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Por y Para

Por y Para. Uses of Por.

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Por y Para

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  1. Por y Para

  2. Uses of Por • Use POR to indicate movement through, by or to indicate the means andlocation somewhere in a place (imprecise location)- Camino por el parque.I walk through the park.- Pasépor tu casa.I went by your house.- Te mandé un mensaje por correo electrónico. I sent you a message by e-mail.- Viajo por el tren.I travel by train.- Hay varios restaurantes por este barrio.There are several restaurants in this neighborhood

  3. Uses of Por • Use Por to express duration of time or imprecise point in time- Trabajó por muchos años .He worked for many years. (duration)- Tuve que hacer cola portres horas.I had to stand in line for three hours. (duration)- Ayer porla tarde leí una novela.Yesterday in the afternoon I read a novel. (imprecise point in time)

  4. Uses of Por • Use Por to express: in exchange for or substitution- Pagamos mucho dinero por el coche.We paid a lot of money for the car.- Trabajo por el dinero.I work (in exchange) for money.

  5. Uses of Por • Use Por to express: the notion per- La entrada a la exposición de artesanía cuesta 6 pesos por persona.The admission price to the arts and crafts exhibit is 6 pesos per person.

  6. Uses of Para • Use Para to express destination, toward, in the direction of- Tomaron el tren paraMadrid.They took the train for Madrid.(destination)- Los chicos salieron para el colegio.The kids left for school. (destination)

  7. Uses of Para • Use Para do indicate deadline, specified future time- Voy a terminar parael martes.I’ll finish by Tuesday.- Para mañana estudien "por y para."For tomorrow study por and para. -command

  8. Uses of Para • Use Para to express for whom something is destined or to be given to. - El regalo es parati.The gift is for you.

  9. Uses of Para • Use Para to express: an objective or goal: in order to, to (In order to + infinitive)- Estudio para ser medico.I’m studying to be a doctor. - Regresaron pronto para comer. They returned soon (in order) to eat. -Practican mucho para ganar la Copa Mundial.

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