermapen, dermaroller, stamping Radiofrequency: skin rejuvenation, tightening, acne scar Hairtreatment Hair losstreatment Androgenic phalacrosis for men Alopecia Areata Hirsutism Lasertreatments

  5. Fractional laser: skin resurfacing, stretch marks, scar treatment, open pores Tattooremoval Veinstreatment Skindisorders Eczema, psoriasis, lichen, acne, fungus, infective agent infections Cryotherapy & electrocautery: removes warts, skin tags &moles HairRestoration Botox injection Abu Dhabi- Stop fantasising regarding thick and luscious hair, and click on through our services, that vary from hair transplants to hairlinestyle. Botox injection for skin- We offer the most recent Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration techniques, that have light-emitting diode America to be the leading Hair Transplant centre within the region. we have a tendency to guarantee permanent and natural-looking results on any space wherever the hair transplantation is done; and this includes the scalp, beard, moustache, goatee, eyebrows andeyelashes. Stem cell FUE hair transplant technique Hairtransplant Hairline style Eyebrow transplant Eyelash transplant Growth medicalcare Body hairtransplant Facialimprovement From high brows to the right nose and full lips, our specialists will couple all, and coupleperfect! Suspension thread lift Abu Dhabi- Our extremely seasoned board certified plastic and rehabilitative surgeons have performed thousands of procedures achieving superior results. we provide the most recent and most superior facial cosmetic treatments and procedures to assist people feel and appearance additional lovely and vernal by enhancing their natural beauty surgically and non-surgically. Breast & Bodyimprovement Our progressive treatments can nip, tuck, and raise your curves, creating your dream body return tolife! Suspension threads Abu Dhabi- Our list of services includes minimally invasive body sculpting procedures, reconstruction and aesthetic enhancements that may be custom to suit your modus vivendi. These embrace liposuction, breast augmentation and reduction, abnormal condition and Brazilian body part raise amongothers.

  6. SkincareServices The secret to staying young is attention, and that we have all the simplest trendy services not solely to revive, however to increase youryouth. Laser treatment for skin- Although aging could be a a part of life, we have a tendency to believe that you simply will delay the method and maintain your natural and vernal appearance for as long as you'll be able to. Our attention treatments square measure customised not solely to show back the clock however to tackle a myriad of skin issues like adipose tissue, skin disease and skin disease scarring, stretch marks, and skin pigmentation among others. reasonable and minimally invasive, the results square measure natural and last for a protracted time to comeback. Laser TreatmentServices Laser treatment for face pigmentation- Get bald. Get spick. Get tight! Enhance and beautify your skin with one in every of our several targeted optical masertreatments. Laser light treatment for skin- Laser medical care for aesthetic functions has enhanced in quality because of its mild non-invasive nature and talent to with efficiency take away unwanted hair, and treat bound skin conditions. Our optical maser department deals with many such cases on a monthly basis, creating America your go-to destination for cosmetic optical maser medical care and permanent hairreduction. Non-Surgical CosmeticServices Want one thing straightforward nonetheless effective? we provide a protracted list of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to provide you the face and body of a beautyqueen. Slimming and cellulite treatment Abu Dhabi- Our non-surgical aesthetic services aim to provide a recent, vernal and delightful look while not having to travel beneath the knife. The treatments square measure tailored to cater to the background and modus vivendi of every of our patients; and embrace facelifts and body enhancements withinjectables. CosmeticSurgery Revive with the simplest inrhytidectomy. Complete Makeoverspecialists. Slimming treatment in Abu Dhabi- Dubai rhytidectomy is one in every of the leading andmost up-to-date rhytidectomy clinics within the geographic area. With over ten years of operations at intervals the UAE, we've progressed quickly to supply the most recent life-enriching treatments andprocedures.

