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Gulf War PowerPoint Presentation

Gulf War

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Gulf War

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  1. Gulf War What two countries were in conflict at the beginning of the Gulf War? Iraq & Kuwait

  2. Gulf War What was the main reason Iraq felt the need to attack Kuwait? Thought Kuwait was stealing oil on the border

  3. Gulf War What was so special about this war as far as the media was concerned? First time ever we watched the “play by play” of the war

  4. Gulf War What was it about our military that made it so advanced, in that it allowed a swift, clean victory? Military Technology (Stealth Fighters, Bombing)

  5. Gulf War Explain the dilemma in overthrowing Saddam Hussein at the end of the war Keep in power, or risk new regime that was more evil

  6. Gulf War Who was the main player on the Allied side of the war? United States

  7. Gulf War Explain the meaning of the word “spin” Distorting facts to match your agenda and ideas

  8. Oil & OPEC Over half the world’s oil comes from where? Middle East

  9. Oil & OPEC Who is the world’s largest supplier of oil? What percentage? Saudi Arabia – 25%

  10. Oil & OPEC When was OPEC formed and why? After WW II. To control the oil market.

  11. Oil & OPEC What does OPEC stand for? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

  12. Oil & OPEC Who were the original members of OPEC? Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, & Venezuela

  13. Oil & OPEC Most members of OPEC are from what region? Middle East

  14. Oil & OPEC Explain the oil crisis of 73’ OPEC placed an embargo on countries that supported Israel in Yom Kippur war

  15. Government Which government type is known for one central authority? It controls all branches. Unitarian

  16. Government Which government type is more like an organization, in the fact that you join together for common purposes; such as, common currency. Give an example Confederation European Union (EU)

  17. Government Explain how a federation works Give example of a federation Has a uniting central authority with self governing states or regions United States

  18. Government Which government type gives complete control to one person and has no citizen participation? Autocracy

  19. Government Which government type has a few elite that rule? Oligarchy

  20. Government Which government type gives power to the people with free elections? Democracy

  21. Government What are the two types of democracies? Parliamentary & Presidential

  22. Government Explain the main difference in parliamentary and presidential democracies Parliamentary – usually has a prime minister. Cabinet has executive power. Presidential – president has executive power

  23. Government Explain Israel’s government type Parliamentary democracy – prime minister has power.

  24. Government What government document is specific to Israel and what does it mean? Basic Law: Human Dignity & Liberty. Protects privacy and dignity of citizens

  25. Government What basic freedoms does Israel’s document leave out? Speech, religion, protest

  26. Government What government type runs Saudi Arabia? Monarchy - king

  27. Government What type of law really drives Saudi Arabian government? Think religion! Sharia’ Law. Live by Islamic codes and morals.

  28. Government Are women discriminated against in Saudi Arabia? Yes. Chaperones, no driving, etc.

  29. Government Explain Saudi Arabia’s restrictions on speech and press Cannot criticize government and promote “un-islamic” values

  30. Government What government type does Iran have? Theocratic Republic – Religious leader with power to the people

  31. Government Iran has a president, but who is really in charge? Ayatollah – president seeks his council

  32. Economics Explain Needs & Wants Needs – Have to have them to survive Wants – items we desire, but don’t need

  33. Economics Anything that is used to produce goods and services is called what? Capital

  34. Economics What economy type typically is found in underdeveloped countries? Traditional

  35. Economics Explain a command economy Government controlled businesses that have prices and production set for them

  36. Economics What economy type is run by supply and demand? Market Economy

  37. Economics What economy type is most common and “mixes” command and market? -Give example Mixed Economy United States

  38. Economics What is a country’s GDP Gross Domestic Product -The value of all goods and services produced in a country in a single year

  39. Economics Explain Israel’s economy type Mixed Economy – Relies on technology & service industry. No natural resources. Imports grain & oil

  40. Economics What economy type does Saudi Arabia have? Mixed Economy – Government controls most of it however. Oil is main export and it funds public services.

  41. Economics Turkey has a mixed economy; but, the majority of it is what type? Command – because gov controls most of it. Farming, clothing, textiles, & the service industry make up most of Turkey’s economy

  42. Economics Why is economic growth difficult for some Middle Eastern countries? War, government control, reliance on one export (oil), and trade barriers

  43. Economics What are some trade barriers that the Middle East has? The lack of rivers. Physical features such as deserts and mountains also make trade difficult.

  44. Economics What is currency? A country’s form of money

  45. Economics What is the currency of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan? Shekel, Riyal, & Dinar

  46. Economics What is an exchange rate? How much a currency is worth in another country’s currency

  47. Economics Why must countries have an exchange rate? In order to trade with one another