Proposal for feasibility study of tidal energy generation from tacoma narrows
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Proposal for Feasibility Study of Tidal Energy Generation from Tacoma Narrows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proposal for Feasibility Study of Tidal Energy Generation from Tacoma Narrows. Burton Hamner, President Puget Sound Tidal Power LLC Seattle, Washington. Consortium Representatives : Pam Klatt, Meridian Environmental Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Evans Hamilton/UW COFS Dr. Bruce Adee, UW ME/EE

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Presentation Transcript
Proposal for feasibility study of tidal energy generation from tacoma narrows
Proposal for Feasibility Study of Tidal Energy Generation from Tacoma Narrows

Burton Hamner, President

Puget Sound Tidal Power LLC

Seattle, Washington

Consortium Representatives:

Pam Klatt, Meridian Environmental

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Evans Hamilton/UW COFS

Dr. Bruce Adee, UW ME/EE

Dr. Julie Gustanski, Resource Dimensions

Dr Jim Dawson, BioSonics

Burt Hamner, PSTP/Williamson/Manson/CHE

[email protected]

The tacoma narrows
The Tacoma Narrows from Tacoma Narrows

  • Bottleneck of ocean separating Puget Sound north and south; 1.5 – 2 km wide, ~100m deep, 4 km long, currents ~2 m/s = 4-6 knots peak.

  • City of Tacoma ~200k people

  • City of Tacoma Public Utilities dba “Tacoma Power”

  • Renewable power portfolio now required by law

  • It’s obvious to 90k cars/day on the Bridge – the Narrows has power

  • EPRI estimates that 15% power extraction = 120,000 MW

Could this really work
Could This Really Work? from Tacoma Narrows

And how, exactly???

Tacoma power s tidal project
Tacoma Power’s Tidal Project from Tacoma Narrows

  • EPRI study and this project sponsored by motivated Superintendent – Leadership!

  • EPRI study: “High-level” feasibility guess using standardized models

  • Phase I: Fine-level scoping for a Pilot Project: site, technology, construction, permitting, economics (~$120K => SOWs, Task Costs)

  • Phase II: Pilot Project – Install a Turbine and Study It

Who is puget sound tidal power llc
Who is Puget Sound Tidal Power LLC? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Established to Help Utilities Develop Tidal Power

  • Founder:

    • 25 years experience around Puget Sound and in 15 countries (US AID, UN, World Bank)

    • Environmental Planner for US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District and WA Dept of Ecology

    • UW MBA + Master of Marine Affairs / Coastal Zone Management, now coordinating across UW depts

    • Former Director, Washington Environmental Council, People for Puget Sound, Seattle Aquarium Society

    • Clean Tech consultant for US AID, World Bank, UN and others – technology, deployment and financing

  • Technology: Patent pending on modular tidal accelerant device; owner of a Gorlov helical turbine currently being rigged for deployment with US Navy

Pstp llc cont
PSTP LLC Cont.. from Tacoma Narrows

  • Partners:

    • Local Dream Team of marine tech firms and specialists

    • Objective: Puget Sound Consortium that is best in the world at tidal energy projects

  • Business Strategy:

    • Consulting and Grant-Funded R&D

    • Small Tidal Power Systems – Remote Sites, Scalable. PSTP is NOT a utility-scale power developer

    • Help Others Succeed – Utilities, UW, the State – Create a viable tidal energy industry in the NW. Support our waterfront industries and communities.

The puget sound tidal power consortium
The Puget Sound Tidal Power Consortium from Tacoma Narrows

  • Objectives

    • Provide unbiased, informed answers – no naive optimism or technology bias

    • Diversified team of local firms ensures continuity and stability – a team to grow with you

  • Diversity

    • Oceanography, marine technology and construction, environmental, economic and social, politically aware

    • Unique capacities: On Puget Sound, and in the world.

  • Management

    • PSTP LLC is coordinator and project manager

    • Tasks done in partnership with customer by the full team – get to know the family

    • Transparency: Customer participation at individual team member level – really get to know the family.