  7. Cellulite treatment in Abu Dhabi - In addition to serving folks of the UAE, we've a big following of patients from GCC, USA, Europe, Asia and therefore the Far East. this is often in the main because of our high standing in supporting medical business within theUAE. Best facial treatment for ageing skin- Our surgeons and specialists at city rhytidectomy square measure board qualified enriched with years of coaching and observe across locations as well as America, Europe, geographic region and therefore the geographic area, that makes them extremely competent within the field of cosmetic and aestheticdrugs Skin peeling treatment in Abu Dhabi- NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, together with city rhytidectomy, brings you the most recent in rhytidectomy, state of the art hair transplant, absolutely fledged optical maser & skin care section, associated an array of complementing aesthetic treatments like the renowned lunch-hourprocedures. NMC Royal Women's Hospital offers the subsequentservices: Hair Restoration Department Cosmetic SurgeryDepartment Facial improvementBreast & Body Enhancement Non-Surgical CosmeticServices Botox TreatmentFillersFat Injection for Face and BodyMesotherapy for face and BodyPRP – blood platelet made PlasmaTreatment Laser and Skin treatmentsdepartment Laser Treatment ServicesSkincareServices Acne Scars Removal in United Arab Emirates'scapital Acne will leave physical still as emotional scars. the nice news is that advances in skin disease scar removal will improve the physical remnants of your skin disease. skin disease scars square measure caused by inflammation at a cellular level that causes darkened or reddened pigmented areas, disruption of albuminoid fibers associated an production of connective tissue. If this inflammation alters the albuminoid structure, a pock mark coulddevelop. SCAR REMOVALchoices If you have got active skin disease you must consult your skin doctor associated wait before beginning an skin disease scar removal treatment. These treatments will exacerbate your active skindisease. There square measure several choices nowadays that work for superficial skin diseasescarring:

  8. Injectables to fill in depressions, as well as fat and mucopolysaccharide fillers like Restylane andJuvederm. Laser skin resurfacing Chemical peels Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Intense periodical light-weight(IPL) Silicone-containing gels, creams and bandages. These merchandise, if used often, could cut back scarthickness. Dr.Reuter's TRIPLE skin disease SCARresolution Deep skin disease scars square measure characterised by 3 elements: Scar pull the skindown Loss of subcutaneus tissue (pock) Discoloration of skin (dark/whitespots) Any medical care not addressing of these parts can provide restricted or no profit. No laser/cream can work unless you raise the scar, otherwise it'll be a waste of your time andcash. Since 2004 Dr. Reuter is with success treating skin disease scars together with his TRIPLE skin disease SCAR resolution consistingof: SUBCISION: beneath native anaesthesia/sedation the higher skin is detached from the fibrotic strands that anchor thescar. LIPOSTRUCTURING: Directly when the subscision fat is harvested, processed and placed within the freed area beneath the poke. The living fat is made in stem cells and in 3-6 month regenerates swish skin preventing repeat ofscars. DERMABRASIO: Is performed when this point and with a fine diamond drill removes the higher a part of the skin with the discoloration. In seasoned hands the resurfacing is tailored to the thickness of the skin and intensity of the skin disease scar. another is Fraxel optical maser, however it's not as powerful in treating each dark and white spots. it'd additionally cause hyperpigmentations if your skin isdarker. With over twenty years operating expertise in United Arab Emirates's capital, Dr. Dina is that the regions, premier cosmetic skin doctor. Having graduated from the University of London she later went on to complete her master's degree in Clinical medical specialty from King’s faculty within the Great Britain, one in every of the world’s leading universities and front-runners in analysis. A fellowship in Cosmetic medical specialty from the University of Miami has been side to the feathers in her cap. She could be a member of the International Meso-lipotherapy society and is board certified by the yankee Academy of Aesthetic Surgery. Her instructional background, still as made native ability, has resulted in loyal people not solely at intervals United Arab Emirates's capital however across the UAEstill.

  9. SALICYLICACID It is one in every of the foremost necessary treatments for skin disease on oily skin. This treatment usually will a decent job of obtaining obviate blackheads and hugepimples. ACNE centricalMASK It is a suggested treatment to treat skin disease marks and dark spots. the full treatment ought to embrace victimization of skin disease centrical mask nightly permanentlyresult. WHITENING centricalMASK It lightens and removes dark spots, reduces the impact of ageing. to boost skin tone, victimization of lightening maintenance cream issuggested. PRXT33 This provides a viable various to injectable biorevitalization, skin alteration, to even skin tone that absolutely utilizes the restorative action to trigger a real regenerative method in fibroblasts andalbuminoid. MELADEEPMASK It is a treatment for physiological state, skin disease marks and dark spots. it'll provide higher results if you may apply the upkeep cream when five days of application of meladeepmask. MIAMIPEEL The Miami Peel® and Miami Peel® S-30 square measure safe and tried light-weight to medium depth professionally applied peels that square measure ideal for all those that need to attain a younger and even skin tone. Miami peel will treat pigmentation disorders of face andbody. HAIRLOSS Hair loss, or phalacrosis, could be a concern for men, women, and kids. Treatments for hair loss embrace medications like Propecia and vasodilative, hair replacements, and hair restoration. victimization blood work, careful case history and high-tech photography designed only for the scalp, Dr. Dina creates a tailor-made treatment plan tailored to handle every patient’s distinctive reason for hairloss. FACIALS Prescription Medical Facials and in-office peels will address fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigment, skin disease and more—and they're additionally a good thanks to amplify the results achieved with at-home skin care. Prescription Medical Facials: Our dermatologists customise medical facials for the particular desires and considerations of every of the Skinsorts. SPECIALIZED SKINCARE Derma heart offers further services so as to produce comprehensive cosmetic treatment. From facials that square measure tailor-made for every patient to skin analysis and additional,our