The pstp consortium
The PSTP Consortium from Tacoma Narrows

  • Evans-Hamilton Inc., Seattle

    • The leading oceanography consultants around Puget Sound

  • Williamson & Associates Inc., Seattle

    • Global ocean survey / engineering specialists

  • BioSonics Inc., Seattle

    • World’s leading fisheries hydro-acoustics firm; worked with two tidal power projects already

  • Manson Construction Co., Seattle

    • Leading marine construction firm in Washington

  • Coast and Harbor Engineering Inc., Edmonds

    • Leading coastal engineering firm; helped design Gorlov tidal turbine

  • Meridian Environmental Inc, Seattle

    • FERC licensing and environmental permitting; many years services to Tacoma Power

  • Resource Dimensions Inc., Gig Harbor

    • Economics, renewable energy economics and permitting/licensing

  • University of Washington

    • Oceanography, Mechanical Engrg, Electrical Engrg

Matrix of qualifications
Matrix of Qualifications from Tacoma Narrows

Where are the best currents
Where Are the Best Currents? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Evans-Hamilton and UW have the relevant data

  • Physical models show patterns

  • Numerical models like PRISM calculate power potential

  • Sites can be identified with high confidence, to prepare for:

  • Phase 2: Site Model Refining, Field Verification, Predictive Models

Team member Prof Mitsuhiro Kasawe, UW Oceanography, is a leader of the UW

PRISM modeling program used by EPRI for its Tacoma Narrows study

Ehi has the site data
EHI Has the Site Data from Tacoma Narrows

What s the bottom like there
What’s the Bottom Like There? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Williamson and Associates did the bathymetry and scouring studies for Tacoma Bridge

  • Current data correlates with bottom type

  • Phase 2: Site Studies

What s floating through
What’s Floating Through? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Fish, whales and logs

  • BioSonics Inc. does hydroacoustic monitoring for tidal power systems and more

  • Williamson Assoc: Side-scan long-range detection of transits

  • Phase 2: Site Studies

Biosonics verdant power
BioSonics & Verdant Power from Tacoma Narrows

  • BioSonics provides hydroacoustic monitoring for Verdant Power turbines in East River, New York City and for State of Connecticut test of Gorlov turbines

  • Designed the system and regime in negotiation with agencies

  • Deploy and monitor the impacts

  • The only firm in the world with this kind of experience

Verdant power east river project jan 07
Verdant Power East River Project, Jan 07 from Tacoma Narrows

Verdant Merrimack River Project, Sept 04

What s floating through1
What’s Floating Through? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Marine Mammals: A Deal-Breaker

  • Meridian Envir / Jay Bruegeman will evaluate marine mammal issues

  • Bibliographic research to start

  • Phase 2: Acoustic monitoring systems will detect whale passage

Technology what makes power
Technology – What Makes Power? from Tacoma Narrows

  • PSTP will consider all feasible technologies – including developer competence

  • We might consider both bottom-mount and mid-water deployments

Technology team
Technology Team from Tacoma Narrows

  • Dr. Bruce Adee, UW Naval Architecture / Mech Engrg / Human-Powered Subs – Principles for turbine technology selection

  • Dr. Kai Strunz, UW Electrical Engrg / Variable Power Systems – power production modeling

  • Dr. Vlad Shepsis, Coast and Harbor Engrg – Turbine design and array modeling, structure modeling

  • Williamson Assoc: Machine construction and underwater electrical engineering

  • Manson Construction – Deployment design

Technology team1
Technology Team from Tacoma Narrows

Technology developers
Technology - Developers from Tacoma Narrows

  • We Don’t Develop Turbines for Commercial Power

  • We Consider All Developers Objectively

  • Evaluation Criteria:

    • History

    • Product Development

    • Financing

    • Partners

  • Our Take on Leading Developers:

    • Verdant

    • Coastal Currents

    • Open Hydro

    • UEK

    • Lunar Energy

  • We Don’t Like Waves or Wave Power

The entire Team will participate in the technology evaluation.

Technology how to build it
Technology – How To Build It? from Tacoma Narrows

  • Design: UW, Coast and Harbor, Williamson Assoc.

  • Site Construction: Williamson Assoc., Coast and Harbor, Manson

  • Machine Construction: Williamson Assoc., Manson, UW

  • Sensors: BioSonics, Williamson Assoc.

  • Cabling: Williamson Assoc.

  • Power Conditioning and Mgmt: UW SESAME, Tacoma Power

  • Shore Connection: Tacoma Power

Environmental permits
Environmental Permits from Tacoma Narrows

  • Start Scoping Early – 2 Year Process Probably

  • Team Special Skills:

    • Evans-Hamilton: Puget Sound Environmental Atlas

    • Meridian Environmental: FERC, Marine Mammals

    • Resource Dimensions: Hydro Projects Database

  • Issue Scoping – the Team & Tacoma Power

  • Follow NEPA/SEPA and FERC Guidelines incl cultural and traditional fishing rights – Cooperative Consultation Process

  • Help Tacoma Power create an agency working group as soon as possible

  • Meridian Environmental and Resource Dimensions: Permit process modeling, forecasting and costing

Power modeling
Power Modeling from Tacoma Narrows

  • Evans-Hamilton: Currents => Power/m2

  • UW SESAME: Power x Machine = Watts

  • Tacoma Power: Grid Feed and Mgmt = Watts Delivered

  • Resource Dimensions: Revenue Model

Project economics
Project Economics from Tacoma Narrows

  • Begin econ modeling of components immediately with team members

  • Begin system modeling by understanding what kind of answers are needed by Tacoma Power

  • Cost-of-Energy model for pre-commercial and commercial production

  • Include variables for renewables incentives, partner financing

  • “Energy footprint” for project

  • Develop loaded cost estimates for Phase II SOWs

  • => SOWs and Costs for Phase II and permits;

  • => Budget model for commercial production

Then Tacoma Power decides: Go to Phase II or not?

Project flow
Project Flow from Tacoma Narrows

Phase ii teaming
Phase II Teaming from Tacoma Narrows

  • Bring in wind power engineering, BC tech partners – Hatch, Vestra, Powertechlabs etc.

  • Mobilize the US Navy – Indian Island, NSWS Carderock

  • Inter-Utility Teaming – AK, WA, CA – maybe BC

  • UW Tidal Tech Shoot-Out – with fish

  • Political and financial support – maritime industry, coastal communities, renewables $$

  • Go national – be The Place To Be for tidal power feasibility study

  • Respect the resource – stakeholder partnerships and consultation processes

Pstp llc development activities our not tacoma s
PSTP LLC Development Activities from Tacoma Narrows - Our $, not Tacoma’s

  • We are committed to building broad support for tidal power in Puget Sound as justified by the facts

  • Funding:

    • Obtain State $$ for Tidal Power Testing Range to test machines affordably

    • Obtain Navy and NOAA $$ for small machines development

    • BPA $$ for tidal R&D

    • UW Tidal Energy Research Center – seeking $5M earmark

  • Politics:

    • Recognize ocean energy in State renewables incentives

    • Enlist maritime industry and coastal community support

    • WA State ocean energy interest organization

    • Federal support – Navy picks Puget Sound for national Tidal program

  • Other Regions:

    • BC, Alaska, San Francisco Bay in discussion now

    • Facilitate West Coast utilities peer working group

  • Big Engineering:

    • Partner with big wind / hydro companies eg. Vestas, Hatch, GE – bring them in after enviro / social viability is proven

Our competitive advantage
Our Competitive Advantage from Tacoma Narrows

  • We are the home team, including unique capacities – Stable, robust, versatile – we have the local knowledge and national-class skills

  • All the skills you need now to evaluate and prepare for successful Phase II – if it’s justified

  • Committed to tidal power investigation beyond Tacoma

    • Help all developers do it right, in cooperation

    • Building political, technical, R&D, funding infrastructure to support you – off your budget