  10. workers is committed to serving to patients come through their skin goals. Skin kind Solutions: throughout your skin care consultation, you may be diagnosed as having one in every of Skin sorts. A tailor-made skin care plan areprescribed. GENERAL medicalspecialty Derma heart board-certified skin doctor provide the very best level of look after the complete spectrum of medical skin conditions and considerations. smart treatments square measure offered for a range of skin conditions, as well as rash, itchy skin, skin plant or infection, skin bumps or skin tags. Our specialties include: skin disease Allergies atopic eczema and rashes Dandruff Dry skin Excess hair Hair loss chloasma Moles Oily skin and scalp skin problem acne carcinoma Skin lesion removal skinproblem BOTOX ANDDYSPORT Wrinkle-relaxing injectables like botulinum toxin and Dysport work by briefly quiet the muscles that cause movement-related wrinkles like furrows between the brows, lines on the forehead and crow’s feet round the eyes. These injectable treatments can even be wont to relax the vertical bands that seem on the neck. There square measure delicate variations between these merchandise, however they each come through an equivalent goal: The smoothing of lines, wrinkles, and furrows at intervals one week of treatment, and visual results for up to a few months. additionally to cosmetic uses, botulinum toxin and Dysport are FDA-approved for the treatment of sudation, or excessive sweating. They work by briefly disabling the sweat glands, and studies show that results last longer with in progresstreatment. INJECTABLES Designed to swish fine lines, fluff up deeper wrinkles, restore lost volume and enhance facial contours, there square measure several injectable fillers to suit several desires. These injectables can even be wont to diminish dark under-eye circles, improve the looks of depressed scars and even rejuvenate the looks of aged hands. the simplest injectable filler for your specific considerations is decided by an intensive consultation with one in every of our extremely trained workers. BODYTREATMENTS Derma heart offers a large form of body treatments and procedures that are tried to figure. Our intensive expertise victimization these technologies helps America improve myriad considerations from head to toe. Dr. Dina was among a few of doctors UN agency performed the federal agency studies that light-emitting diode to Kybella federal agency approval, thus she has unique expertise victimization this new injectable. decision America to be told additional or to envision if Kybella is correct for you! Kybella: Kybella contours and improves the looks of moderate to severe submental fullness, generally brought up as a “double chin.” once injected into hypodermic fat, Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot accumulatefat. LASER and lightweightTREATMENTS

  11. Laser and light-based treatments provide improvement for the complete spectrum of skin considerations. dermis heart is on the leading edge of optical maser and light-emitting diode therapies, and these tools enable America to effectively treat each cosmetic and medical skin problems, usually with very little to no period of time. From visible signs of aging and excess hair to scars, tattoo removal and far additional, schedule a consultation to be told additional regarding our intensive vary of optical maser and lightweight treatments for the subsequent skin conditions andconsiderations. INTENSE periodical light-weight(IPL) Intense periodical light-weight (IPL) or photoflash medical care could be a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that uses high-intensity pulses of actinic radiation to boost the looks of the subsequent skin problems: tube lesions as well as spider angiomas, fortified wine stains, broken facial veins, rosy cheeks, acne and red thread veins of the legs Freckles and age marks Facial lines and wrinkles Removal of unwanted dark hair The procedure of rejuvenating aged skin is brought up as photorejuvenation and needs a series of IPL treatments. IPL may be useful for gentle to moderate skin disease and stretchmarks.

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